Boatrax is a new way to log and capture your boat outings as well as share them with family and friends. With Boatrax you can share you location to enable your boating friends to find you and meet up and go on your next great adventure. You can share photos of your boating experiences with the social aspect of Boatrax and even invite friends to join you inside the boating world of Boatrax.

When you first launch Boatrax you will be prompted to create an account which you can do so by signing in with Facebook. From there you will need to completed the process of filling out detailed information on the boat you own. The information provided here will be used in your boat logs that Boatrax provides for you, some of the information will also be viewable when someone comes and views your profile later on. Once you’ve added your boat and fill out the profile information it’s time to dive into Boatrax and capture you moments!

When you are ready to launch you’ll want to visit the Snapshot tab of Boatrax. Here you will log all of your events that you take your boat out on. Tapping on the plus button next to Last Trip Info will allow you to enter in your trip details and log your boat hours and generator hours. In the Trip Entry page you can add a photo of your tip, add start and end locations, and add in your average consumption. This will then be posted to your boats logs and your profile where your friends on Boatrax can then view at a later time.

If you would like to engage the users of Boatrax you can visit the OnDeck tab where you can make public posts and updates. In the OnDeck tab you can share photos to the Boatrax community and then users can come and comment and like your photos. The same will work with public posts, just write something and it will be posted to all of the users. In the OnDeck tab you will also see any notifications that you’ve received in the top right corner of the screen.

Boatrax is a great app for boating enthusiasts or beginners alike. It brings a social aspect of boating to the digital age. Download it for your device and make those boating trips more exciting!

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Hot Rider!


Hot Rider is a nifty app that allows you to set up and request carpools for the corporate world! All you need is an existing LinkedIn account, a car, and other coworkers in need or a ride. It is the hopes of Hot Rider to address the needs of carpooling by reducing carbon emissions in busy cities.

First launching Hot Rider presents you with the Login screen where you can either create an account using your LinkedIn credentials or login using your Hot Rider account email and password. Once you are in, you’ll need to fill out all of the vital information such as your name, phone number, car type, car color, currency accepted, and more. This will allow the riders that you pick up for a carpool easily identify your vehicle as well as contact you should then need to do so. Once all of the vitals are imputed and stored, it’s time to schedule your first carpool trip.

Scheduling a carpool is quite simple and takes no time at all. Tapping in the top right corner of the screen will open the side menu where you can navigate Hot Rider, from there tap on the Publish Trip tab and you can create your trip. In the schedule section you will fill out the Source, the point of origin, and the Destination, the end point. Once you have the addresses imputed you can then select the date and time for the trip. If this trip is something that is going to happen each and every day you can select that under the date and time, this will save you from having to come in each day and add a new trip. Once you’re ready tap on Publish Route and you can select from up to three different routes based upon the start and end point. Now you’re ready for others to join your carpool!

Other users of Hot Rider will be able to see your trip and request a ride. From there you will get notifications and message from riders who would like to join your carpool. Once your car is full, you’re ready to go! Happy carpooling and safe travels.

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Office Rumble


If you’ve ever dreamed of clobbering the people in your life that annoy you don’t look any further than Office Rumble. Office Rumble puts you in the shoes of an ordinary citizen that is determined to make it to the top of the ladder. This citizen is then tasked with making allies that will assist him with his ambitions to climb the ladder. Once you’re ready to take over you are then placed in an intense combat ring where you can defeat all of the joe schmoes that you’ve been dreaming about.


Office Rumble has simple and easy to use touch-controls that will help you defeat your enemies in the intense combat arena. The controls are so simple that you can hold your device in one hand and play Office Rumble with just one finger. Tapping and holding on the left side of the screen will block incoming attacks and then tapping on the right side of the screen will attack your enemy. Office Rumble’s combat style will put you face-to-face with up to three opponents each with unique fighting styles, attacks, blocks, and lethal skills.


