Crusaders Quest


Match your way to victory in the new epic action RPG from TOAST, Crusaders Quest! Command over 200 heroes and defeat waves of monsters in a quest to save kidnapped Goddesses from the forces of evil.

In Crusaders Quest, you will command the greatest pixel army ever assembled! Save a land under siege by a mysterious witch who has kidnapped and trapped the magical Goddesses. Only you and your rag-tag group of 8-bit crusaders can journey to save the Goddesses and unlock their special powers to repel darkness from the land.

After strengthening your heroes, take them into epic PVP battles to test your strength against the world! With over 200 heroes to collect, there’s no limit to the combinations of crusaders you can take into battle!

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4K Stogram


4K Stogram is a simplistic PC, Mac, and Linux app that will allow you to download and backup photos from your Instagram feed. The beauty of 4k Stogram is that is doesn’t limit you to just photos, it will download videos posted to Instagram as well. There is even an ability to download photos and videos from private Instagram accounts.

To begin downloading photos all you need to do is open 4K Stogram on your computer. From there you can enter in the Instagram username that you are wanting to download. 4K Stogram will then begin downloading the users Instagram feed and saving it to your computer in the Pictures folder. If the account is private all you’ll need to do is sign-in with your Instagram account and make sure that you’re following them.

By default 4K Stogram will allow you to download and monitor 3 separate Instagram accounts. If you purchase a serial number you are then able to follow and download as many Instagram accounts and you would like. 4K Stogram is FREE for you to use and backup your personal accounts.

Backing up your Instagram feed has never been this easy, download 4K Stogram today to start!

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Puzzle Mirrors


Puzzle Mirrors is a challenging new puzzle! Enjoy over 150 hand-picked levels that will keep you entertained for hours. Put the dots on the right places but be careful – green dots and orange dots move in the opposite directions! Gameplay ranges from very simple and relaxed to very difficult.

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*** Puzzle Mirrors features ***

– different board sizes
– over 150 levels available

Look & Feel
– polished interaction
– stylish UI
– retina graphics

PDF Reader 6 Premium

PDF Reader 6 Premium_DailyAppShow

PDF Reader 6 Premium, a full-fledged PDF app with solid viewing, editing, sharing and managing capabilities, makes it possible for anyone to handle various daily tasks on iPhone or iPad. PDF Reader 6 Premium is your best choice for interacting with PDFs anytime, anywhere.

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-iOS 8 Specials
• iCloud Drive – access your files stored in iCloud on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac or PC via iCloud Drive.
• Document Picker – get and share documents between apps using Document Picker
• Touch ID – secure private folder with your fingerprint (Made for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus devices running iOS 8)
• Image detection – recognize rectangles in your scans for adjustment
• Photo extension – transfer images from your Photo Library and convert to one PDF

Voice Reader (Text-To-Speech, TTS)
• Ability to adjust the TTS voice speed
• Continuous/Discrete reading mode
• Support a total of 36 voices for 26 languages

File Manger & Viewing Mode
• Fast and stable rendering performance
• Display video/audio files in PDFs.

Document Scanner
• Continuous scan & image adjustments
• Export scanned images as PDFs

File Annotation, Markups & Form Filling
• Text highlights & markups, sticky notes, text boxes, freehand drawings, shapes, etc
• Sound notes supported
• Send/Create flatten copies
• Insert images/hyperlinks to a PDF
• PDF signature & form filling

Page Editing
• Rotate/Rearrange/Extract/ Add/Delete PDF pages
• BOTA list – displays a summary of all annotations applied to the PDF file
• Export all annotations via email

File Transfer & Backup
• Full integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Evernote, MyDisk, SugarSync, and Box
• FTP and WebDAV client support
• File Backup: WiFi, iTunes USB and Open-in feature

Kdan Creative Cloud – Sign up for FREE
• Sign up now and get 500 MB of free space on Kdan Cloud!
• Subscribe to our premium cloud services and enjoy more advanced tools that optimize your productivity!

Subscription plans:
• Kdan cloud: $2.99/month or $9.99/year
• Kdan Deluxe Business Pack: $5.99/month or $29.99/year

Hostelworld – Hostels and Budget Travel


Book Hostels quickly, efficiently and effortlessly whilst on the move with the best cheap accommodation travel app from Hostelworld, the number one website for backpackers and independent travellers.

The Hostelworld app is a secure way to book an affordable place to stay on the move, whether that’s budget accommodation before a trip or last-minute youth hostels and cheap hotels in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Europe and worldwide.

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How the App Works:
1. Find: Search and book youth hostels safely on your mobile by city and date in under a minute.
2. Record: Keep tabs on all of your future & past bookings, credits cards and payment details.
3. Assure: Guaranteed last minute bookings for hassle free travels

Why use Hostelworld
– An easy and intuitive interface to find hostels worldwide
– A broad selection of youth hostels, B&Bs and budget accommodation to choose from
– Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, and Brazilian Portuguese.
– Read 3.5 million traveller reviews, competitive prices, pictures, maps and more!

Start your travel adventure and download the Hostelworld travel app now!

