Surf the universe of video games in the palm of your hand with iGames. iGames is the only app a gamer needs. It features over 20,000 games for every console – from Atari to PS4. You’ll find your favorite games from your childhood as well the latest upcoming games.

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iGames makes it easy to:
– View video game trailers, see screenshots, read overviews and more for over 20,000 video game titles
– Stay up to date with Trending Games to see what’s popular
– Check out ratings of video games and rate them yourself
– Discover newly released games that you may never have heard of before
– Keep track of games you want to keep an eye on with the “Watch” feature
– Add release dates of video games to your calendar right through the app to remind you to buy/pick up a game
– Share the latest games with your friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter

Pixit Chat


Pixit shows awesome GIFs as you type your text. These are custom-tailored to what you type, so you just need to pick the one GIF you liked the most. You can also zoom-in on any word to get very specific GIFs and add some hidden meaning to your texts. You can chat one on one, but it’s even better to have fun in a group chat. You can add as many people as you want to your Pixit group chats. Texting with emoji is so 90s! Welcome to the new world of GIF communication! Adding GIFs to your messages is now so easy you can actually TALK IN GIF!

iPhone App Demo

Android App Demo

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*** Why people love Pixit ***
“it’s like if tumblr created a messenger app. so cool!!!”
“I can’t stop looking at these gifs, I’ll never be bored again!”

COOLER THAN TEXTING – Each of your messages can now come with an awesome GIF. Make your texts stand out!
MORE FUN THAN EMOJI – Does your emoji pack have 72 different types of cats? Pixit does! And so much more!
BETTER THAN MESSAGING – Stop writing complex texts to express yourself. A GIF is worth like a million words!

PicSo – Pic Something

There are no apps like this on the app store. You have never played something like this. Take a picture, edit it if you want and challenge friends or players around the world. Ask questions about your picture.

For example you took a picture of you doing face from a movie. You can send that picture asking what is the movie.
You can also enter hints. Every time a player fails to answer you earn a point. If the player answer is right they earn a point.
It is a never ending fun.

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Sweetest Sin

What happens when you find a love that consumes you? Not only does it takeover your body, mind, and soul but it imprints itself on your heart, igniting hidden desires and temptations that you never knew existed within you.. Combining love with lust, and making you forget everything and anything that existed before it…

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Is this the type of love that is worth risking everything for?
Will you be willing to do anything in order to be with the one you love even if it means crossing over boundaries, forgetting your morals, values, and beliefs along the way?

For Richard, Britney was everything he ever wanted but never had..
What started as a search for an emotional companion was actually the start of a dangerous love affair between two adults that are married to other people.

The story is told from a male’s perspective. It takes you through a journey of how love, lust, and temptation brought Richard, 47, and Britney, 24, together.
How will two spouses living worlds apart end up having a sinful affair? Find out for yourself as you read this short story…

Sweetest Sin consists of three chapters plus an intro. More chapters will be released periodically.
You ratings and reviews would mean a lot to us…

Birthday Hit – Find and Play the Song That Was Number One on Your Birthday!

See which song was Number 1 in the charts on the day you were born, on your 18th birthday or any other significant day in your life! Have loads of fun browsing through old songs and automatically see their music videos on YouTube!

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“Birthday Hit” is pure nostalgia! It enables you to watch the music videos of the number one song on each day since 1950.

Birthday Hit offers a range of special features, including:
– Automatically search the top charts database by date!
– Fully supported background playing! Select YouTube music videos and listen to audio while multitasking on your iDevice!
– Easy retrieval of the lyrics of the current song
– The possibility to share your birthday song on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
– Full screen video mode
– The option to manually select music videos from a list with 1000+ No. 1 videos!
– The freedom to mirror music videos via Apple AirPlay to Apple TV and Chromecast!
– Several options to customize your player, including hiding the status bar and change the background color
– Option to filter explicit content: let your kids use Birthday Hit safely!

