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Since the advent of the app revolution, the DailyAppShow, a popular video podcast, has allowed an eager public to view demonstrations and reviews of the newest and hottest apps on their computers. However, with today’s release of the DailyAppShow App from Jerad Hill Studios, app developers and customers can connect with one another on their favorite mobile devices for the first time.

Pricing: The DailyAppShow App is a free download.
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Calory Guard 2


Losing weight was never so easy! With CaloryGuard 2 you can now even easier reduce your weight or hold it. Now with Withings scale integration! CaloryGuard is the VERY FIRST 3rd party iPhone application with Withings scale integration (wifi enabled scale). Synchronize your weight fully automated to our app!

iPhone Version: Calory Guard 2

Price: $3.99
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iPad Version: Calory Guard HD

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Park Rush HD


Park Rush is a time-management game that puts the player in the shoes of a parking lot operator. The player must park cars according to how long customer’s plan to stay so they can quickly and efficiently be retrieved. The more efficient you are, the more points you get, and the more challenging your game will progressively become!

Price: $2.99
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Are You Fit


ARE YOU FIT? If you are on a night out or just at home with your friends this app will be the funniest app you download ever, it will make you laugh until you cry; the funniest app ever. You can leave it up to the app to decide if your friends, family members or strangers are fit or you can cheat and make the app come back with the result you want! Everyone should have this app you can even test it on yourself!!

Price: Free
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