Tripbook – Photo Travel Scrapbook

Tripbook is a simple way to showcase your photos in a digital scrapbook. Keep your travel experiences grouped together, while easily sharing them with friends and family. Photo sharing should be fun and exciting, so edit your photos with stickers, frames, filters, collages, and more! You can also tripbook older trips by uploading photos to your iPad via SD cards, camera USB, iPhone pics into photo stream.

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+Enter your trip dates and Tripbook will automatically select photos within that date range.
+Select photos to add and then filter, add stickers, frames and more!
+Create photo collages
+Select a background theme
+Share Tripbook via Facebook and/or e-mail


Tap, slide, and flip your way to success with these brain-busting animated puzzles! Simple and easy to learn but a lifetime to master; Welcome to the world of Puzzlesque- a fun and addictive sliding puzzle game using animated pictures for the whole family!

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Brave the mind-bending illusions, analyze the movement patterns, and use​ logic to discover the elegant solutions to complete each animated jigsaw puzzle. Even the best of brains will be challenged as they click, slide, and flip that last block into place and revel in the accomplishment.

Experience animated puzzles with three different ways to increase the difficulty. You will never be bored again! These beautiful and relaxing puzzles are available in a variety of themes including the daring “Warped Worlds,” the Escher inspired “Classic Conundrums,” and the geektastic “Furious Fractals.” Try the soothing zen tones of the puzzle collections based on seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

All puzzles can be adjusted in difficulty. Start easy, and gradually utilize flipping pieces, rotating pieces, and puzzle sizes to progressively increase the difficulty. We can’t guarantee you won’t want to fling your phone across the room at the hardest level!

Available now on iOS devices!
Brought to you by Exalt Games.

Full Tilt Poker.NET

The best online poker experience. Tailored for mobile. Download the Full Tilt Poker app and play Full Tilt Poker games on your iOS device for free. You can access Full Tilt Poker from any device with iOS 6.0 or higher. Full Tilt is only for play-money players 18 years old and up.

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• Choose Rush Poker, Adrenaline Rush or Ring Game tables
• Play No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha
• Play at a wide range of stake levels
• Buy Play Chip bundles and become an instant high roller
• Our game lobby has been fully optimized for mobile devices
• Log in using your existing Full Tilt Player ID and Password or create an account if you’re a new player

Please visit our website for more information on Full Tilt

Experience the world’s fastest poker games – download the Full Tilt Poker app now!



Full Tilt is a fun, safe place to play poker. We’re proud to provide players with the best mobile software available, boasting innovative features and regular improvements.

Full Tilt is part of the Rational Group, one of the largest and most respected online gaming companies in the world, which prides itself on providing the most secure environment possible for playing online. Full Tilt offers the best in online gaming: a wide variety of exciting games and 24/7 customer support.

Dressapp – Fancy Styles and Looks


Dressapp provides users with personalized looks and offers an opportunity to buy original clothing items as well as similar pieces in top online stores. Draw inspiration from trendy looks and don’t stop updating your style with new gorgeous pieces. Dressapp is a must-have for fashionistas all over the world.

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Browse lots of hot looks selected by your own personal stylists.

Buy favorite pieces from the top online stores.

Save your favorite pieces for later and we will notify you about discounts and sales.

Simply “like” you favorite pieces.

Share your liked looks and pieces with friends to boast or ask for advice.

App benefits:
– Personal selection of looks
– Original pieces and inspired-by products for different price ranges
– Trusted online purchasing from your favorite stores including:

– Forever21
– Nastygal
– Gap
– Zara
– Mango

and 138 more!

Download Dressapp for free today on the iPad!

Mobile Wine Deals

The Mobile Wine Deals app empowers merchants to deliver great wine deals to their customers, on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. At the same time the app enables consumers to decide which favorite merchants they want to receive wine deals from.

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The vision of the Mobile Wine Deals app is to help strengthen the relationship between wine merchants and their customers and replace the concept of loyalty to discounts to one which is based by loyalty to merchants who deliver great value backed by solid customer service.

The service will launch in the Washington DC Metro area, and then roll out across the nation.

iMindQ (Mind Mapping) – Brainstorming App


iMindQ is a premier mind mapping solution that inspires creativity, stimulates thinking and brainstorming, provokes innovation, enables visualizing of ideas, initiates project planning, conceptualization and modeling of processes.

