Flo Music: Sync, Stream, Share


flo-music-screen-08Flo Music, designed by Space Monkey, is a new and fun way to share music will all of your friends.

Flo Music lets nearby users connect together and create music playlists easily and with style. Users can choose to have music beamed to each device or choose to have music play on one central device which can then be plugged into a speaker source for all to listen. Flo is an instant social playlist whenever and wherever.

Upon launching Flo Music you will be presented with up to two options, Create a Flo or Join a Flo. You will only see Join a Flo if there is someone in your vicinity that has already created a Flo and you can connect up to 10 devices to that Flo at any given time. If, for whatever reason, a Flo isn’t showing up tap on the Refresh button in the top right hand corner and Flo Music will search for any new playlists.

flo-music-screen-02Creating a Flo is simple and takes no time at all. Tap on Create a Flo from the main screen and you will be prompted to give your Flo a name. Once you’ve created the playlist it is then time for you to add music. Tapping on the “+” button will allow you to select from music, that resides on your device, and add it to the playlist. Keep in mind that you can only add 10 songs at a time by default but this can be changed in the settings if you’d like.

flo-music-screen-03Once the songs have been added they will automatically begin playing in the order they were added. If anyone is connected to your Flo they will see the playlist and all of the songs and will have the ability to add songs from their device. The host device has the ability to skip songs, increase the song limit, shuffle the playlist, and more. Users connected to the Flo can use Play Next credits to select a song from the playlist that they would like to hear next.

flo-music-screen-01Flo Music will use your existing WiFi network to broadcast a Flo to enable streaming to other devices. If you are not connected to a WiFi network Flo will use your device to create a HotSpot and allow users to join that way. If a device wonders out of range the Flo will disconnect and stop play but don’t worry, if that device comes back in range Flo will automatically reconnect.

Flo Music is your social playlist.

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Slots of Legend


Slots of Legend by Avalinx brings the fun and gameplay of digital casino slot machine games to your iPad.

Bringing to you multiple slot machines with fun themes, engaging gameplay, unique mini-games, and multiple ways to play, Slots of Legend is sure to scratch your itch for the casino classic slot machines. Using the in-game currency coins, spin your way to higher levels, gain XP, unlock new slots, and of course, huge wins! And Slot of Legend will keep you coming back for even more gameplay with bonus spins both every day and every hour.

When you first begin playing Slots of Legend, only one slot machine is unlocked, but don’t let that scare you off: each of the nine unique slot machines included are unlocked as you progress through the levels. All nine slots feature beautiful and unique illustrations, graphics, and sounds. Start playing the Buffalo Bills slot machine, where you can enjoy the wild west americana theme.

Once unlocked, you will be treated to Jungle Bucks where you can see exotic animals and busy jungle soundscapes. Next up on our adventure is the Vampires Vault to hang out with the familiar Transylvanian and other spooky creatures. After that, enjoy the scandanavian beauty of Frozen Fortune, Grecian fables in Reel Odyssey, dark ages conquest in Camelot Cash, middle east mystique in Arabian Riches, underwater adventures in Mermaid’s Money, and finally a surreal adventure in Wonderland Riches. Each new Slots of Legend slot machine brings with it gorgeous visuals, appealing sounds, unique gameplay, and even more casino slots action!

As you can expect, Slots of Legend has multiple ways to play and to win big. In each slot machine, you can bring up information on how and when tiles are rewarded, how much each tile category scores, and the different lines that you can score on. You also get an overview of how Bonus Rounds are played. When you hit a bonus round, a unique mini-game is started, and you have the opportunity to win even more.

You are pitted against other players of Slots of Legend in two different ways: World Rank, and Game Rank. Your world ranking is determined by your total experience points earned from all the slots you play. Game ranks are scored using the experience points for each specific slot machine.

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SnapBooth is a fun and simple app to use your iPad and iPhone as a Photo Booth for both yourself and during parties and events.

Once in the app, you’ll be presented with a view from the front facing camera of your device, at which point you can simply tap anywhere to begin a three second countdown till your snap is taken. Once you get a snap, you can either retake a new snap, or keep it. You can also configure SnapBooth to share your snaps to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or simply save to your device camera roll.

Other settings for SnapBooth include customizing the text and hashtags for you snap when you share to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also choose to use the rear-facing camera of your device. On the iPad, you can even customize a watermark that will be attached to each SnapBooth snap. In the Settings page, check the Enable Watermark option, select an image to use as your watermark, and customize both the size and location of the watermark on your snaps.

SnapBooth also includes the ability to use Nova Flash, a Bluetooth LE external flash for your iPhone with customizable light color and brightness.

Use SnapBooth Share to automatically connect to nearby iOS devices that also have SnapBooth installed to instantly share your snaps with your friends! Tap the Connect to SnapBooth Share button in the settings panel and SnapBooth will automatically find other devices running SnapBooth nearby. Once connected, you’ll receive SnapBooth snaps in real time as they’re taken!

