Drag Race: RUSH


Drag Race: RUSH puts players in the driver’s seat of some of the most exotic and fastest cars around. Putting players in the streets of Mumbai, London, and Miami, Drag Race: RUSH is one of the most adventurous drag racing games around. Players can upgrade and purchase new vehicles to ensure that they are the ultimate Drag King. Own the streets in Drag Race: RUSH.

The Garage is where your rides will live and where you will do the upgrades to your rides. On the left side of the screen will be a list of upgrades and parts that you can purchase. Each upgrade will be done automatically and will increase the power of your ride. Other aesthetics such as wings, hood scoops, paint, rims, and more can also be purchased for your ride as well. Adding the aesthetics will raise your rides street cred and give you a bit more power as well. Purchasing upgrades will add value to your ride as well, so if you choose to sell it for a better one later on you’ll get back what you put into it. Once your ride is fixed up it’s time to take to the streets.

Racing in Drag Race: RUSH is pure adrenaline fun! Tap on the accelerate button to start revving your engine as the timer counts down. Be sure to keep it in the green to get a perfect shift otherwise you’ll start off behind the other driver. Under-shifting will under power your ride and make you accelerate slower while Over-Revving will cut power to your engine and keep you from getting all of the power out of your engine. Keeping your shifting in the green will boost your ride with each shift ensuring your way to victory. If you’ve added NOS to your ride be sure and use that by tapping and holding down on the NOS button on the left side of the screen. Be careful though, NOS will give you a big boost and can send your RPM’s skyrocketing and can ultimately hurt you as well.

As you advance through each race you will earn money which you can then use to upgrade or purchase new rides. Low level races will yield small rewards while taking down street kings will yield big payouts. After you’ve finished each race in one area you will then unlock the ability to race in a different area. You will start off racing in Mumbai and you’ll make your way to the streets of Miami!

Feel the real adrenaline kick in as the realistic scenery flies by you as you defeat you opponent! Try Drag Race: RUSH for the iPhone and iPad.

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Rooftop Frenzy


Rooftop Frenzy puts players on a mission to rid a city of all evil playing as a stickman Kung Fu master! Running across the urban rooftops players will punch, kick, spin, and jump through all enemies that should oppose them. Collect coins to purchase power-ups for the Kung Fu master to ensure that you complete your mission. Get as far as you can in Rooftop Frenzy, your city depends on it!

Rooftop Frenzy’s gameplay is all gesture driven, you’ll have to swipe across the screen for your Kung Fu master to fight. Swiping up will make the Kung Fu master jump, swiping down will make him slide, swiping right will make him punch, and swiping left will make him kick. You can also combine swipes to do special moves such as swiping down and right will do a drop punch, swiping up and left will do a spin kick, swiping up twice will do a double jump, and double tapping will activate your shield. Some of the enemies you will encounter can only be defeated by the special moves but if you use them on regular enemies you will receive extra points for doing so.

The Store in Rooftop Frenzy is where you can purchase coins to enable you to get some power-ups. The power-ups in Rooftop Frenzy are Double Jump and Shield. The Double Jump will allow the Kung Fu master to jump twice as high as he normally would be able to. This can come in handy when there is a large gap in-between rooftops and you aren’t going to make it. The Shield will protect the master from all dangers for a short amount of time. When the shield is active you won’t need to attack enemies or duck below obstacles. The power-ups will help you ensure that the Kung Fu master defeats as many enemies as possible.

Take down any and all enemies in Rooftop Frenzy. Try Rooftop Frenzy for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Dubai Racing


Build your racing empire with Dubai Racing. In Dubai Racing you are going to battle the speed hungry monsters and fight to dominate the roads of Dubai. Players will create an empire, own the most exotic cars, build the best crews, and own the greatest garages. You will join forces with the most skilled drivers for the most thrilling car battle in Dubai Racing.

The Garage is where you will plan your next moves in Dubai Racing. From the Garage you can upgrade your car, purchase new rides, recruit new drivers, upgrade your mechanic, chat with other users, enter races, and more. This is the heart and soul of your crew, what you do in the garage will resonate on the field when you are racing against other speed demons.

When you’re ready to battle other crews you’ll enter the Race arena where you’ll battle it out for street dominance. Each race has a certain criteria that must be met before you can battle. Often times the criteria could be a specific class of car or driver, the number of vehicles your crew has, or certain skill levels. Each race is typically the same method, collect more cones that your opponent. Sometimes there will be a time limit and other times there will be elimination rounds but the gameplay is fast and exciting.

