Mr. Painter

Welcome to Mr. Painter’s world. Help Jepegüí Painter to discover who he is along the 3 game worlds. His diary is the key. Help Mr. Painter along the 3 different worlds. They all have their different quirks and patterns. Find out who Mr. Painter is unlocking all the pages of his diary.

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Do not miss the updates of the game. There will be new things to play such as new worlds, Power Ups, lives… will be available.

There are more than 1500 patterns to unlock (the most insane and craziest patterns you have ever seen).

Power Ups
Use the power ups in the game to have advantages in the difficult levels to make patterns easily. Power Ups will let you see what the next pattern is.

Endless Mode
Unlock the endless mode in each of the worlds in order to improve the scores of your friends.

Discover the secrets of the game. (We warn you that the game has many and very curious).

Top 10 Classic Children’s Stories

With Top 10 Classic Children’s Stories, your child will be transported to far-away lands. You have the flexibility to either read the engaging stories yourself, or use the ‘Read It To Me’ function. This allows your children to listen to the entertaining stories, while reading along, or looking at the bright and detailed hand-drawn illustrations.

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Each story has been thoughtfully retold by renowned author Ken Spillman. The wording used has been carefully vetted by a qualified child educator, to help develop your child’s vocabulary.

The classic stories included are:
– Red Riding Hood
– Cinderella
– Hansel and Gretel
– Goldilocks and the Three Bears
– The Three Little Pigs
– Jack and the Beanstalk
– Beauty and the Beast
– Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
– Sleeping Beauty
– The Ugly Duckling



Swiggle is the compelling new game of linking lines that swiggle and tiles that wiggle, where players score points by connecting the swiggly lines on the tile game pieces. Players can play against friends or random opponents, or play in single player mode against the Swiggle Bot. Swiggle plays like other popular tile games, but instead of using letter tiles to form words, players use the tiles to form long looping lines, making Swiggle a truly international game.

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Swiggle Features:
• Connect the swiggly lines on game pieces to score points
• Place tiles on bonus squares to multiply points
• Double your score for your turn with the 2X multiplier
• Peek ahead to see which game pieces will be served next
• Automatically share your wins on Facebook
• Play friends from Facebook, your contact list or random opponents
• Play single player mode against the Swiggle Bot
• Pass and play mode allows two players to play on one device
• In-game chat to chat with your opponent
• Push notifications with custom Swiggle notification sound
• Easy sign in with email or Facebook
• Tap feature to nudge your opponent to play faster
• Your games follow you on any of your devices
• Share on Facebook, Twitter, text and email

Swiggle is an addictive light strategy game that is easy to learn, yet provides advanced players the opportunity for a highly challenging game experience. Play it hard or play for fun; you choose how you want to play the game. Swiggle will connect you with other players on your level. It’s perfect for players of any age and any language.

Swiggle is an app that will excite spellers and non-spellers alike. To play, players alternate placing different valued tiles onto the game board to form long swiggly lines and score points. The players can score even more points by placing tiles on the bonus squares which multiply the value of the tile by as much as six times.

There are two enhanced play options available as in-app purchases: the “2X” multiplier, which doubles the score on one turn, and the “Peek” option, that allows the player to “look into the future” and see what replacement tiles are coming up next for both players.

Connect through Facebook or just sign in. Play against friends across the world, or in the same room using the “Pass and Play” option. Solo play is also available, letting players challenge the “Swiggle Bot”. Because there are no language barriers, the app can be played by and against anyone anywhere in the world.

SKIT! – Share Fun Animated Stories With Friends!

SKIT! is the fun way to create and share animated video messages with the community. Easily make fun animated videos from your vibrant photos, and decorate with crazy outfits, stickers, filters, and more! Better than gif, you can animate and share stories and memes with the community.

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Here’s what you can do:

– Import your vibrant photos and Facebook friends like a scrapbook
– Dress friends up in fun outfits like a meme, and animate to add motion.

– Decorate with over 1000 vibrant stickers, clips, characters, and props
– Animate easily with your finger and use your voice to for the storytelling.

– Get started instantly with the StoryStarter Wizard, making it easy to tell vibrant stories
– Or remix someone else’s Skit clips – make memes and share videos: better than gifs!

– Add custom text with great fonts and unlimited vibrant colors.
– Or, make a drawing in the draw tool using our new brush collection- draw on pictures too.

