UpdateZen is a simple status reporting solution for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners. Updates from team members are capped at 250 characters to include only what’s absolutely essential. Updates are consolidated and presented in one simple interface on iPhone and the web.

From the main menu you will see all of your Team Members as well as Updates on projects. Tapping on a Team Member will take you to the Projects screen where you can see all of the projects that are assigned to that team member. From here you will be able to view the most recent update on a Project as well as Adding a Project. Tapping on a Project will take you to the most recent stats on that project. From here you can Acknowledge that you’ve read the most recent update, Request an Update, Add Feedback, Share Project Update, See the Project History, and Archive the Project.

Adding a Project for a Team Member will allow you to give the project a title as well as a description. The team member will then be notified that you’d like them to join the project and then you will be notified once they join. Any time a team member leaves an update, which is a status with 250 characters or less, you will be notified and from there can leave feedback, which is a status update as well, and can acknowledge that you’ve read their update. If a project hasn’t receive any attention for a while you can always request an update which will send a notification to the team member the project has been assigned to asking them to update their status on the project. If you’d like to share the project with others that aren’t assigned to the project you can share it via email to them if you’d like to. And once a project is done you can archive it so it’ll be removed from the current projects list.

From the My Team section you can Add and Manage members of your team. Adding a new Team Member will ask you to send them an email, fill out their name, and give them a project task. This is useful as when the team member is added they will already have a project assigned to them so they can get started on it right away. If for whatever reason you need to remove a Team Member all you need to do is swipe right on their name and it will present you with a Remove button. Be careful though, removing a Team Member will also remove any projects that they’ve been assigned to.

Your team members will love using UpdateZen, the one simple place where project updates will live. Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Web.

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Icon Rush


Icon Rush is a CHALLENGING & FUN Puzzle Game that you’ll enjoy playing AGAIN and AGAIN!

Icon Rush is a game of combinations. You have to make combinations of at least thee from all of the icons on a 4×5 grid. You can make these combinations by using the same letter, badge number, or color. What’s also really neat is that you can make the combinations going horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! This is sure to keep you going for minutes on end!

Once a combination is made in Icon Rush those tiles will disappear and more will fall in from the top of the screen. Tiles will clear as many as possible, if tiles are cleared and more fall in and make a combination those will also clear! Once the tiles are done clearing it’s time to make more combinations. All you have to do is tap on the tile you’d like to move and tap on the tile you want to switch it with, they will move, and if a combination is made the tiles will clear and more will drop in.

At the top of the screen you will see your current score for the game you’re playing as well as the time remaining. Once the time has run out you will be presented with your high score and the score from the current game you played. Once the game is done you’ll be brought out to the main screen where you can begin a new game.

Icon Rush is a challenging intellectual puzzle game to train your brain. Download for you iPhone and iPad!

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MADFIST is out to squash as many targets as it possibly can! Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate MADFIST?

MADFIST’s gameplay is quick, fun, and addicting! Tapping on the screen will send the MADFIST slamming down towards its targets. Successfully hitting a target will launch the MADFIST back into the air towards its next victim. Your goal is to smash as many targets as possible, missing a target is game over!

MADFIST has multiple arenas that you can play in. By default you are smashing soldiers but you can unlock more arenas to smash different objects such as Zombies, Ghosts, Aliens, Robots, and more. These arenas can be unlocked with an in-app purchase or by getting high scores and total hits. For example if you get a high score of 64 hits or 2,000 total hits you will unlock the Aliens arena. Each arena has the same gameplay but is just as fun!

Challenge your friends by sharing your high score with them from the Game Over screen. The share button will take a screen shot of your current score and allow you to share it with your favorite app on your iPhone or iPad! Become the ultimate MADFIST by beating all of your friends!

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Navmii GPS


Navmii, a free GPS Navigation app, that used to go by the name Navfree, has been completely revamped for their new release. Navmii features a brand new UI, new maps, free traffic information, map reports, smarter search, and more.

Brand New UI & Maps
Navmii features the OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping data which allows maps to be stored locally on your device! This means that you can select a map from within Navmii and download it directly to your device and not have to worry about using your data connection when traveling. By using OSM, Navmii will be able to publish free quarterly map updates to your device for 12 months. You’ll never have to worry about your mapping data being out of date or wrong! Use the mapping system that you can trust.

