Stay safe and get help when you need it using Shake2Safety for Android devices.

Shake2Safety has a simple premise that could mean the difference between life and death: simple shake your device to send a message or make a phone call asking for help to a specified contact. Setup is simple: once you have downloaded the free Shake2Safety app from the Google Play store, you launch the app and select a phone number from your contacts. When the app is running, you will see an indicator in your status bar, as well as a notification in your phone’s notification drawer to inform you that Shake2Safety is active. Shake your device, and you will receive a vibration and a three second countdown before Shake2Safety sends a message to your selected contact asking for help.

ss1What’s more, when GPS is enabled, your exact location is shared in the message as well. Shake2Safety will send your last known location if location services are disabled on your device. And because Shake2Safety uses built-in SMS and phone calls, you don’t need a data connection. This means anywhere you get mobile signal, Shake2Safety will operate.

Shake2Safety lets you adjust the sensitivity of shakes, to prevent any unintended help messages being sent from the app. The setting is a slider ranging from 1 to 100, where 1 is the most sensitive setting, requiring the smallest shake to activate, and 100 is the least sensitive. While the app is set to 8 by default, most phones will be most effective between 1 and 25. Test it out with a friend or family member so that Shake2Safety works as you need it to.

ss2The message your contact receives is simple but clear: “Help! This is an emergency, Please Help Me”. Make sure to inform your contact that you have picked them to be your lifeline in potentially dangerous situations, and that they know what actions to take in the event they receive your message.

Shake2Safety is perfect for situations where you might not be able to call or message someone for help. Turn on Shake2Safety when you are walking to your car or your door at night, taking public transportation, or anytime you are alone and don’t feel 100% safe.

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WPS Office 7.0


WPS Office 7.0 Brings all your documents into one place so that you can view, edit, and share almost any document type, such as Word doc files, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs and text files.

Finding and viewing your documents in WPS Office is a snap. When the app is launched, you will find three tabs at the top: Recent, Open, and New. The Recent tab will show all of your recently viewed and edited documents, in Open, you can find and open documents by filetype or location, and in the New tab, you can create four different types of documents: text document, plaintext memo, presentation, and spreadsheet.

WPS Office also lets you access and download documents from all the most common cloud storage services. Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, and FTP accounts to see all your documents in one easy to use app. You can even use WPS Office 7.0 to edit, export, and share your documents on the go!

Check out WPS Office 7.0 for free on the Google Play store today

Download WPS Office 7.0 on the Google Play Store
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DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver, the world’s leading batter saver, is a free battery saving Android app that makes your battery last longer! Users have gotten up to 50% more battery life on their Android phones and Tablets using DU Battery Saver. Solve your battery problems while extending your battery life with DU Battery Saver.

From the main menu of DU Battery Saver you will see the current status of your batter. Information that is displayed here includes the temperature, voltage, technology, and time life on your battery. Any usage information will be displayed below in a line graph showing peak usage of the batter. Below the time left indicator there is an Optimize button that will allow DU Battery Saver to automatically optimize your battery performance by scanning for and closing running apps, scanning usage habits, and more. Once DU Battery Saver has optimized your device it will also display suggestions that could help users save more battery life.

If you don’t want to fuss with the battery, DU Battery Saver can do it for you. The Saver tab will allow users to choose from different battery saving modes allowing DU Battery Saver to do all of the work for you. You can even add a custom mode where you can choose all of the setting you would like your device to go into to save more battery. Purchasing DU Battery Saver PRO for $2.99 will give you access to more advanced features, such as intelligent mode switching, auto clearing of apps, and, for rooted devices, cpu frequency. You’ll want to get all of the PRO features to ensure that you are getting the most out of your battery.

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DU Speed Booster


DU Speed Booster is an app optimizer, cleaner, and antivirus security app for Android phones and tablets. DU Speed Booster can speed up your phone or tablet by up to 60% by cleaning caches and unwanted files from your device. DU Speed Booster is the total optimization solution for Android phones and tablets.

Launching DU Speed Booster will automatically scan your device to see if it needs a boost in performance. You will see a rating in the middle of the screen, the higher the number the better. If the number is low, DU Speed Booster will suggest that you boost your system to increase performance. Tapping on Boost will allow DU Speed Booster to optimize your device by cleaning the trash, killing running apps, and forbidding auto-starting apps. Once DU Speed Booster has cleaned up all of the problem areas you will see a new device rating at the top of the screen as well as suggestions to keep your device in optimal running conditions. From the main menu you can also access individual items such as Speed Test, Security, Battery Saver, and more.