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Days – Event Countdown


Days – Event Countdown is a beautiful countdown to all of the events that matter to you. Days displays all of your events with gorgeous cover images with vital text information overlaid. Days organizes events by category allowing users to sort events by what’s happening. Days – Event Countdown helps countdown to all of the special moments in life, designed exclusively for the iPhone running iOS 8.1.

Creating events in Days – Event Countdown is simple and fast. Tapping on the “+” in the top right corner of the main screen will take users into the event creation page. On the event creation users can choose a cover photo, either from the camera roll or by taking a new photo, give the event a title, choose the date of the event, and select a category of the event. Once all of the information is filled in the event will be create and the banner will be added to the homepage.

Tapping on an even in Days – Event Countdown will bring the event full screen showing off the beautiful cover image that was chosen. From the event users can edit, favorite, and share the event. Editing the event will bring users to the event creation page where they can edit the details of the event. Favoriting the event will add the event to the favorites list for easy access. Sharing the event will allow users to add a personal message, edit the photo and text, and add or remove the days icon before sharing to all of their friends.

Events are important, whether they’re big or small. Remember all of the events that matter with Days – Event Countdown.

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DreamTwits is a social network for dreamers. Users can come onto DreamTwits and post what they dreamed about, day dreams or night dreams, anonymously. Users of DreamTwits can then comment on other dreams and discuss that dream privately with the poster if they should like to. Post a dream to a category or use a hashtag to get maximum exposure! Start logging dreams today with DreamTwits.

The Home section of DreamTwits is where the feed of dreams will be. Images at the top of the feed are dreams that have recently been posted. There is also a section at the top of this menu that will let users cycle between Day Dreams and Night Dreams. Tapping on a dreams image will load the image full screen where users can read what the dream was and see the corresponding image. From this page users can engage others in the comments, like the dream, and even private message the user who posted the dream. Tapping on a users profile image will take you to their profile where you can see just that specific users dreams.

Posting a dream with DreamTwits is simple and quick. Tap on the Share Dream button and then the user can select to post either a Day Dream of Night Dream, the process is the same for both. After selecting the type of dream to be posted the user can then enter the text of their dream. The next step will be selecting an image to go with the dream. DreamTwits will do it’s best to find an image that suits the keywords of the dream but users can also choose to use their own image. Once the image and text are done the user will then select a category and hashtags that they would like to add. Multiple categories and hashtags can be used when posting a dream. Once that’s done the dream will be posted for all users of DreamTwits to see in the categories and hashtags chosen.

Explore dreams will fellow dreamers. Download DreamTwits for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited services all users to ensure their online security by creating Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. VPN Unlimited frees users from bandwidth, speed, or connectivity limitations. Enjoy all of the benefits of your favorite online resources anywhere, anytime with VPN Unlimited.

From VPN Unlimited’s main screen you can see your devices real IP address as well as the current status of your VPN connection. If you are currently connected to a VPN you will see the country that you are masking your IP to and an IP address for that country. If you toggle the VPN off you can then select from a list of other countries to create a VPN to. Once a country is selected VPN Unlimited will create a VPN connection and give you another IP address. Whatever country you are connected to when exiting the app will be the one that VPN Unlimited automatically connects to upon it’s next launch.

VPN Unlimited requires an account be made in order to use their services. If it’s your first time using VPN Unlimited you will get 10 days free of charge. During the trial you can enjoy all of the benefits of VPN Unlimited without restriction. Once the trial is up you will need to subscribe to one of VPN Unlimited’s time-limited packages.

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Memoreze Collage Maker


Memoreze Collage Maker takes the photos from your iPhone or iPad and quickly creates a book of photo collages for you to share with friends and family. You can also invite others to your booklet so they can view it or add their own photos to the book as well. Memoreze Collage Maker also has a chat feature for each booklet so you can share ideas or reminisce about the trip you just took. Memoreze creates an awesome photo collage book easily and quickly for each and every occasion.

Memoreze Collage Maker shows all of the booklets you’ve create on the main page. From there you can choose to either view a previously created booklet or create a new one. To create a new booklet tap on the “+” in the top right hand corner. You can select up to 12 images initially to create your booklet, you can add more later on. Once you’ve selected the photos you’ll be asked to give the booklet a name and choose a cover photo. After all of this is done you’ll be able to view your newly created booklet.

To view a booklet tap on the cover image from the main menu. From there you can view all of the photos that have been added to the booklet. Tapping on an image will bring it full screen where you can then save it to your camera roll or share it with your favorite social apps. To share the entire booklet, tap on the share button from a page of the book there you can invite other users to the book or share the book to Facebook for everyone to see. If you share it with another user they can then come into the book and add their own photos or comment on the book in the chat section. If you would like to add more photos to the booklet tap on the “+” from a page and there you can select more photos to be added and Memoreze Collage Maker will automatically create new pages for you.