Free Traffic Information
Navmii uses your device to power a crowd-sourced traffic information system. What this does is uses Navmii’s users that are using GPS Navigation to determine traffic conditions and show you those conditions in real-time. If a section of the freeway is experiencing a slow down you’ll know about it before you get there so you can adjust your route accordingly. Best of all, you will see all Navmii users and traffic conditions directly on you map so you’ll know what’s around you.

Maps Reports
Navmii allows users to report traffic conditions that will show up on the maps for other users to see. You can report traffic incidents, construction zones, accidents, safety/traffic camera, road hazards, as well as speed traps. Reporting traffic conditions will also allow users to leave notes and rate the condition so other users will know how minor or severe the incident is. Once a traffic report has been cleared users will no longer see it on the map, this will help users identify healthy areas of traffic.

Smarter Search
Navmii features a powerful search engine that, since the mapping information is download directly to your device, can be used offline with no internet connection. Users can pull in search results from FourSquare, Google, What3Words, as well as local information from Navmii. This will ensure that you find that place that you are looking for with ease. Once you’ve found a place of interest, Navmii will show you what’s by that location so you can find other places to go when you get there.

Navmii is so packed full of features that you’ll never need another GPS Navigation app again! Navmii has been built for the iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry, and Desktop platforms. Download it to your device and get exploring!

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Kaspi Kitten


Aliens are overhead sucking up all of the kittens from our town, this cannot stand! We need a hero to come and save the kittens from utter destruction! Will you be the hero this town needs in Kaspi Kitten?

Kaspi Kitten puts you, the player, right in the middle of this abduction scene. The kittens will float up from the bottom on the screen heading towards the alien UFO. It’s your job to help our hero catch the kittens before they make it to the alien spacecraft. Tapping on the screen will send out hero flying across the screen in hopes to save the Kaspi Kittens that are destined for abduction. Make sure and pay attention to the direction the hero is pointing, he doesn’t always fly straight across, sometimes you can launch him upwards or downwards.

If you miss a kitten its game over! You will be given a final score and the option to try again. You can share you high score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and let the competition begin! Kaspi Kitten also ties in with Game Center and you will earn achievements for saving endless amounts of kittens. Unlock all of the achievements and become the ultimate kitten hero you’ve always wanted to be.

Tap the hero and save the kittens! Kaspi Kitten is available for FREE in the App Store and is optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It will also work on devices running iOS 8.1 or later.

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PageMeUp, a brand new app for Mac users, was created with graphic & web designers in mind. PageMeUp is perfect for laying out documents such as magazines, flyers, business cards, posters, and more! PageMeUp also allows web designers to easily create and manipulate a website without the need of another application.

pagemeup_screenshot_ALaying out documents inside of PageMeUp is a breeze! From the Inspector on the right hand side of the screen you can set up your work area for the document you’d like to create. You can select some standard document sizes like business cards or a standard piece of paper. From there you can even set up margins and borders that you’d like to appear for ease of use. From there all you have to do is being entering in your text with the Text Box at the top of the screen and drag-and-drop images from your desktop or Finder menu. You can crop and scale images using the crop feature in the Inspector on the right. Holding Shift while scaling an image with scale it proportionally while holding Command with scale the mask alone. Once you have your document all laid out you can export it with industry standard ICC Color Profiles as well as high quality print-ready formats!

pagemeup_screenshot_BIf creating a website is more your site then PageMeUp has got you covered. Just as with graphic design, you’ll need to set up your document using the Inspector on the right side of the screen. There are some options that you’ll want to pay more attention to in the Inspector such as HTML links, rollover options, page headers, file downloads, hyperlinks, and more. These will all be found in the Inspector on the right hand side. Add in all of your text and images that you’d like for your page and that’s it. Simple as that. If you want to change the hierarchy of the site you can do so in the HTML menu on the left hand side of the screen. In the HTML menu you can create new pages as well as change the order of the ones you’ve created. Once your site is complete you can export them as HTML files and upload them to your web server for everyone to see. You can even see a live preview before you publish you site once you export the HTML files!

PageMeUp is going to be your one-stop-shop for all of your graphic and web design needs. PageMeUp has been designed to work on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher and it even takes advantage of Full-Screen editing! Pick it up today for an amazing price of only $9.99!

