Best Biking Roads


Looking for new places to go on your bike?
Or are you on a trip and want to find great motorcycling roads near to you? Look no further.
The app is the latest extension of the webs largest motorcycle touring resource. Benefit from the experience of over 11000 motorcyclists from all over the world who have added their favourite roads and reviewed those of others.
Add your favourite roads and contribute to the community, search for a road, look up roads and routes in new areas for trip planning or weekend rides.

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Schoolhouse s the ONLY App to provide Math, Spelling, Time, US Currency and Site Word combined flash card study tools using your iPhone or iPod touch. Schoolhouse, offers a great learning experience for your child at home, or on the go, for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Use Schoolhouse to keep your kids sharp on their Math Facts, Spelling, Time, US Currency and Site Words through the summer break.

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Hide & Seek + Tag


Hide & Seek + Tag is a multiplayer game. It combines two classic games – “Hide & Seek” and “Tag” on your iPod Touch or iPhone! One person will be chosen to be “it” by the app. After that person chooses more game settings, they close his or her eyes and wait for the other players to hide. Once everyone is hidden, the player who is “it” begins to search for the other players. The players who are hidden can move at any time but will need to be careful to keep a virtual ball in a virtual bowl. If the ball rolls out of the bowl for any reason, that player is “knocked out” of the game. This will most likely happen when the person who is “it” begins to chase other players much like the classic game of Tag. Hide & Seek + Tag continues until the player who is “it” knocks out all the other players or if the game timer runs out. When the game timer does run out, the winner(s) are those players who show the player who is “it” their winning screen. If no one can do this, the player who is “it” is the winner.

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