Bingo Bash


Bingo Bash brings the entertainment of bingo and other fun mini games to your Android device.

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Playing bingo used to be a very time consuming affair, involving multiple people and lots of materials to play. Now, you can have all the excitement and entertainment of bingo right in your pocket on your Android device with Bingo Bash! Bingo Bash includes hundreds of levels, play rooms and styles, mini games, and of course endless bingo fun.

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You get started in Bingo Bash with Wonder Rooms, which feature locales from around the world, unlocking more and more rooms as you level up. Once you reach certain levels, featured rooms are unlocked for even more fun. Each bingo room has a cost and payout bracket, and the higher levels cost more, but also pay more for wins. When playing Bingo Bash, you have the option to buy one or two bingo cards using bingo chips, one of the in-game currencies. Chips are earned from playing the game by completing rounds, getting bingos, mini games, and more.

Those familiar with the rules of bingo will find themselves right at home playing Bingo Bash: you’re given a card (or two) that consists of a grid of numbers separated into five columns, one for each letter of the word bingo. One of these numbers is called out every few seconds, and if your card contains that number, you touch it to mark that number. The objective of the game is to complete an entire row, column, or corner to corner diagonal, at which point you call bingo on that card by tapping the button below each card to win! The round is finished when a set number of bingos are found.

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Bingo Bash goes beyond just bingo, and includes all kinds of prizes, gameplay variants, exotic game rooms, and additional mini games to keep you coming back for hours of entertainment. Every bingo and mini game rewards experience, and the more experience you gain, the more levels you can achieve and unlock.

Bingo Bash now exclusively includes Wheel Of Fortune bingo, bringing the world famous gameshow to enhance your bingo experience. Once unlocked, the Wheel Of Fortune room rewards winners with a chance to spin the famous wheel for big prizes.

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Baidu Browser


Baidu Browser provides you with a fast and easy way to access and browse your favorite websites from your Android device. You can find everything from your Favorites, to Personal Recommendations based upon browsing history, and a new Discovery tab to find things that are interesting and relevant to what you like. Best of all, Baidu Browser is a safe and secure way to browse the internet, it’ll identify malicious websites to ensure you are browsing and/or download from secure sites.

From the Home page you’ll see a list of Services, like YouTube and Facebook, that you can add or remove by tapping on the “+” button. Below the list you’ll find categories, this is nice as Baidu Browser has taken some of the most frequently visited sites and put them here to make them easily accessed. Tapping on any of these sites will take you to that respective site and you can begin browsing it.

Swiping to the left from the Home page will bring you into your Most Visited Sites, Favorites, and History. You can add a site to your favorites by tapping on the star icon next to the URL when visiting a site. They will then be added to the Bookmarks tap where you can rearrange them however you see fit. The Most Visited section will update automatically based upon your browsing habits. If you happen to visit Facebook quite frequently then you will see a shortcut to that site here. And the History section will show you the sites that you’ve visited throughout the history of using Baidu Browser.

Swiping to the right from the Home page will take you to the Discovery page where you can find recent news, articles, videos, and more. By default you will see a Hot News section which will highlight the news articles that are currently trending around the world, you’ll also see sections for the hottest Music Videos, Funny Images, other news items. Going down to the bottom of the screen you can tap on Edit to rearrange the sections as well as remove them if you’d like to. Tapping on the Add button will allow you to add sections such as Technology news, Gaming Videos, Movie Trailers, Rage Comics, Facebook images, and more. Tapping on a source will add it to the Discovery page where you can quickly access the sources you’ve added.

There are other options in Baidu Browser where you can view your downloads, change to a night theme, download custom wallpapers, take a screenshot, browser in Incognito mode, and more. Baidu Browser is your one stop shop for all of your web browsing needs. Download it for your Android devices!

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Rounds Video Chat & Group Call


Rounds Video Chat & Group Call not only lets you chat, but interact with your circle of friends through audio, video, text, games, and more!

