OurMedDB can organize and store vocally or keyboard entered medical information for every member of your family. It protects your information with a password but by displaying your emergency contacts on the lock screen EMS personnel can gain access to the information even if you are incapacitated.. See more details at szsconsultants.com

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MiBlock is a uniquely creative app that allows you to build amazing universes: make great models, play with them in many ways, share them with the world and enjoy other users creations.

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• Select various blocks, cubes, prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres and many more.
• Stack the blocks together in the world
• Paint your blocks any color easy-to-use palette system
• Add textures to your blocks for a more realistic look
• Orient your model from any angle using the 360 degree camera
• Zoom in/out to see both small details and the big picture

Along the way, every time you build a new block, you earn a “MiStar”. With enough MiStars, you can then buy more blocks, weapons, textures, pre-built models and more!

• Have fun destroying your model with several zany weapons, including TNT, ray gun, dynamite, revolver, bombs, grenades and more.
• The destruction sequence actually uses realistic physics for remarkable accuracy
• Drive a car to your scene and enjoy a first-person perspective of your model.

• Share your greatest creations with the MiBlock community and get famous worldwide!
• Explore all models and made by the community right within the MiBlock.
• Like and build upon other people creations, blow them up or drive around them. • Send your creations via email or save to your camera roll.

• MiBlock includes 12 fantastic pre-built models crafted by a world-class artist: Robot, Pirate Ship, Skateboarder, Castle, Rock Star and more

• Take a snapshot of your creation into the world with your iPad camera • Create a truly one-of-a-kind Selfie

Conferencia – One Touch Conference Call

With Conferencia you won’t ever have to remember or enter phone numbers and audio pins to dial into conference calls. No more fumbling with your smartphone on the go! Conferencia parses your smartphone calendar and shows you all your conference calls and meetings in a convenient agenda view. Simply touching the call icon or acting on the reminder will dial you right into your conference call, without having to look up, remember, or dial any numbers. Combining the most useful features from smart calendar apps such as Tempo, Mynd, Sunrise, Cal and MobileDay, Conferencia is the ultimate one touch conference calling app for the iPhone.

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Key Features

* Automatically pulls all iPhone calendar events
* Salesforce and NetSuite calendar integration
* Recognizes all conference calls in your calendars
* One touch dialing into conference calls
* Easy to use view of your day’s agenda
* Notify meeting & conference call participants with a single tap, via email or SMS (using predefined messages) if you’re running late
* Save frequently used conference bridges for easy dialing and creating new conference meetings quickly
* Dial contacts and conference bridges using calling cards to save cost while traveling
* Call any meeting participant instantly from the app itself
* Record text and voice notes against recently concluded meetings and conference calls
* Ability to edit the dialing sequence using the Dial Sequence Editing Wizard
* Detailed help section

Do Up – Free Hidden Object Games

PlayHOG presents Do Up, a Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level in a total of 10 levels to give you 400 objects to find. Do Up this house and find hidden objects. Each level has 10 independent achievements to unlock. We also have a level map which will remember your progress, a hint feature that will help find those difficult objects and lastly we give you achievements and stars to earn.

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• 10 Fun Levels
• Pinch to Zoom
• 40 Objects Per Level
• 400 Hidden Objects to Find
• Level Map will Save Progress
• 100 Achievements to Unlock and Stars to Earn

We simply make the hardest hidden objects with the best quality graphics here.

Our Games have a no nonsense policy – only hidden objects to find, no pointless stories.

Our Games are Hard and meant for Grown Ups. You are expected to spend time to find hidden objects. We make the levels very difficult, but not impossible. All that said, our games are child friendly, we take a lot of care in what type of objects and props go into our games.

Enemy Dawn


The Nazis has invaded Poland and you’re smack dab in the middle of the Battle. As a Polish Soldier commanding a mobile rocket launcher, you must defend Poland from the Nazis to prevent the global world order. Defend Poland against an onslaught of Ju-87 Stuka Aircraft, Panzer Tanks and warships. Immerse yourself into the mist of tank warfare. Play the only game with a twist of real history as you develop battle tactics to defeat your enemy.

