Looking to take your amulet collection to the digital age? RUNICO is the app for you. With RUNICO you can create amulets for all of your needs including categories like; love, success, protection, career, and health. Best of all RUNICO is designed to work with any platform, iOS and Android users rejoice!

When using RUNICO you select from one of the main categories to see the amulets that are already built for you. There are different ones based upon different needs but RUNICO has a wide variety that should suit your needs. If the prebuilt amulets don’t cut it for you RUNICO has an amulet builder where you can customize and create an amulet that fits your needs.

Once you have selected or created your desired amulet RUNICO will then “charge” the amulet for you to begin using. Then from there all you need to do is all it to either the built-in wallpapers or a wallpaper of your choice. RUNICO will keep a running tab of all of the amulets that you have chosen so you can switch them out as required. Gain all of the ancient wisdom and experience of runologists right on your mobile device!

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Sustainability Compass

Think smarter, act smarter. You’d like to take decisions that produce more sustainable results. You’d like to produce a positive impact on society and nature with your family, your friends, at school or in business. The Sustainability Compass is your practical guide on this path towards sustainability. It shows you the different criteria and dimensions of sustainability and invites you to select four of them which shall inform your project. Build your own Sustainability Compass.

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After having selected the four criteria the app offers you a check list per criteria. This check list helps you to implement quickly and to do the right thing.
This will be the result : you think smarter and you act smarter!

After the installation of the app you can download a document with the content of the app. The document is designed in a way which allows you to create a card set. It comes with tips about how to play with the cards.

The content of the app is inspired by two scientific frameworks : The Natural Step (FSSD) and Human-scale development.

Birthday Board – Anniversary Calendar & Reminder for Facebook

A unique way to remember birthdays of the ones you love!

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• Import birthdays from Facebook
• Import contacts with birthdays from the Contacts application
• Countdown to birthdays, anniversary and events• Clean and simple user interface
• Gorgeous board themes
• Premium themes available via in-app purchase
• Configure alarms and the time when you will be alerted for the upcoming birthdays
• See your friends’ Zodiac sign
• Share birthday boards with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

Birthday countdown
• See how much there’s left until it’s your friends birthday.
• Share the countdown with social media.

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Always BHappy


Always BHappy emerges from the Spanish expression “Sé feliz siempre”. Through diary proposals, in which development have taken part communication and psychology professionals, this application suggest you to take on enjoyable challenges either individually or in a group. The user decides whether to complete the proposal or not.

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With the fulfillment of the proposals, you will unblock several trophies and score points. As much points you get, you will be nearer to unblock new proposals’ packs. All this proposals are specially designed to increase the happiness level of the user.

Downloading the application you will receive a free pack including thirty proposals. This ones are compliments of the house, enjoy them. Each day we will invite you to complete one of them. While you are moving forward you will get new points to obtain new packs. But if you are one of those lazy people, do not worry, Always BHappy has also take you into account. You can but new packs and obtain new thirty proposals more in each of them although you may have not completed the ones we already suggested to you.

This is all for now, buddy. We are always available in Twitter (@alwaysbhappyapp) and in this email

Remember “Always BHappy, my friend”.

Walk Score


Shorten your commute and find a walkable place to live. Named one of the 5 best apartment search tools by Lifehacker and one of 4 essential iPhone apps to help you find an apartment by Wired magazine. Walk Score is the only app that lets you search by commute time or near public transit. Search the newest apartments from Apartment Finder, HotPads, MyNewPlace,, Trulia and more. Walk Score also calculates the walkability of any location and shows you a map of nearby restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, and more. As seen on 30,000 real estate sites including Zillow and Trulia.

iPhone App Demo

Android App Demo

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+ Search by commute time or near public transit
+ Instantly get the Walk Score of any location
+ See the freshest rental listings from top sites
+ Customize your search: price, beds, pets, etc.
+ Find new apartments and rentals

Everything you need to find a place you love!

About Walk Score: We believe walkable neighborhoods with access to public transit, shorter commutes, and people and places you love are the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Walk Score is officially supported in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.



FindnSeek is a social network where you can meet new people. With over 180 million users, FindnSeek is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating! It’s free and easy to use. Find new people near you now!

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Want to have lunch with someone new? See who’s in the same nightclub? Date or find love? Or simply chat with someone nearby? Try FindnSeek now! With SeeknFind you can find someone instantly based on your geographical location at this very moment. You can find out if someone is in the same restaurant or bar, and wants to have a drink! Completely Anonymous, and totally secure!


My taste – Mein Geschmack – Mon Gout – Min Smag – Ma Gusto. We heartily invite you to discover the fantastic world of Mongoo, a place where your taste is the newest trend. Discover great products; upload pictures of your own. Show off your personal style to friends and followers! Join Mongoo, design a collection, claim the best products and sell yourself to the world. Become the hottest trendsetter and let your taste influence the world!

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– Build your own product wall.
– Use high quality filters to make your collection shine.
– Share things that define your taste within Mongoo, on Facebook and Twitter.
– Interact with friends and followers by giving and receiving comments and likes.
– Claim things posted by others and pin them on your wall.
– Invite your friends to join the Mongoo experience.



Always wanted to start a diary? Askt is a fast and elegant new way to get going! Answer one thought-provoking question each day of the year. Askt allows users to track and compare their answers from previous years. You’ll be looking forward to the new question each day! The goal of Askt is to be simple and quick, yet stimulating.

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Features of Askt:
-A different question each day of the year
-Track and compare answers from year to year
-Share your progress with friends
-Passcode lock the app and keep your privacy
-Pick dates from the past to answer missed questions
-Review and edit past answers at any time



Revealr is a unique and fun way to meet new people using your voice. Record your profile then flick through users and hear a 20 second audio clip presented along with a pixelated photo, If you like what you hear tap Yes (or swipe right). If a mutual match is made you are connected and their un-pixelated photo is shown – they have been Revealed!

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It’s said that the voice is more than half of beauty and with Revealr, we make it even easier to know if you’ve met someone special, by hearing them even before you meet!

1) Simple Facebook Sign In
2) Record your 20 second voice profile and select your profile photo
3) Select who you’re are looking for
4) Browse users and decide who you like the sound of (swipe right for yes or left for no)
5) Match and Chat!

Signing in to the app is easy with Facebook, just one tap and you’re in. We take privacy seriously and will never post to your wall and never send messages to your friends.

– Totally Free, No Adverts either!
– A World first
– Be liked for who you really are and not prejudged
– Fun, it’s addictive!
– Anonymous until you have a mutual like