Simplex Spelling HD


Simplex Spelling improves spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way. With a powerful phonics hint feature, your student is guaranteed success on every word. Unlike other programs that focus primarily on nouns, Simplex Spelling targets more than 220 of the most popular words in the English language including the Dolch sight words. Your child’s reading and spelling fluency will improve through mastery of high frequency words.

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Bumpin’ is a game that speaks for itself. Draw the pegs on the screen and bump the ball into the hole. The longer you bump against bumpers and pegs, the more gems you score. Avoid the hazards and the edges of the screen or be destroyed!

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Air Playit


Air Playit HD – Streaming Video Music to iPad. Access Your Video & Music Library Anywhere. Air Playit is a video streaming & player app, it is designed to stream video and audio to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Air Playit is capable of streaming and playing hundreds of different video & audio formats on your devices via WiFi and 3G. It acts as your personal audio video cloud server & player, and lets you watch videos on the go.

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Ever wonder:
1. How to price a product?
2. When will your product start making you money?
3. What is the right price for your product to reach?
4. How do you make a bigger profit… faster?

These questions are critical for any business, service, or product. These types of questions are asked everyday by consultants, project/product managers, corporate executives, and business students.

***Enter the “Break-Even-Analysis” iPhone/iPad app!***

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Toaster Oracle


Consult the great and all knowing Toaster Oracle. Your fortune will be foretold based on how your toast comes out looking. Good toast can imply a wonderful day while burnt toast might be trying to tell you to lay low today. Save the results to your photo album, email to a friend, or post to social media websites. So set the temperature, make some toast and see what the Oracle has to say!

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Never miss new albums from your favorite artist again! AlbumTrackr analyzes your iTunes library and notifies you when artists you listen to release new albums. You can easily organize and filter the results by Artist, Album, and Release Date. You can even receive notifications for when your favorite artists have released new singles, EP’s, or full albums while you’re listening to them.

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Happi Reads


Happi Reads will help develop your child’s early reading skills in an engaging and rewarding way.
It’s a big thing for both you and your child when he or she is starting to sound out words. With Happi Reads it will be fun and exiting as well. At the age where a child starts to learn how to read, learning should be more “play” and less “chore”. That is why Happi Papi specializes in what we call Edutainment apps for young children.

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