– Share your Skit Video clips via text (SMS), Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, and with the community.
– You can create and share as many clips and memes and animations as much as you want — it’s all Free! Storytelling with our vibrant community is easy, fast and fun.

Come Join the creative community — follow, like, comment, and even REMIX other people’s Skits. SKIT! let’s everyone be creative and do scrapbook meme storytelling together.

Snow Queen – Animated Story


Let us introduce the new birth of the immortal fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. By reading or listening to the interactive audiobook, your child will take part in its intriguing action. Kids will love and rescue, fight and win, side by side with the story’s heroes.

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When a piece of a cursed mirror falls into Kay’s eye, his young heart becomes frozen. To rescue the boy from the evil magic of the Snow Queen, your child will have to overcome many obstacles, travel alongside Gerda, and show bravery, savvy, and kindness. Your child will meet the Little Robber Girl, the Princess, and the Reindeer. With their help, they will collect all the pieces of ill-fated mirror to eliminate evil forever. People, animals, birds, and even clouds will become real from the moment your child touches them. Logs in the fire place will crackle cosily, cats will meow, playful horses will neigh, and even windows steamed from frost will become clear with the tap of a finger. Everything comes to life!

Hellraid: The Escape

Hellraid: The Escape is a visually stunning action-adventure game with free updates, no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements! Challenging puzzles, free exploration of the game’s world, and demons fought with brains instead of weapons make Hellraid: The Escape an exciting experience unlike any other in the App Store! In Hellraid: The Escape, a sorcerer obsessed with dark arts has trapped your soul in a magic prison guarded by demonic creatures. Why are you there? Who are you and why can’t you remember your name? To find the answers, you must first escape from this dimension of agony hung somewhere beyond time.

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This game runs on the latest version of the Unreal® Engine 3 technology.

Hellraid: The Escape has been developed by Shortbreak Studios in cooperation with Techland, the creators of the Dead Island and the Call of Juarez series.

Key Features:

Challenging puzzles – every single puzzle is a fresh and unique experience
Fight demons with your brains, not weapons
Mysterious story set in the dark fantasy universe of Hellraid
Free exploration and intuitive controls
Graphics of PC and console quality
Full Retina support with flawless frame rate
TV display via HDMI and AirPlay
Universal App – pay once and play the game on all your iDevices
Free updates, no In-App purchases or pay-to-win elements



What if your favorite word-spelling and block-dropping games got together to create the ultimate word-making, clock-racing, letters-piling-up game? It’d be called Wordrop. And you’d love it.

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Things To Love
• Try to beat level 20 in Classic Mode, and use earned bombs to save the day.
• Take your time and try to play all the letters in Puzzle Mode.
• Survive as long as you can in Endurance Mode.
• Play against the clock in Race Mode.
• Challenge your friends, post high scores, and earn achievements in GameCenter.
• Exercise your brain and spell words from the available letters.
• Earn more points by completing longer words.
• Helpful tips and game advice.
• Customizable options including upper/lower case and color theme.

Mail1Click – Secure Mail

Mail1Click is a free a secure mail service that uses strong encryption to keep your communications safe. It uses asymmetric encryption by Rsa keys long 4096 bit sending emails, it signs and encrypts the email automatically. You can send encrypted message to any normal email address, you can receive encrypted email from any Mail1Click users and you can receive email from any normal email address. All emails with files attached are stored fully encrypted by AES 256. You can access your encrypted mailbox using your device or by the web mail interface available at:

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Mail1click is very easy to use, you can activate your account in only one click and it’s completely free up to 25 MB of space used. You can increase the usable space to 10 gigabytes for a monthly fee of 2.99$, using the in-app purchase option.

The subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at lease 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours priors the end of the current
period, and identify the cost of the renewal. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Term of use:

Privacy Policy:


SuperPlayPost ™ is the best all in one Video and Photo editing & Stitch tool that delivers you a full suite of customable options to build unbelievable video collages for Instagram, Facebook, youtube and other social networks. Only this app support to output lossless photo, and Full HD 1080p, 1440×1440, 1706×1280 video with six videos input, animated text/logo, and unlimited audio/music, photo.