Three Little Pigs, Read & Play


Who does not know the tale of the Three Little Pigs? You may have watched cartoons or read books about them, but HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED? While you are reading this interactive book to your son or daughter, they will become absorbed in its action and live through all the adventures first hand. All heroes of the tale, and even inanimate objects, such as an apple tree or a house, will come to life with the touch of your child’s finger.

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When Niff-Niff and Nuff-Nuff would rather play in the yard than build a house, the evil Wolf thinks he will have a chance to treat himself to fresh pork. But there is no way he will succeed! Your child knows that a safe shelter will save the pigs from any enemy, and even the fierce cold of winter. This is why your child will help Naff-Naff to build a sturdy house step by step, to protect them from the elements and the hunger of the Wolf. What are you going to do now, Wolf? Know your place!

This app does not display third party ads, and does not collect personal data.

Bundle – Terrific Access To The News, Articles and Magazines


Bundle is your new personal app that lets you follow any news from the most popular news sources to find out technology, travel, business, sports or breaking news around the World. You can read any news easily by using Bundle’s neat, typographic interface and have an exceptional reading experience in every moment you are using Bundle.

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• Reach the most popular RSS news feeds by using Bundle in variety of categories with an extraordinary reading pleasure. Easily find out the latest news under the titles of business, entertainment, travel, sports, technology, design, movies, magazines and much more.

• Get what you need – As you travel to different countries, Bundle suggests you the most related news sources by your location. You can create your own news Timeline under myBundle by selecting and adding the news sources or suggestions.

• Latest stories – Bundle uses a Time Management feature to deliver the latest stories and filter only the news in last 15-30-60 or 180… mins.

• Make it Personal – You can read only the news you like to read by Smart Filter feature. Just select any category and see the related news or simply mark any news you want to follow and view them under the MY BUNDLE menu to read them later.

• Enhanced search – Bundle’s search function brings you any result comes out by your key words in a few seconds. You can search among all the news, titles, columnists and more…

• Share your feelings – Bundle offers you an interactive news reading experience by let you to like, dislike or share any news you would like to.

Life Locket


Every parent knows that the wonder of childhood is in the details – pictures capture much of this wonder but a child’s sayings, favorite colors, best friends or the name of the book you read to them over and over and over are a huge part of the story. But photos are missed and details are forgotten. Locket changes this and ensure you spend less time agonizing over the making your photo albums and more time making them.

We’re here to reassure you that with Locket, the best of the best will not be forgotten.

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Locket is composed of 3 major capabilities:

Our question prompting technology unlocks the simplicity behind our framework. It’s the guts of what makes our App unique as it drives the auto curation of rich, shareable content like video montages, e-timelines and photobooks.

The full spirit of a child is not captured with just pictures. That’s why we’ve included audio, video, photo and a little thing called “Snips” for you to capture your child’s life in the full 360 glory that it deserves.

These are the little things that we as parents, just don’t have room in our brains to remember. What their room looked like, what they sounded like when they first started to read, what their favorite movie was, who their best friend was in JK…. These are what we like to call the little “snips” of your child’s life, and we think that they are just as important as all those big “first” moments.

Super Lock Screen


Super Lock Screen is designed to help you create a customized lock screen wallpapers from your photos. Free download. Extremely easy to use. Make you lock screen personalized and awesome. No boring lock screen of background anymore!

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Lots of frames and 20 shapes to choose
Change the background color in any color you like.
You can choose from 60 themes.



FormattVideo – Live Video Camera Filters and Effects by Formatt Hitech with over 100+ Live filters – FormattVideo from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Turn your iPhone and iPad into a professional style Video camera with DSLR / Broadcast style filters and effects, LIVE, as you shoot video.

FormattVideo enhances the video capabilities of your iPhone and iPad by allowing the use of professional quality exposure adjustments, neutral density filters, graduated filters, color filters, true black & white and special effects filters during the filming process.

FormattVideo works in real-time, just as you would experience when shooting with a DSLR / Video style camera. Select your filter, adjust the exposure, adjust the density, set your horizon point, set your focus and shoot – all with a few taps on your screen.

Filters are applied live during video capture so you know that you are applying filters and effects that work as you expect – with your shooting situation. All done with our simple and intuitive interface.

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Over 100+ LIVE filters

25 Neutral Density filters with multiple density stops and settings
42×3 Color filters (with 3 stops/density settings for each)
10 True Black & White filters
10 Effects filters
10 PopArt filters
10 Specialty filters
10 Retro (Vintage) filters
10 Portrait filters

Neutral Density filters
Multiple density settings for dozens of filters
True Black & White filters
Elegant exposure control
Graduated filters for photos in difficult lighting situations
Custom Copyright watermarking option
Live, real-time filters
Color and True Black & White mode
Focus Lock, Exposure Lock, Stabilizer, AWB and more.
Camera flash Torch light mode for constant lighting effects
Remember your “Last Filter” used
Save video in any of 4 sizes: 360p, 480p, 720p to Original HD capture at 1080p!
Optimized for iPhone 5+ and iPad Mini.
Advanced social media integration with our “Instant Upload” to Facebook, Twitter and any of your installed Social Network apps!