Soul Healing Miracles

Grab the opportunity to experience the profound power of The Source Field and Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphies with guided audio and video meditations. Dr. and Master Sha’s Soul Healing Miracles book teaches and empowers humanity to create soul healing miracles. Everyone can create his or her own soul healing miracles.

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Use this interactive application to:

  • Experience guided meditations with the calligraphies, which carry The Source frequency and vibration with The Source love, forgiveness, compassion, and light to transform your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
  • Read excerpts from the Soul Healing Miracles book
  • Watch the Soul Healing Miracles film
  • Read inspiring soul healing miracles stories and watch soul healing miracles video testimonies
  • Record your insights and experiences of the healing and meditation practices in your Soul Healing Miracles app diary

Experience the power of the Soul Healing Miracles app to heal soul, heart, mind and body; boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity; open spiritual channels; and transform relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and every aspect of life!

I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life.

You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.

Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity and all souls in Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Slidely Show – Movie Maker & Editor

Slidely Show is a remarkable yet simple way for anyone to create a movie. Slidely Show lets you create and edit your own movie from pictures and videos from your camera roll, Facebook, Dropbox, and Instagram, while letting you add your favorite music! With Slidely Show, you can create a movie of the moments you want to remember.

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· Simple “tap to capture” functionality allows you to grab just the right moments within a video for an easy edit.
· Select, preview and add multiple clips from any of your videos!
· Custom slow motion and fast motion special effects.
· Save and share your movies to all your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
· Choose your favorite music from your private collection for that perfect soundtrack.
· Free download gets you all features with no in app purchases required

You don’t need any special edit skills or knowledge to create your own personal movie. Slidely is so easy to use that anyone can become a movie maker. Simply select clips from a video file that live on your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox accounts, or on your camera, with the “capture clip” feature. Next add the photos you want in your movie. Then give it life with your music! Now you can share your movie to the world!



Experience brand new strategy board game based on ancient game Go and well known Dots, it’s smashing MULTIPLAYER for up to 20 players! It is NOT a game against device, it’s built to play with real live opponents wirelessly at close range, through internet or just on one device. Team building challenge for colleagues, family and friends.

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Strategy based on advantages of Group and Liberty. Variety of game rule modifiers creates different game goals and alters gameplay keeps places of captured stones unavailable, creates additional boundaries and significantly change possible strategy or requires to capture particular count of stones or expand your presence on the grid to particular level. TUTORIAL is highly recommended prior to gameplay (in-game menu option). “WIRELESS PLAY” is an option to play between up to 20 iOS devices by Bluetooth only (without any WiFi or Cellular), designed to play locally in a most convenient way.

Looking forward to know about adjustments and improvements you may like to see. Rate this App, share your opinion, it’s very important.

In-App Purchases:
Default free version has limitations for available rules to play, grid sizes and resume function.

Best group bargain: first players purchase all required options, other players can join without any purchases or with Resume for multiple game sessions.

All-Inclusive – similar to full app purchase, which unlocks all available features, removes purchase button, future great features will be available without additional in-app purchase required.
Sizes – unlocks all available grid sizes.
Rules – unlocks all available rule modifiers.
Resume – unlocks unlimited Resume function.



FormattVideo – Live Video Camera Filters and Effects by Formatt Hitech with over 100+ Live filters – FormattVideo from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Turn your iPhone and iPad into a professional style Video camera with DSLR / Broadcast style filters and effects, LIVE, as you shoot video.

FormattVideo enhances the video capabilities of your iPhone and iPad by allowing the use of professional quality exposure adjustments, neutral density filters, graduated filters, color filters, true black & white and special effects filters during the filming process.

FormattVideo works in real-time, just as you would experience when shooting with a DSLR / Video style camera. Select your filter, adjust the exposure, adjust the density, set your horizon point, set your focus and shoot – all with a few taps on your screen.

Filters are applied live during video capture so you know that you are applying filters and effects that work as you expect – with your shooting situation. All done with our simple and intuitive interface.

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Over 100+ LIVE filters

25 Neutral Density filters with multiple density stops and settings
42×3 Color filters (with 3 stops/density settings for each)
10 True Black & White filters
10 Effects filters
10 PopArt filters
10 Specialty filters
10 Retro (Vintage) filters
10 Portrait filters

Neutral Density filters
Multiple density settings for dozens of filters
True Black & White filters
Elegant exposure control
Graduated filters for photos in difficult lighting situations
Custom Copyright watermarking option
Live, real-time filters
Color and True Black & White mode
Focus Lock, Exposure Lock, Stabilizer, AWB and more.
Camera flash Torch light mode for constant lighting effects
Remember your “Last Filter” used
Save video in any of 4 sizes: 360p, 480p, 720p to Original HD capture at 1080p!
Optimized for iPhone 5+ and iPad Mini.
Advanced social media integration with our “Instant Upload” to Facebook, Twitter and any of your installed Social Network apps!



FormattPhoto – 100+ Live DSLR Camera Filters and Effects – Turn your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch into a professional grade camera with DSLR style filters and effects. FormattPhoto enhances your photos in real time as you shoot, like a true DSLR camera.