With a smooth and flexible user interface, iMindQ offers a virtual white board space where you can utilize an organic and intuitive mind mapping experience to organize and present your thoughts and ideas using a mind map, concept map, flowcharts, diagrams and much more.

Mac App Demo

iPad App Demo

Download iMindQ (Mind Mapping) – Brainstorming App on the Mac App Store
Download iMindQ (Mind Mapping) – Brainstorming App on the App Store
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You can use iMindQ to:

• Brainstorming effectively
• Inspire creativity
• Capture, Explore and Present ideas visually
• Visualize strategic options
• Manage information overload
• Explain complex ideas
• Keep meeting notes organized
• Turn concepts to action plans
• Initiate project planning

Here are some of the Key features included:

• Create Organic Mind Maps, Concept Maps, Flowcharts and other types of diagrams (UML diagram)
• Wide range of Icons, images, shapes, patterns and backgrounds
• Advanced Map elements (rich text notes, callouts, boundaries, spectral ties)
• Drag & Drop library items and Map Parts
• Quick topic menu for faster map creation (add topic, add relationship, format topic)
• Key Topic Properties:
– Horizontal and Vertical topic spacing;
– Topic alignment;
– Topic adjustments (bring to front, send to back);
– Same size to topic (same width and height);
•Presentation mode
•Automatically build map using an integrated Web Browser
•Import and Export to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project
•Export Map as:
– .pdf file
– image
– HTML file
– WBS content as CSV file
•Project Management functionality:
– Create Project task and summery task
– Insert project milestones
– Customizable Gantt Table, interactive Gantt Chart View and
– Outline view, WBS Chart view
– Task dependencies, constraints and duration
– Project Statistic and Project Outline
– Print preview and print Gantt Chart view

This mind mapping solution lets you encourage your originality and accumulate innovative ideas, easily sharing them with others in a visually stimulating and understandable format.


Feed2Go is a free app, by which you can easily collect and evaluate significant feedback directly in your iPad at every opportunity.

Download Feed2Go iPad App
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For you, if you…
+ want to get fast & simple feedback saving resources
+ want to promote your business and yourself:
* recognizing, improving and reinforcing your strengths & potential
* catching complaints, before they propagate
* knowing how you target group thinks, feels & acts
* triggering impetus and activating proponents


Immediately – for everyone – always & everywhere
+ full functionality always mobile available
+ no internet connection needed and no online account needed (log-in)
+ for every person & opportunity: directly from your interlocutor, groups or kiosk, for every age group also without affinity to mobile devices, external & internal – for all stakeholders (interested parties, customers, employees, etc.)
+ professional templates in three languages (DE/EN/ES)

For representative response
+ all questions on one attractive page
+ integrated feedback dimensions: ratings, relevance, selection and free texts as well as emotions (sense of well being, interest, attention, trust, loyalty)
+ Multilingualism (respondent language if needed extensible)

Better understanding of target groups
+ Tailor-made questions “close to the action” (point of experience/touchpoint)
+ focus question, to highlight the most relevant question for your success
+ automatic add-ons for personal data information (gender, age, favorite product, reason for choice, etc.)

Perfect planning, control, evaluation & security
+ instant results overview and complaints alert in results dashboard
+ export functionality, to integrate the results in your own counting systems
+ activation of selective agreement for assigned questionnaires
+ “terminate” function for all questionnaires
+ definition of individual passcodes & gestures for the top security of your iPads

Become everyones favorite
+ thank you page for your advertising message and as image booster
+ pin it as leaflet for current messages/actions
+ (social) sharing function to share interesting results & answers with your target groups


At every point of experience (touchpoints)
– after information meetings and consultation
– after team meetings, conferences, appointments
– at trade stands or information stands
– at tastings, test runs, test drive
– in exhibitions, performances, tours
– at lectures, trainings, seminars, workshops
– in events

Ad hoc
– atmospheric pictures: spontaneous individual or group surveys
– selective determination of relevance or demand
– accented quality measurement as part of quality management
– decision support regarding planned new products/services/projects
– evaluation of efficacies and level of achievement of objectives

For focused themes
– online appearance & activities
– product presentation
– sales representatives & sales
– complaint management system
– complaints, exchange & returns
– actions & sales
– wishes & ideas
– job interviews

Super Robot Bubble Pop! Free


Super Robot Bubble Pop! is an action/arcade survival game featuring endless waves of invading alien bubbles. Use your Robot to fight them off as they rain down in increasing waves of difficulty. Watch for supply drops to help you in the midst of battle. How long can you hold off the invading forces?