Rounds Video Chat & Group Call gives you completely free voice and video calling and messaging on your Android device. You can even start group video chats and messages. Once your chatting, there are tons of ways to enhance the experience and interact in new ways. Then keep the good times going with Rounds’ group chat feature.

Since Rounds connects through Facebook, finding your friends is easy. Friends that are already using Rounds show up automatically in the friends list, and you can invite any of your Facebook friends with a couple quick taps.

Once you’re live with one or more of your friends, Rounds does more than just video: play a competitive game right on the screen. Games include current favorites, as well as the classics like Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon. Rounds doesn’t stop there, you can watch a YouTube video simultaneously, take and share photos, draw on the screen, and apply live video filters.

Rounds Video Chat & Group Call makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends, and is sure to earn a permanent spot on your Android device.

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Ginger Keyboard


Ginger Keyboard goes beyond the basic functionality to bring you useful and entertaining features.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.51.26 AMGinger Keyboard is not your usual Android keyboard alternative. Instead of attempting to make the typing experience faster or smarter, Ginger Keyboard doesn’t really mess with the normal typing experience, instead opting for a system-like look and feel. You get the usual QWERTY layout and function keys, with additional characters either by holding down a key or switching to the character or emoji keyboards (Ginger adds some cool additions to the emoji keyboard with stickers, GIFs, and ASCII art), and a word suggestion bar at the top.

Typing on Ginger Keyboard works exactly as expected, and doesn’t deviate too far from stock Android. Which is good, as the Android keyboard has already been refined for an excellent typing experience for mobile devices.

Where Ginger Keyboard differentiates itself is the functionality added on top of the keyboard itself. After enabling Ginger keyboard, you’ll find only a few small differences on the keyboard itself. On the top left is a shortcut button, top right you’ll find a spell check button, and on the “123” character switcher button, you will see a small gear icon.Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.47.54 AM

On new lines, you’ll find the Smart Bar the top where you would normally see word suggestions. These useful shortcuts take your productivity to a new level. With these shortcuts, we can translate, rephrase, or define text, add a new event or open the calendar, and create a new task, note, or search.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.48.30 AM When you tap on the shortcut button in the top left of the keyboard, you are presented a pane with three tabs: Games, News, and Themes. Yes, from within your keyboard, Ginger gives you all three of these things without even moving away from the app you’re in. You get a selection of three different games (Squash, a pong-like game, 2048, and Snake), Today’s news with a handful of filter options, and quick access to Ginger Keyboard’s theme store.

Ginger Keyboard goes beyond the standard mobile keyboard and provides in-line tools that will soon become a must-have part of your mobile experience.

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Roundup – Social News


Roundup is a social news reader that keeps you updated about everything that matters to you in one beautiful news feed.

Upon first launching Roundup you will be asked to sign-in with either your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can sign-in with as little as one network or you can choose to add all three. The more networks that you connect the better that Roundup can work to round-up personalized news feeds. Once you’ve signed-in to your desired networks Roundup will then begin populating your feed based upon things that you’ve like on your chosen networks. This news feed will be full of articles that Roundup feels you will be interested in based upon the likes and comments that you and your friends share on social media.

The main news feed of Roundup is where your personalized news will live. Scrolling the screen will bring you through numerous articles that Roundup feels you will find interesting. Once you’ve found an article that you’d like to read swipe left-to-right to open up that article in a beautiful reading experience. Each article is pre-loaded and is stripped of its web interface in favor of Roundup readability interface. This means and you won’t see any ads or useless information, Roundup shows you only what’s important.

At the top of each article you will see the estimated time it will take you to read it. There are also options for you to bookmark the article, share it to Facebook and Twitter, Email it to your friends, and even share it with most apps installed on your device. If for some reason the article isn’t displaying correctly you can tap on the Chrome icon at the top to load the web page to view it as it was intended. As an added bonus, this web view is also pre-loaded so you can view the article offline if need be. Swiping from right-to-left on the article will bring you back to your news feed where you can being searching for more articles to read!

Let Roundup deliver the content that you’ll love to read. Download for your Android devices in the Google Play Store!