DU Speed Booster is also great for optimizing game performance. Swiping to the right from the main menu will bring you into the Game Booster where you DU Speed Booster can optimize games by deleting unnecessary files and caches from the app. DU Speed Booster will automatically add games as they are installed on your device but you also have the option of removing or adding games to the Game Booster manually.

Optimize and speed up your Android devices with DU Speed Booster, available on the Google Play Store.

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JeddahFood, an Android and iPhone app, is great for someone looking to find out about the latest restaurants, food and hot spots in Jeddah. Using JeddahFood users can search for restaurants and cafes across Jeddah using the geolocation from their device. Users can also browse special Dining Offers, such as discounts and promotions, from all of the different venues around Jeddah. If that wasn’t enough there is a map in JeddahFood that will show all of the locations of the restaurants overlaid so users can see what’s close by. JeddahFood is perfect for locals, expats, visitors, and tourists alike!

JeddahFood’s main menu is where users will find all of the relative information that they are looking for. Each section of JeddahFood has a beautiful icon that can be tapped on to take users to the specified section they would like to browse. The sections available in JeddahFood are; Near Me, Offers, New Places, Top Picks, Categories, Food Talk, Map, Gallery, and Delivery. Each one of these sections will help the user find a great restaurant while in Jeddah.

Near Me is one of the most useful tabs in JeddahFood as it will take the users current location and find any restaurants that are close by. The restaurants can be viewed in a list format, showing the closest restaurant at the top, or overlaid on a Map. While on the Map there will be drop pins that will relate to restaurants and by tapping on one, that locations detailed information will be presented. Tapping on a restaurant in the list view will also show all of the detailed information for the location.

The other sections of JeddahFood will be content that the restaurants have posted for the user. Offers is a section where restaurants can offer coupons or discounts for coming in. New Places is the section where JeddahFood will showcase any new restaurant that has recently opened. Top Picks is the section where restaurants are show based upon user feedback. Categories is where users can find restaurants based upon their desired category. Food Talk is where users of JeddahFood can say what they though about a specific location. Map will show all of the restaurants overlaid on a map using the current location. Gallery is where users can see photos from other users and restaurants. And Delivery is the section where users can find restaurants that deliver and even order food to be delivered.

JeddahFood makes searching for top places to dine in Jeddah a breeze. Available for Android and iOS devices now!

Download JeddahFood on the Google Play Store
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Bus Simulator 2015


Bus Simulator 2015 for iOS and Android tablets provides a realistic simulation of driving different buses in a multitude of environments and conditions. With two modes of play and lots of different buses and locations, Bus Simulator 2015 is sure to keep you entertained.

Launching the game brings you into the main menu, where you can access the two types of gameplay, career and free ride. In addition to picking your mode of play, you also get an overview of your stats, like XP earned, total miles and time driven, as well as access to achievements, leaderboards, and settings.

In Career mode, you work to unlock all of the buses available in the game by completing bus routes of various locales. You can drive in locations like Rome, Paris, Alaska, LA, and more! Each map also includes multiple bus routes. Each route is unlocked sequentially, and completing previous routes will unlock new ones. With each successful route completed, you earn more XP in order to unlock new buses. You can unlock schoolhouses, London double-deckers, coaches, city buses, and lots more. When you start the game, you work as a bus driver, making sure to pick up riders and bringing them safely to their destinations. You gain XP when picking up new riders, and lose XP if you go off road, have a collision, or drive recklessly.

In free mode, you can wander around the various maps using whatever buses you have unlocked in career mode, without worrying about gaining (or losing) XP.

Check out Bus Simulator 2015 on the Google Play store or the iOS App Store today.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 on the Google Play Store
Download Bus Simulator 2015 on the App Store
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Need some work done but don’t have anyone to do it? Is your house a mess and you don’t have extra time to clean? Why not hire someone else to do it? WayTaskers is a marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks to local individuals who are looking to make a little extra cash. Best of all, you can set up the entire task and ensure payment right from your Android Phone or iPhone.

First launching WayTaskers will have you create and account so you can post tasks. It’s basic information that you can fill out yourself or you can import the information from your Facebook profile. Once you have your information plugged in, it’s time to create tasks that you need done. By default you can post 5 tasks for free and if you need to post more than that you can add credits to your account in the slide out menu on the left.

Creating a task is easy and takes no time at all. From the main menu simply select the category for the task you’d like to create, if there isn’t one for the task you have in mind simply pick other. Once you’ve selected the category you can give the task a title and description, try to fill this out as completely as possible as this is what people are going to base if they want the job or not on. Once you have that filled out you can then enter how much the person will be paid for the job, you can also add in additional expenses should the job require it. Next you can add a location if someone needs to show up to a physical location or you can mark it as an online/phone job. After all of the information is filled out the task will be posted and people can being bidding on it.