Download Super Robot Bubble Pop! Free on the App Store
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Upgrade your Robot – Increase the strength of your speed thrusters, weapon tech, and battery to give yourself an edge over the enemy.
Collect powerful in-game power-ups like the Time Freeze, ScatterShot, Mega-Bomb, Auto-Sentry, and Heat Seeking Fists!

PDF Reader – Annotate, Scan, Fill Forms and Take Notes

PDF Reader is not just a file viewer. With PDF Reader’s powerful annotation and editing features, you can be as efficient on the road as you were in front of a computer! Form filling, contract signing, free handwriting, text box, highlighting, sticky notes, stamp tools, we take care of all that!

Download PDF Reader – Annotate, Scan, Fill Forms and Take Notes on the App Store
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File management is no longer a hassle! PDF Reader is sophisticated yet easy to use. There’s more! PDF Reader enables you to view just about anything – PDFs, MS Office documents, iWork files, ePubs, and comic books!

PDF Reader upgrades your iPad to enhance your productivity!

***********Widely Recognized by iTunes Store & Media***********
+ Featured as “10 Essentials” in Utility category on iTunes
+ Featured in iTunes “Best of 2012 – Top Paid Apps” in Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many others
+ Hand-picked by Apple as a Staff Favorite app in the App Store
+ Featured as the best app in the Utility Category of App Store Rewind 2011
+ Best Ranking Records:
Utility: #4 in USA; Top 30 in UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Spain and more

+ Simple and intuitive interface that makes navigation a child’s play
+ Scroll through pages effortlessly even when viewing larger files
+ Support all mainstream file formats
+ View PDFs in pure text mode
+ Extract text directly from PDFs
+ View B/O/T (Bookmark, Outline, Thumbnail)
+ Text Reflow & Auto Flow

+ Highlight, underline, squiggly and strikeout text directly with your finger
+ Add sticky notes to jot down comments, questions, or feedback
+ Stamp Tool – a simple way to indicate the status of a file
+ Type on PDFs – Typewriter text boxes supported

+ Download forms, contracts, and important documents through the built-in browser
+PDF Flatten Tools supported – Email out annotation & PDF forms flattened copies
+ Fill PDF forms
+ Send filled forms via Email
+ Sign documents with the freehand writing feature

+ File sync & online backup with iCloud
+ Wireless transfer via Wi-Fi
+ Download files from any website
+ Upload or download files through Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Google Drive,, and SugarSync, and
+ FTP client support
+ Cooperate with your team – WebDAV client and server support

+ Save documents, receipts, boards, business cards, notes, etc. Scan almost anything through camera
+ Efficiently scan documents and store, print, or email them as multipage PDFs or JPEGs
+ Import images from Photo Library
+ Manipulate image quality by adjusting exposure, B&W, and cropping
+ Scanner Setting (title, password, page size, layout, margins, page number)

+ Zip/Rar file support
+ Open-in mainstream file formats
+ Full text search
+ Air Print – Print your documents wirelessly
+ Airplay support

Hoopla Gems


Hoopla Brothers + Polyomino Shapes + Match 2 Puzzles = Unlimited FUN Match the correct colour with their gems & remove as many shapes as possible to score huge. Get rewarded with AMAZING POWERS & use them to turn your luck into your ally.

Download Hoopla Gems from the App Store
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Hoopla Gems is a unique puzzle game, featuring 20 LEVELS and 60 MISSIONS where the objective is to match the right colour with their shapes. Remove as many shapes as possible with a single move. The shapes keep moving down on every turn and all you have to do is stop them from filling up the whole screen.

Strategize every move depending on the position of the different shapes. Get rewarded with amazing POWERS like Masterstroke, Antigravity, Reshuffle and Bonanza & use them judiciously at the right time to tilt the balance of power.

Highlights of the game:

• Novel game mechanics bringing together the best of polyomino shapes and match 2 puzzle mechanics.
• 60 missions of different variety spread over 20 levels to keep it fun and engaging.
• Never a dull moment. Hoopla & Poopla are always at the task of keeping it interesting.
• Constant rewards in terms of MULTIPLIERS and powers.
• Compete and share with your friends in this socially adept game.
• Intuitive User Interface designed to keep your experience smooth.