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◉ Features Include

- Add up to 6 videos per project. And:
◎ 6 different ratio sizes

◎ 60 awesome adjustable frames
 to layout video, photo, text, logo, and music
◎ 400 pattern images stunning background patterns

◎ 36 Image filters
◎ 64 video filters

- Add music to your video collage from your iPod library.
– Allow Many music songs, include audio recorded from mic. Allow to mix many music input as DJ Kit
– Video limit to 15 mins optional. Great feature for the Youtube community.
– Add music to a static image(s). You can send awesome digital birthday or greeting cards.

– Add text, logo overlay to video intuitively
– Text with configurable font/size/color easily
– Timeline control allow to adjust the time when to show/hide text logo or play/end video/music intuitively
– Trim the segment of the video or song you want to import.
– Simple user interface. Easily navigate through the customization tools.
– Share your project on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Email and MMS
– Allow to manage list of exported video to do later (as merge all exported to one, share again, …)
– Very quickly to import audio/video/photo and sharing
– Placement & adjustment designed and optimized for small screen.

- Supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

– Adjust placement with easy drag and drop.

– Support free (any angle) rotation of image or video inside each frame.

– Change border width and add rounded edges.
– Add GIF File supported
– High resolution, lossless image outputs

◎ 3264 height with 6 ratio (max: 5802×3264) (iPhone 5, 4S & iPad 3/4) 
◎ 2592×2592 (iPhone 4 & iPad 2)
◎ 2048×2048 (iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch)

– Video Resolutions

◎ Full 30 fps
◎ 1440×1440 (1:1), 1280p with 5 ratio (max 1706×1280 at 4:3 ratio), 1080p with 6 ratio (include 1920×1080 for 16:9 ratio) iPhone 5, 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3
◎ 960×960 (1:1), 640×960 (2:3), 720×960 (3:4), 1280×720 (16:9). iPhone 4

– Share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Youtube, and MMS

◉ Cool Featues
– Fulltime timeline manager to adjust start/end time for photo,text,video,music.
– Import video & cut out unwanted segment quickly, no waiting time
– Apply video effect quickly, (Zero time waiting, other app require 60 minutes for six 10 minutes video)
– Unlimited video length
– Stop while exporting, so you can create 10s, 20s, … 15 min video
– 64 video effects, 36 filter for photo
– Output video list manager
– Unlimited audio music, timeline to adjust start/end time to play
– Animated title, logo, overlay photo
– Support slideshow builder for each square in frame (only)
– Lossless Pic frame export & share
– Slow motion & Fast motion adjustable
– Keep video quality input and output high quality video as 1080p, 1440p
– Allow loop video, audio file music
– This app waste no space. While other app need free 3G Bytes to import 6 videos
– This app have time line to select start/end time to play video/audio segment.
– This app apply video effect at once.

Tweetary – Your Personal Twitter Diary


Tweetary is a full twitter client that lets you archive and annotate important tweets on your timeline. With our unique smart collections feature, you can organize your tweets into collections that automatically archive tweets that match your interests. All you have to do is define a few keywords and hashtags and sit back while tweetary automatically populates the collection with tweets that match your interests.

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

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Brief Highlights:
*Completely redesigned for iOS 7.
*beautiful & fast twitter client for your iPhone & iPad.
*tweetary allows you to save your tweets and organize them into smart collections.
*Once your tweets are archived you can express yourself by privately annotating them as well.Adding as much extra text & images as you want, and all of this is kept private and offline in your twitter diary.
*Amazing pack of 6 stunning infographics that help you gain insights on how you and other twitter users use twitter.
*Smart collections allow you to automatically archive tweets that match your interests.
*Custom timeline filters allow you to sort and organize your timeline in amazing ways. You can group your timeline tweets by screen names, filter out tweets that contain images and links,
or even reverse your entire timeline, so your tweets load from the bottom down, allowing you to read conversations naturally as they evolve.
*tweetary makes full use of icloud,which means your diary and smart collections are synced across ALL your apple devices.
*tweetary takes advantage of iOS7 background app updates. This means your timeline and smart collections are updated even when tweetary
is not in use. Now thats awesome!
*integrated infographics on user profiles for quick access to their statistics such as user online behavior and much much more

*Unread indicators for tweets
*Discussion views for threads of tweets and direct messages as well as showing global twitter reactions to a tweet.
*Bookmark support for Instapaper and pocket for url web links
*Swipe gestures for quick archiving and tweet replying straight from your timeline.
*Attach location on tweets