DOWNLOAD BIRTHDAY HIT TODAY…and enjoy the feeling of the old days!

Rukkus Tickets: Concerts, Sports & Theatre

Find the best deals on concert, sports, and theater tickets with the Rukkus iPhone app. Discover events happening near you. Rukkus is a free virtual concierge service that searches the entire ticket universe in order to handpick the best deals on tickets to any event. Rukkus recommends events according to your interests so you can specifically track the artists, performers, and teams you love.

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– We scour the entire web and pull tickets across thousands of sites and from our own direct channels to make sure you always get the best deals
– You can discover upcoming events happening near you or in other locations around the world.
– Quick 2-tap purchasing. Save even more time by using our card scanner!
– Receive personalized recommendations on upcoming events
– Stream top tracks and find new artists you’ll love
– Explore and interact with your favorite performers’ social media
– Gain exclusive access to ticket giveaways
– 100% Free
– No hidden fees

Music – Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry, Black Keys, Billy Joel, Skrillex, Arcade Fire, Tyler The Creator, Mayer Hawthorne

Sports – New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Boston Bruins, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Galaxy, Los Angeles Lakers, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Jersey Devils, Orlando Magic

Theater – Wicked, Stomp, Avenue Q, Jersey Boys, The Book of Mormon, Rock of Ages, Mamma Mia, Blue Man Group



Pixeldb is your pocket video game database. Can’t remember who voiced Nathan Drake, the launch games of the GENESIS or you need to find all games taken place in London? All this and a lot of other information is available in Pixeldb.

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Pixeldb is powered by Giantbomb, the largest source for videogames. Search through thousands of games, people, companies, platforms and so much more.

Quick view of all the latests games, with ability to filter the date and release platform.
If you find something you like add it to your “Need-to-Play” list.

Access all the latests game reviews and trailers from Giantbomb.com.

Create your own profile and add your all-time favourite games. Overview of all your played games and lists.

Add games to your own personal diary to keep track of your played games. Specify when you played the game and give it a rating.

Create your own personalised lists of games. List the games you want to play, childhood favourites or maybe the games with the best graphics?

Share the games or other game related content you like with your friends. Connect your Twitter or Facebook profile to get the most out of Pixeldb.

*All content is made available from the great community at Giantbomb.com


Have you ever thought of launching an app with the magic and to find everything that interests you? Now you can navigate through seven different contents without getting lost in screens of your smartphone. Bold graphics bright colours, each with a specific content. This is … Life!

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It was founded with the idea not to lose more time between one application and another. All-in-one, this is the philosophy behind the creative process of an instrument before seeing the light is passed several times under the watchful eyes of our graphic artists and developers. Inside you will find different contents in everyday use: the news of the day, the latest news of your favourite team and the real-time results of football championship “A”, latest news on gossip, daily horoscope, forecast, the affinity of torque and you can download wallpapers for your IPhone.

Life! Your digital life has never been so simple and colourful; your comments are essential to improve the service, please use the appropriate function, which you will find inside the APP; contact us!!!

Life! is available in:


Live City Events Nearby


Stay on top of events! Discover events including details and maps. Filter by category, key words, time, geographically, and new events. Create your own event profiles, favorites and get notifications for events of your interest.

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Never miss events you like !
– entertainment
– business
– cultural
– community
– family
– sports

A growing global database of events is updated daily in every part of the world.

Submit your events with a few button clicks and let people know what’s going on.



Faith.com is already the go-to destination for the internet’s most inspiring and family-friendly videos. Now you can be instantly uplifted anytime, anywhere, with access directly from your smartphone using the Faith.com app.

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– Enjoy fun, inspiring videos
– Watch from anywhere
– Save your favorites
– Share clips with friends
– Scroll and search thousands of videos

From unforgettable stories of grace to cute and cuddly animals, the Faith.com app brings you the best videos from across the web. You’ll discover new ideas and inspiration for fostering faith in your daily life!