If you’re wanting to kick it up a notch try the Matchmaking Mode in Dubai Racing. Matchmaking will pit you against other users and have you battle it out for trophies to show who is the ultimate racer. You can also connect Dubai Racing with your Facebook account and challenge your friends to races and get all of the bragging rights when you beat them.

Become the ultimate racing machine in Dubai Racing. Try it for your iPhone and iPad.

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Office Rumble


If you’ve ever dreamed of clobbering the people in your life that annoy you don’t look any further than Office Rumble. Office Rumble puts you in the shoes of an ordinary citizen that is determined to make it to the top of the ladder. This citizen is then tasked with making allies that will assist him with his ambitions to climb the ladder. Once you’re ready to take over you are then placed in an intense combat ring where you can defeat all of the joe schmoes that you’ve been dreaming about.


Office Rumble has simple and easy to use touch-controls that will help you defeat your enemies in the intense combat arena. The controls are so simple that you can hold your device in one hand and play Office Rumble with just one finger. Tapping and holding on the left side of the screen will block incoming attacks and then tapping on the right side of the screen will attack your enemy. Office Rumble’s combat style will put you face-to-face with up to three opponents each with unique fighting styles, attacks, blocks, and lethal skills.


Office Rumble’s combat style is a familiar feel to anyone that has ever played Street Fighter or Tekken before. You are in a 2D arena where you are face-to-face with your opponents and the one that defeats the other first wins! While your fighting it’s always important to keep track of your Health and Fever Meter in the top left corner. Once you have built up enough Fever you will be able to attack your opponent with furious moves! If you ever feel that you are getting beat down you can use your special move to break their hold on you and defeat them once and for all! Some opponents that you defeat will be able to join your team and fight for your side of victory.

If playing with bots isn’t your thing you can compete in 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 battles will your friends with Office Rumble online. You can take the characters that you’ve acquired and compete with millions around the world or compete with your friends down the street. You’ll get bragging rights if you can make it to the leaderboard.


Office Rumble features a wide variety of characters and equipment that characters can collect and equip for combat. After each round you can level up characters, and increase their skills, on your team to make them the ultimate fighter. You can equip your characters will different items that will give them new abilities, upgrade power-ups, and make them a stronger fighter! Take your team and conquer the world!


Build the ultimate team, challenge your friends, and take down all of the annoying people in your life. Office Rumble is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Download Office Rumble for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from the App Store!

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Match Fast – A 3D Reflex Game


Match Fast, as the name states, is a fast-pased matching game designed for the iPhone. There are four games modes in Match Fast and each one presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Match Fast ties in with Game Center so you can challenge all of your friends to beat your top score.

Match Fast’s game play is straightforward and simple, match the object in the middle of the screen either by shape or color depending on the game mode that has been chosen. Choosing a game mode with a time will have you matching colors or shapes to a timer and once that timer is done your score will be final. If you choose a mode that is simply matching there will be no timer, you lose if you fail to make a complete match. No matter what game mode you play, be quick and fast as the shapes on the outer edges of the screen will shift places randomly and you may make a mistake if you’re not careful.

Match Fast is sure to sharpen your pairing skills and make you quick on your feet. Match Fast has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the beautiful Retina HD displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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EGG-SHOOT, a game for iOS devices, will keep you entertained for hours with it’s many levels of challenging gameplay. In EGG-SHOOT, you complete levels by touching the eggs as they fly out at you in order to fulfill the requirements. But avoid touching bomb eggs!

The game includes power ups to help you complete levels with more stars. More stars earned in each level enables you to unlock more levels to keep you moving through the game.

Powers include a screen cleaner to help keep egg off your screen, game speed reducer that slows the game so that you can keep up, screen changer, shooting pointer that helps you determine where the next egg will be coming from, and pipe tracer.

Give EGG-SHOOT a try by downloading it from the App Store today!

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Warship Solitaire


Warship Solitaire reimagines the olden days of playing Battleship in the family-room of your childhood home and brings it full circle to the digital age. Have you ever tried your hand a Sudoku? What about Solitaire? Warship Solitaire is a combination of Battleship, Sudoku, and Solitaire that is sure to challenge your thinking while maintaining that addictive edge of modern iPhone gaming.