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*Call in artillery strikes
*Fire Katyusha rockets
*Fight off attacking aircraft
*Fight off infantry and tanks
*Attack warships
*Historic landmarks
*4 languages supported- English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

*Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent intense fantasy violence/ infrequent mild violence.

Baby Blocks – Fun Free Word Game


Experience the child like delight of 4 letter word matching and play Baby Blocks today! Tap or swipe letters, form words and advance through 100 exciting levels and 3 challenging skill levels. Learn new words every day with the word of the day feature. Create huge scores with multipliers like speed and color bonus. Use powerful boosters like freeze time to aide you in your word matching endeavors. It’s time to swap those blocks. Baby Blocks, it’s wordilicious!

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•100 exciting levels with more coming soon and 3 skill levels.
•Powerful blocks like Bomb and Super Wild.
•Share your high scores with your friends via Twitter.
•Leaderboards and Achievements via Game Centre.
•Magical boosters to assist you like Freeze Time.
•Word of the day feature (Great for children to learn new words).

Movie Genius – Film, Movies and Streaming Recommendation


● Intelligent movie recommendations ● Compares film plots & style, not actors and directors ● ‘Can I stream it?’ and Rotten Tomatoes integration ● Try it for free ● Movie Genius offers FREE recommendations in the most popular film genres ● Go ad-free and get additional genres with an in-app purchase.

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● Intelligent recommendations based on matching themes, plots and audience opinion
● The more you use it, the smarter it gets!
● Search for your favorite movies to rate and find similar recommendations
● Save a personal list of movies you discover and want to see
● Filter out movies based on MPAA age ratings
● Get the latest movie news from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ right in the app
● See which movies are now playing or soon to be released
● Find the most popular and top rated movies of the moment

● Watch Trailers – One tap to view the movie trailer and clips
● Rotten Tomatoes – See critics and audience scores right away
● Can I stream it? — Instantly see whether a film is available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, Crackle, Redbox, XFINITY Streampix, HBO GO, Showtime, Blockbuster, Youtube Movies, EPIX, and iTunes.
● View cast and crew lists, pictures, biographies and filmographies

Share your film recommendations via Twitter, Facebook or email

Once you’re satisfied that Movie Genius provides the best recommendations, a quick in-app purchase removes ads and unlocks additional film genres. Movie Genius supports many genres including Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Disaster, Documentary, Drama, Eastern, Family, Fantasy, Film Noir, Foreign, History, Holiday, Horror, Indie, Kids, Music, Musical, Mystery, Neo Noir, Road Movie, Romance, Science Fiction, Short, Sport, Sport Event, Sports Film, Suspense, TV Movie, Thriller, War and Westerns.



Whese is the simple way to find out what your friends are up to now. Create beautiful stories related to your events and share them with your friends using photos, places and your own words.

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– Sharing your moment is as easy as sending a snap.
– 100% free and unlimited posts.
– Explore what your friends are up to now with breathtaking feed screen.
– Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments.
– See what your friends are up to now directly with push notifications.
– Supports 7 languages.

Bomb Squadz


Bomb Squadz is an exciting new breakout-style game with an addictive twist — play in the round! Protect Freddy sitting at the center of the wheel by spinning the gear-hands and deflecting fireballs. Destroy the multiplying number of bombs before they get to Freddy! How long can you survive???

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– 360° circular gameplay requires maximum skills
– Spin the gears for a limited time with real physics action
– Not hot enough? Play with multiple fireballs!
– Awesome soundtrack keeps you moving
– Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

– Score points for each bomb defused
– Keep track of your record times and high scores
– Game Center support! Challenge players around the world to see who survives longer

Earth Extinction


Pushed back in the expanses of the universe, from their own creation, humanity itself must now bring back what was once their …

After many deadly battles draw people now with their last fleet into battle against the powerful cyborgs.

Now it´s your turn, lead the last human forces to a great VICTORY!

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* Global Leaderboard
* Free choice how to arm your Space Fighters
* Background Music
* Computer Voice
* Wingman(independant of main Premium)

If you purchase the main Premium Upgrade you will get following content: (Options-Menu)
* The Havoc Space Fighter
* Many new all time available Items to equip your Ships
* 2 Bonus Music Tracks
* Advertisement Removal