FormattPhoto was created by Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Take advantage of elegant exposure adjustments, neutral density filters, horizon point control, graduated filters, black & white contrast filters and special effects all with just a few taps on your screen.

EXCLUSIVE to the iOS App Store!

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– 4 ND (Neutral Density) filters with 25 stops/density settings
– 1 Polarizer filter
– 42 Color filters with 3 stops/density settings
– 10 Pop Art filters
– 10 Retro Vintage filters
– 10 Black & White contrast filters
– 10 Portrait filters
– 10 Effects filters
– 10 Specialty filters
– Works with both front and rear cameras

– Fine adjustments for contrast, brightness, warmth and exposure
– Focus lock, exposure lock, anti-shake, auto white balance
– Graduated filters for difficult lighting situations
– Advanced zoom, crop and free rotate
– Edit existing photos from your Camera Roll
– Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr

– Instant upload to Facebook, Twitter
– Add date-stamp, metadata, and geotags
– Custom copyright watermarking
– Continuous camera flash for constant lighting effects
– Save images in 5 sizes, from extra-small to HD

Lame Pilot


Meet Mr Lame Pilot. He somehow got hold of an airplane but doesn’t know how to fly it. Help Mr Lame Pilot stay afloat in the sky by controlling his plane. Avoid crashing into other aircrafts, dangerous air borne objects, collect coins on the way & collect missiles which will help you destroy anything that comes your way.

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Cave Diver TAP

No silly story, no hats, no coins, no annoying grind – Cave Diver TAP is a pure arcade experience that pits your patience and reflexes against a soothing, gorgeous ocean of pixel glory.

Survive as long as you can in the increasingly more difficult depths, and reach a score to be proud of! If after tapping a few birds you thought you knew frustration, then allow us to redefine that for you: Cave Diver TAP.

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Have you ever sent a friend a photo or video and wished you could visibly witness their reaction rather than receive the same old ‘LOL’ or ‘OMG’ response? Well, it’s now possible with Reactr.

Reactr is a quick, fun and simple-to-use photo and video-sharing app with a real-time benefit. Once the selfie photo is taken or video recorded, the sender can customize their message and share with their friends. Upon receipt, the recipient can then share their real-time selfie reaction, via photo or video, with the original sender so that they can see first-hand how they responded.

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Reactr has the privacy of users covered, too. The captured reaction is not automatically sent back to the sender in response. The recipient must first decide if they want to share their reaction or not. Reactions can only be shared with friends, too, so there’s no risk of sending a reaction to someone you don’t know. And your favorite reactions can be downloaded so that those moments can be captured forever.

Wakeup Call Alarm: Alarm Clock that Makes a Wakeup Phone Call


The best alarm clock is the one that wakes you up, right? Experience a new way to wakeup with an inspiring quote of the day. It is a pleasant way to wake you up in the morning.

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+ Receive an actual call to wake you up in the morning
+ Auto alerts your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and requests someone to keep trying to call you.
+ Schedule recurring alarms easily with an option to skip weekends
+ Set different alarms with different time zones
+ Listen to an inspiring quote every day
+ Compare morning wakeup times among Facebook friends

Currently, Wakeup Call can be used with USA phone numbers only.

Wakeup Call Alarm makes an actual phone call at your defined time and day even if months away. It allows you to create multiple alarms, with recurring functionality and an option to skip Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Most users would set their alarms once and forget about having to daily set it up or turn it off on weekends.

What’s unique?
+ Most alarm apps require you to keep the app running in the foreground, otherwise you miss the alarm! Wakeup Call app requires you to set it up once and then forget it.
+ No alarms today allow you to define a daily alarm with an option to skip weekends. Wakeup Call app does that.
+ Wakeup Call app is the first alarm capable to notify your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and request someone to wake you up.
+ To the frequent travelers: Schedule your alarms once your trip is confirmed and use the timezone option to easily schedule the correct time.

Wakeup Call app is redefining the Alarm concept and with your feedback and support will keep enhancing your morning experience.

Solitaire 3D

The original and best version of Klondike Solitaire 3D, the Pro version of the Classic Solitaire Card Game, also called Patience!

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★ The solitaire game has difficulty levels
★ Solvable games with FREE Solutions
★ Full undo and redo history in game
★ Smart card selection AND Automatic animated play
★ Customize all images PLUS extra downloadable decks
★ Game also has many other graphic and sound options
★ Normal or Vegas or no scoring WITH 1 or 3 card dealing
★ Online high score leaderboard of Solitaire 3D
★ Game play statistics
★ Tablet friendly

It features amazing graphics, as you can choose your own images! Game solutions are free if you get stuck! Move the cards easily with drag and drop, or point and click. It features full undo and redo history with the back and forwards buttons, you can even replay the game you just won. Keeps normal or Vegas scoring, with an online score board you can post to (hosted by GooglePlus). The game animates from the shuffle through to the play and a mesmerizing winning sequence where you can repeatedly blow up the cards – A nice distraction before your next game of solitaire!

Lots of graphic options like animation speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights and choice of backgrounds, decks and deck backings (with more on their way). Other solitaire game customizations are sound, auto play, left or right hand dealing and the ordering of the Ace bases.