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logdog-app-screen4With the recent increase of online hacking and identity theft isn’t it time that you protect your data? LogDog is here to help! LogDog is a mobile Intrusion Detection System for your online accounts. What that means is that LogDog monitors the accounts you grant it access to and will alert you immediately if there is any suspicious activity on that account. LogDog gives you peace of mind with your online accounts.

Currently LogDog will help you protect your Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo!, and Evernote accounts with future support planned for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LogDog will only allow you to sign into one account per platform, meaning that if you have a personal Google account and a separate one for work you will have to choose which one you want to protect.

logdog-app-screen5To being protecting an account you’ll have to select it from the side menu. Once selected you will be brought to the sign-in screen for that account where you will have to enter in your username and password. Don’t worry though, LogDog never stores any of your user information on their servers, you log directly into your account and LogDog will encrypt your information and store it locally on your device. Once you’ve signed in to your account LogDog will initiate a scan of your account to determine if any actions are needed.

LogDog will display all of the accounts that you’re protecting on the main screen where you can also see the current status of the account. If no actions are needed then each account will show Protected to the right of the name. Tapping on an account will bring you into the Activity section where you can see all of the vital information to that account. You will see the latest activity, devices used to access this account, source IP addresses, and more. This will help you determine if anyone else is trying to access your account and from where.

logdog-app-screen1In the event you should have someone trying to access your account, LogDog will immediately alert you to take action. What really sets LogDog apart is that the actionable items will take you directly to the site that you need to change. If, for example, LogDog determines that someone is trying to access your Yahoo! account they will alert you to change your password. Tapping on the alert will take your directly to the Change Password screen inside of your Yahoo! account. This is really helpful because you don’t have to fumble through different menus to get where you need to go, LogDog does all of that for you. If you feel that you received an alert by mistake or you don’t feel it was a major threat you do have the option to ignore or dismiss the alert all together. This isn’t always recommended but you do have the option should you choose to do so.

Don’t let your precious information get into the hands of someone else, secure your data with LogDog. Available in the Google Play Store.

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Power Clean


power-clean-screen-2Power Clean was designed to free up storage, clean memory usage, and remove/disable unnecessary apps on your Android devices. Do you feel like your Android device is performing sluggishly? Speed it up with Power Clean!

Powerful Interface
From the main menu you have quick access to all of the vital information of your device. At the top of the screen you can glance at how much storage is available on your device, the current CPU usage, and the current RAM usage. Tapping on one of the charts in this section will quickly launch the cleaning command for that and being cleaning your device. Below the charts you will see shortcuts to the rest of the tools Power Clean offers.

power-clean-screen-1Memory Booster
Cleaning the memory, or RAM, on your device is essential to maintain its speediness. Tapping on the Memory Boost will allow Power Clean to scan your device to see what apps are hogging all of your memory. Once the scan is completed Power Clean will terminate any apps that don’t need to be running thus clearing that RAM and making it available to use. Best of all, this is all done with just one tap!

A really neat feature with Memory Boost is the ability to add apps to an Ignore List. What this will do is tell Power Clean to not clear those apps out of memory when you enable the Memory Booster. This can be helpful if you don’t want Power Clean to close out Google Maps when you’re getting driving directions or close your Music app when you’re listening to music. To do this all you have to do is tap and hold on the app from the Memory Boost screen and a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to add to the Ignore List. Tapping on apps will also allow you to Force Quit them as well as cleaning the apps individually.

power-clean-screen-4Junk Cleaner
The Junk Clean option in Power Clean is going to scan your device for any unwanted files, caches, and downloads that you no longer need. Once Power Clean has scanned your device you will be able to select which files you no longer want on your want by checking them off on the screen. As you select files to clean you will see a running tally of how much space will be cleared once you initiate the clean. Once you have all of the files you want cleaned selected just tap on the Clean Junk at the bottom of the screen and Power Clean will remove all of the selected files

power-clean-screen-5App Manager
The App Manager inside of Power Clean will show you all of the apps you have installed on your device as well downloaded files. You can sort the list of apps by Total Size, App Size, Date of Installation, Name, or Frequency of Use. From there you can choose the uninstall apps from your device by checking off apps and then tapping uninstall in the bottom right corner. There is an option to back up apps to your devices SD card, if you have one, otherwise the backup with live internally on your device. Another advantage to an SD card slot is Power Cleans ability to move apps from internal storage to the SD card thus freeing up storage internally.