Share all of your favorite memories with Memoreze Collage Maker. Download Memoreze Collage Maker for the iPhone and iPad.

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Orderly – Reminders, Tasks & To Do Lists


Orderly, designed exclusively for iOS 8, is an incredibly easy to use and intuitive to do list app for the iPhone and iPad. Orderly syncs all of your reminders, tasks and to do’s with cloud services, features location-based reminders, and displays the lists in a glance-able view so you don’t have to open the tasks to see what’s coming next. Orderly is the only reminders app that you’ll ever need.

All of the reminders live on the Boards in Orderly. There are two boards that you can use for whatever you would like, by default the Boards are set up for Home and Work. You can change the titles of the boards in the setting of Orderly to better suit your individual needs. Tapping on the arrow button in the top left of the board will switch back and forth between your boards.

To get started adding reminders to your boards tap the “+” in the top right corner and you’ll be brought into the project creation. In the project creation you’ll want to give it a title and then begin adding tasks for that project that you’d like to complete. At the top of the project creation you can style the project with a specific color and font by tapping on the “T” button at the top. Tapping on the clock next to the “T” button will allow you to add a reminder to the project so you can mark it for completion on a specific date and time and/or a specific location. If you’d like to add a reminder to a task specifically, tap on the task and then tap on the calendar icon on the right side above the keyboard. You can use gestures to mark tasks as complete or delete them; swiping right-to-left will delete the task and swiping left-to-right will complete the task.

All of the projects will live on the board that you’ve create them on. Orderly will automatically arrange them by priority ranging from high to low. If you have added any time or location specific reminders to a project or task you can view them in the Orderly Notification Center Widget from anywhere on your device. Tapping on a task from the widget will bring you directly into Orderly into that specific task.

Orderly is a powerful reminders, tasks, and to do list app for the iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget another task, download it now!

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TEN SUM, a universal app for iPhones and iPads, is a challenging game where players have to connect blocks into sums of 10. Players must clear all of the blocks on the current level in order to advance to the next. TEN SUM is easy to learn but difficult to master, put your math skills to the test!

TEN SUM’s gameplay incorporates swipes and taps to connect the blocks to the sum of ten. Tapping on a block will highlight it and tapping on adjacent blocks will connect them. If the blocks that have been highlighted equal the sum of ten they will disappear and the rest of the blocks will fall down in place. Players can also swipe across the blocks to connect them as well. There isn’t a specific number of blocks that are required to total to ten, players can connect as little as two blocks or up to ten blocks to total the sum of ten.

The level is complete once all of the blocks have disappeared and from there the player will advance to the next level. If there was a mistake made there is a reset button below the game board that will put all of the blocks back to their original positions. Each level is more challenging that the last. TEN SUM currently features 84 challenging levels for players to complete, each with its own challenges.

Master the sum of ten with TEN SUM on the iPad and iPhone.

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Drag Race: RUSH


Drag Race: RUSH puts players in the driver’s seat of some of the most exotic and fastest cars around. Putting players in the streets of Mumbai, London, and Miami, Drag Race: RUSH is one of the most adventurous drag racing games around. Players can upgrade and purchase new vehicles to ensure that they are the ultimate Drag King. Own the streets in Drag Race: RUSH.

The Garage is where your rides will live and where you will do the upgrades to your rides. On the left side of the screen will be a list of upgrades and parts that you can purchase. Each upgrade will be done automatically and will increase the power of your ride. Other aesthetics such as wings, hood scoops, paint, rims, and more can also be purchased for your ride as well. Adding the aesthetics will raise your rides street cred and give you a bit more power as well. Purchasing upgrades will add value to your ride as well, so if you choose to sell it for a better one later on you’ll get back what you put into it. Once your ride is fixed up it’s time to take to the streets.

Racing in Drag Race: RUSH is pure adrenaline fun! Tap on the accelerate button to start revving your engine as the timer counts down. Be sure to keep it in the green to get a perfect shift otherwise you’ll start off behind the other driver. Under-shifting will under power your ride and make you accelerate slower while Over-Revving will cut power to your engine and keep you from getting all of the power out of your engine. Keeping your shifting in the green will boost your ride with each shift ensuring your way to victory. If you’ve added NOS to your ride be sure and use that by tapping and holding down on the NOS button on the left side of the screen. Be careful though, NOS will give you a big boost and can send your RPM’s skyrocketing and can ultimately hurt you as well.

As you advance through each race you will earn money which you can then use to upgrade or purchase new rides. Low level races will yield small rewards while taking down street kings will yield big payouts. After you’ve finished each race in one area you will then unlock the ability to race in a different area. You will start off racing in Mumbai and you’ll make your way to the streets of Miami!

Feel the real adrenaline kick in as the realistic scenery flies by you as you defeat you opponent! Try Drag Race: RUSH for the iPhone and iPad.

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