Gameplay is simple and straight forward with Warship Solitaire. Your playing field is a grid system, similar to Sudoku, where you have numbers outlining each column telling you how many pieces are allowed in it. You then have to cross match all of the playing pieces with the column numbers to find and sink the battleships that are hidden on the grid. This is where the Battleship portion of game play comes in. You have to find one three-piece ship, two two-piece ships, and three one-piece ships. The solitaire portion of the game is that you can play this all by yourself, you don’t need another person to play with.

Taping once on a grid point will mark that off as water and tapping twice will mark it as a ship piece. If you tap once and drag you can mark off multiple sections as water and if you tap twice and drag you can mark off multiple sections as ship pieces. If you get stuck while matching you can always use the hint on the left side of the playing field to show you a random move. Be careful though, the hit could reveal a piece that you have already placed so you them only when absolutely necessary. Once you have all of the right pieces on the grid you will beat the level and advance on to the next stage. Each stage is more challenging than the previous, get ready to be stumped and challenged!

Warship Solitaire is optimized for iOS 8 and will work with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Best of all, Warship Solitaire is optimized to run on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so if you have one of the larger devices you can experience all of the beautiful HD assets on your device.

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Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff


fisherman-monsters-stuff-screen1Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff is a fun and addicting 8-bit fishing game that is sure to keep you entertained. The idea behind Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff is to fish as fast as you can, escape the monsters, avoid the bombs, gather new crews, and find new fishing gear!

Playing Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff is lots of fun. You are the fisherman in the middle of the screen and on either side of you are fish, bombs, and rewards. Tap on the left side of the screen to fish on the left and tap on the right to fish on the right. Be sure to avoid the bombs, that will end the game and you’ll have to start over. You have to fish fast though, otherwise you will be taken away by the monsters and you’ll have to start over again as well.

fisherman-monsters-stuff-screen2As your fishing be sure to look out for new fishing gear and new crew members. If you fish them out of the water they can lead to some cool new items in your gear. A new fisherman will allow you to switch up your character and fish as a new person. This keeps things rewarding as finding new fisherman is a fun little perk to an already addicting game. It’s the same with the gear, find all of the pieces to a new fishing pole and you can outfit your fisherman with that new gear.

Channel your inner fisherman and escape the monsters! Download Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the App Store.

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Brainy Dogs


Puzzle and casual app lovers around the world who are looking for a refreshingly different – and extremely addictive – new way to challenge their intelligence, test their tactical skills, enjoy hour after hour of stimulating fun, and finally see if their brain is smarter than a dog’s brain then you are at right place. Brainy dogs are extremely intelligent, strong, cute and hard to defeat. This game is a challenging tile based latest puzzle game where you need to use your brain to capture dog and stop him to get bone.

Users who succeed in out-witting their dog climb to the next level and face an even more dicey challenge. In total, Brainy Dogs has over 120 levels and 5 unique and colorful universes: Backyard Safari, Beach Fun, Snow World, Disco Night and Moonwalk.

So enjoy a brainstorming and thrilling game experience.

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Brainy dogs features:

  • Play against 5 intelligent dogs breeds.
  • One touch control.
  • Long hours of stimulating fun.
  • Unique and intuitive gameplay that is easy to learn.
  • Power-ups, which effectively make dogs less intelligent — and therefore easier to defeat.
  • Explore five unique universes!
  • 120+ levels of challenging puzzles!
  • Constantly free power-ups as rewards to CLAIM!
  • The ability to connect with Facebook friends without leaving the app.

OMG! Fortune Free Slots


Look no further for the ultimate FREE slots game! With huge wins and fantastic games, OMG! Fortune will blow your mind! Download NOW!
OMG! Fortune offers you lots of fresh FUN games! From slot machines to scratch cards, wheel of fortune and even bingo, OMG! Fortune has it all!

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OMG! Fortune Slots Games Features:

  • Daily FREE coins and spins giveaways!
  • WILD features such as expanding wild, exploding sticky wild, random wild and more!
  • Super turbo special bonus
  • FREE spins extra multiplier
  • Amazing original designs and animated FREE BONUS mini-games
  • Easy and intuitive user interface with auto play, fast play and a fun slide-to-spin feature that will guarantee hours of fun!
  • Keep the fun spinning with NEW games all the time
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