power-clean-screen-6Device Information
The final area inside of Power Clean is the Device Information section. Here you will find some basic information about your device such as Model Number, CPU Speeds, Max RAM, Internal Storage, and more. There are also some sections where you can see detailed information such as Battery Temperature, CPU Temperature, Battery Usage, and Device Specific Features. Knowing this sort of information can help you better understand your device and get the most out of it day-to-day.

Give your Android device the tune-up that it needs. Download Power Clean for FREE in the Google Play Store!

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Mail Wise – Email for Exchange & Hotmail +


Mail Wise is the Android mobile email client that combines your inboxes and helps you be more productive.

Mail Wise brings the power of a desktop email client to the straightforward simplicity of a mobile app to provide you with the fastest distraction-free way to process and act upon your email. Mail Wise lets you log in with every major email service, including Gmail and Google Apps, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and includes full Exchange compatibility.

Once signed into all of your accounts, managing your email is easy with the unified inbox, which combines the inboxes of all your attached accounts in one place. The unified inbox provides an easy way to distinguish between your various accounts’ emails using color indicators.

Taking action on all of your emails right from the inbox is also a snap using gestures and shortcuts for all of the most common actions. Swipe right on an email to reveal a menu with buttons for deleting, archiving, moving, and starring emails. Swipe left to quickly archive emails that don’t need your attention.

Email conversations are laid out in an easy to read format that removes the unnecessary and puts the real message in a chat-like timeline. When you’re in a back-and-forth email conversation, you don’t need to see things like headers, signatures, and previous emails, so Mail Wise intelligently hides those in conversations where you don’t need them.

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CliqPass Photo


CliqPass Photo is a fast new way to request and share photos with your contacts.

CliqPass is built specifically to make requesting photos and videos at full quality easily from anyone. Simply create a request with an album name and the contacts you are requesting files from, and CliqPass will create an email with a simple way for your recipients to securely upload photos and videos. Each request uses one of the three most common cloud file storage services; Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Once invitees have accepted you request and uploaded media, you will receive a notification and you can preview the photos and videos directly in CliqPass before saving them to your device. Requests from others can be found in the Respond tab of the app, and you can respond and share any media you have on your device.

CliqPass is quick and easy, and saves you the hassle of figuring out the finicky process of creating a shared folder in your cloud services, adding permissions for your recipients to upload files, and then contacting them to ask for the photos and videos you need. The entire process is streamlined using CliqPass.

Download CliqPass Photo on the Google Play Store
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Lock Booster


Lock Booster provides a fast, simple, and beautiful way to unlock your Android phone, view your notifications, and at-glance weather information.

Lock Booster is a lock screen replacement for your Android devices that features a beautiful interface, added functionality, and useful shortcuts, everything you need from your lock screen. Installing Lock Booster is easy: once installed, the app guides you through the process of enabling Lock Booster to be your new lock screen by setting up notification and screen lock permissions.

Once Lock Booster is in place, you are guided through how to use the functionality of your new lock screen. Changing Lock Booster’s settings is easy: at the lock screen, simply swipe up from the bottom right to get a list of customizable settings. With Lock Booster, you get a beautiful date and time info, as well as your current location’s weather status. You can find even more weather information if you swipe left on the clock to bring up a three day weather forecast. Notifications look just as good, and you can take different actions on notifications when you receive them. Swipe left to launch the notification’s app, or swipe right to dismiss it.

Lock Booster also features a beautiful new wallpaper every day with a smooth parallax effect when you move your device around. One of the benefits of Lock Booster is the feature called Unlock Cleaner. This will clean up your device’s memory so that Android is running fast every time you unlock your device.

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