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Bounce – Share Here


Bounce is a photo and location sharing app where you can share the world around you and see pics and spots your friends post.

Bounce is a photo sharing app with an emphasis on location. Share what you see, what’s going on around you, and the stops along your journey! Opening Bounce brings you to the timeline, where you can scroll through and view all of the photos and locations your friends have posted. Each bounce shows the name and profile picture of the friend that shared it, your distance from the location of the bounce, a description, and of course the photo itself. And of course you can fave and comment on any bounce.

You can also view bounces by location using the map tab! Here you can see bounces all around you on a map that you can zoom and scale, and filter by distance from you.

Sharing a photo is easy too! Tapping on the “b” button on the bottom of your timeline will bring you to the create a bounce page. Here you can add your description, photo, expiration time of the bounce, as well as how big of a bounce you want to show. You can slide the scale from as little as 100 yards all the way up to 100 miles, whatever is most relevant.

Bounce is great for showing off nature during a wilderness hike, or sharing a cool hangout spot or event happening near you. Discover the world with Bounce!

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Mail Wise – Email for Exchange & Hotmail +


Mail Wise is the Android mobile email client that combines your inboxes and helps you be more productive.

Mail Wise brings the power of a desktop email client to the straightforward simplicity of a mobile app to provide you with the fastest distraction-free way to process and act upon your email. Mail Wise lets you log in with every major email service, including Gmail and Google Apps, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and includes full Exchange compatibility.

Once signed into all of your accounts, managing your email is easy with the unified inbox, which combines the inboxes of all your attached accounts in one place. The unified inbox provides an easy way to distinguish between your various accounts’ emails using color indicators.

Taking action on all of your emails right from the inbox is also a snap using gestures and shortcuts for all of the most common actions. Swipe right on an email to reveal a menu with buttons for deleting, archiving, moving, and starring emails. Swipe left to quickly archive emails that don’t need your attention.

Email conversations are laid out in an easy to read format that removes the unnecessary and puts the real message in a chat-like timeline. When you’re in a back-and-forth email conversation, you don’t need to see things like headers, signatures, and previous emails, so Mail Wise intelligently hides those in conversations where you don’t need them.

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CliqPass Photo


CliqPass Photo is a fast new way to request and share photos with your contacts.

CliqPass is built specifically to make requesting photos and videos at full quality easily from anyone. Simply create a request with an album name and the contacts you are requesting files from, and CliqPass will create an email with a simple way for your recipients to securely upload photos and videos. Each request uses one of the three most common cloud file storage services; Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Once invitees have accepted you request and uploaded media, you will receive a notification and you can preview the photos and videos directly in CliqPass before saving them to your device. Requests from others can be found in the Respond tab of the app, and you can respond and share any media you have on your device.

CliqPass is quick and easy, and saves you the hassle of figuring out the finicky process of creating a shared folder in your cloud services, adding permissions for your recipients to upload files, and then contacting them to ask for the photos and videos you need. The entire process is streamlined using CliqPass.

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Jiffies – Calendar in the Watch


Jiffies is a unique calendar app with functionality that looks ahead with full support for the Apple Watch.

Jiffies calls itself “an event-clock”, and that’s a great way to describe the app’s functionality. Unlike most calendar apps, in Jiffies you get an daily overview of your calendar events that is much easier to absorb: what Jiffies does is lays out your events in two concentric circles that represent the 24 hours in a day, with each circle representing the 12 hours you’ll find on a clock face. Your events are laid out on the circles with color-coded line segments, with the colors corresponding to your calendar’s settings, and the position and length of the line segment matching the time and duration of the event. Tap the arrows above the clock to view the previous or next day.

Jiffies puts event details below the event clock, where you can find the event name, time, and duration, and you can tap on each event to reach options to open the event listing, duplicate, or share. The app includes a night view that darkens the interface to make it easier on your eyes in low light. Rotate Jiffies and you will find a very useful week view with both an event clock and list for each day of the current week.

Jiffies’ party piece, however, is that it supports the upcoming Apple Watch. You get the same useful daily view on your Apple Watch as you will find in the iOS app. You’ll be able to swipe horizontally to move through subsequent days, and swipe down to view the details of each day’s events. Once the Apple Watch is released, Jiffies will be ready to give you an at-a-glance view of your day’s calendar events.

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