When you select someone to do that task it is taken off the marketplace and you can then have direct communication with the potential employee. You’re now on your way to having the extra task done by someone who you can trust. Post those pesky tasks that you don’t have extra time for on WayTaskers and take care of them once and for all.

Download WayTaskers on the Google Play Store
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No Ninja Turtle Dies


There is no rest for the heroes that we call Ninja Turtles! Darkness covers their beloved city, bringing out scum from every dark corner and crevasses. They are sent out by their Master Splinter to clean up the streets but this is no easy task! No Ninja Turtle Dies allows you to take control of your favorite heroes and clean up their beloved city.

From the main menu of No Ninja Turtle Dies you can choose to play the game either by yourself or with a friend. If you choose to play by yourself you will have four different levels of difficulty to choose from, and trust me, they are progressively harder! Rookie will allow you to control one character, and this is the easiest mode of the game. Normal allows you to control two Ninja Turtles at the same time, Nightmare allows you to control three, and Inferno allows you to control four. No matter what game mode you choose from the gameplay is the same.

When playing No Ninja Turtle Dies your objective is to get as far as you can get. Tapping on the screen will make your Ninja Turtle jump and this is key as you’ll have plenty of obstacles to jump over. When an enemy appears don’t worry, your hero will automatically defeat them, the only way an enemy will defeat you is if you jump and land on them. If you are playing with multiple Ninja Turtles on the screen you will have to tap in each section to make each individual Ninja Turtle jump! That’s where the game gets really tough.

Playing Multiplayer is really fun as it splits the screen in half and allows you and a friend to each control two Ninja Turtles at the same time. The goal here is to last longer than your friend for two out of three rounds. This all happens on one screen, no need for a secondary device to play with a friend.

Save the city from Shredders goons and become the heroes that you were destined to become! Take control of your favorite Ninja Turtle in No Ninja Turtle Dies.

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NetSuxxess Contracts


If you often find yourself loosing track of all of the contracts that you have then NetSuxxess Contracts is for you. With NetSuxxess Contracts you can add all of your contracts to your mobile device so you can always keep tabs on them. Add in all of the important information, snap photos of the contract, and set reminders all within the app. Keeping track of all of your contracts has never been easier than with NetSuxxess Contracts.

Upon opening NetSuxxess Contract you will be taken to the screen where you can see all of the contracts that you’ve entered. From here if you tap on one of the contract you will be taken into the contract where you can see all of the vital information such as partner, status, value, period, consultant, and more. If you wanted to create a new contract from the main screen tap in the top right hand corner and select new, from there all you will have to do is fill out all of the information. From the contract page, tap in the top right hand corner and you will be able to take a photo of the paper contract and attach it to the contract in NetSuxxess Contracts.

If you’re the kind of person that tends to forget when a contract is due or ending then the Reminders section of NetSuxxess Contracts is going to cover your back. When creating a contract you can enter in the end/due date and NetSuxxess will take it from there. There are default time periods built into the app that will automatically send you a reminder 10 days and 5 days before action is required. If you would like you can even go into the settings and set up custom time intervals if you would like to.

NetSuxxess Contracts has a server integration feature that will allow to you to exchange data between your devices (export/import). All you have to do is request a password from NetSuxxess and once you receive it you can then enter in the password in the Settings of the app and everything will begin syncing the reminder information to the server. This is a free service that is available but it is to be used at your own risk

Never lose sight of your contracts again! Download NetSuxxess Contracts for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!

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Tap Cash Rewards – Make Money


Earn rewards that you can turn into cash with Tap Cash Rewards! Tap Cash Rewards are easy to claim and they can lead to cash, gift cards, and more. Open the app on your Android device to begin today!

When you open Tap Cash Rewards you are taken to the Offers Tab. In the Offers you can see all of the offers that will gain you Tap Cash coins that you will then be able to claim for cash prizes. All you have to do is do what the offer says, typically downloading and running an app from the Google Play Store. There is an iOS version in the works so all of you with iPhone’s won’t be left out for long.

After you have claimed enough offers you can take the coins that you have earned from them and go into the Gifts tab and claim your rewards! You can claim them for real prizes such as; PayPal Cards, Amazon Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, and even cash! You will see the Reward on the left side of the screen and on the right side you will see how many coins it will take to receive it. If you become a VIP Member by signing in with Facebook you will earn coins faster thus getting you your rewards that much faster.

Tap Cash Rewards is great for anyone looking to get some cash prizes just by downloading and installing apps! You’ve always got your mobile device with you, why not cash in on this great opportunity! Use the link below to jump start the process with 300 FREE Credits just for download Tap Cash Rewards!

Receive 300 FREE Credits
Download Tap Cash Rewards – Make Money on the Google Play Store
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