Office Rumble’s combat style is a familiar feel to anyone that has ever played Street Fighter or Tekken before. You are in a 2D arena where you are face-to-face with your opponents and the one that defeats the other first wins! While your fighting it’s always important to keep track of your Health and Fever Meter in the top left corner. Once you have built up enough Fever you will be able to attack your opponent with furious moves! If you ever feel that you are getting beat down you can use your special move to break their hold on you and defeat them once and for all! Some opponents that you defeat will be able to join your team and fight for your side of victory.

If playing with bots isn’t your thing you can compete in 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 battles will your friends with Office Rumble online. You can take the characters that you’ve acquired and compete with millions around the world or compete with your friends down the street. You’ll get bragging rights if you can make it to the leaderboard.


Office Rumble features a wide variety of characters and equipment that characters can collect and equip for combat. After each round you can level up characters, and increase their skills, on your team to make them the ultimate fighter. You can equip your characters will different items that will give them new abilities, upgrade power-ups, and make them a stronger fighter! Take your team and conquer the world!


Build the ultimate team, challenge your friends, and take down all of the annoying people in your life. Office Rumble is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Download Office Rumble for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from the App Store!

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Match Fast – A 3D Reflex Game


Match Fast, as the name states, is a fast-pased matching game designed for the iPhone. There are four games modes in Match Fast and each one presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Match Fast ties in with Game Center so you can challenge all of your friends to beat your top score.

Match Fast’s game play is straightforward and simple, match the object in the middle of the screen either by shape or color depending on the game mode that has been chosen. Choosing a game mode with a time will have you matching colors or shapes to a timer and once that timer is done your score will be final. If you choose a mode that is simply matching there will be no timer, you lose if you fail to make a complete match. No matter what game mode you play, be quick and fast as the shapes on the outer edges of the screen will shift places randomly and you may make a mistake if you’re not careful.

Match Fast is sure to sharpen your pairing skills and make you quick on your feet. Match Fast has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the beautiful Retina HD displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Piggy-Back.Me is a simple and easy way to access your contacts should you not have your iPhone with you or if your iPhone’s battery has died. Piggy-Back.Me is a free emergency access to all of your contacts. With Piggy-Back.Me you can select contacts that you’d like to backup and then, should you ever need to, you can access them from another mobile device.

Upon first launching Piggy-Back.Me you will be asked to enter in your phone number and choose a security question to answer. Doing this allows Piggy-Back.Me to keep your contacts private and secure on their servers. Once you have entered your number and answered the question you will then be able to choose which of your contacts you’d like to keep in the Piggy-Back.Me cloud. You can choose all of your contacts or choose just the important ones. Once you’ve selected them you can then exit Piggy-Back.Me and continue with your wonderful day.

Accessing your stored contacts on Piggy-Back.Me is simple and quick. Download the app onto another device, enter your phone number, answer the security question, and boom, you’re done. Now you can have complete access to all of the contacts that you have chosen to store with Piggy-Back.Me. And now that you’ve accessed them, you can now call or text them like you were on your own device!

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MiuMeet – Live Flirt & Dating


MiuMeet is a new way for you to meet, chat, and connect with new flirts that are looking for some company just like you are. With MiuMeet you be chatting up new local friends in no time. Find people that share similar interests, chat them up, and them meet up in person and hopefully meet that someone special. People with similar interests can find a place to chat within groups inside of MiuMeet.

When you first setup your account you tell MiuMeet what you are looking for in a person such as gender, ethnicity, interests, and age bracket. Those preferences will allow MiuMeet to filter the search results so you can find exactly what you are looking for in someone. The Search inside of MiuMeet is where you are going to find that someone that you’ve been looking for. Tapping on someones photo will take you into their profile where you can read all of the information they’ve provided as well as see all of the photos they’ve uploaded. If you like the person, tap yes and you’ll be able to star them and start chatting. Saying yes to someone also helps their rating go up and well as allowing MiuMeet to learn more about your preferences.

Once you’ve established that you’re interested in someone it’s time to start a conversation. In the Messages you can send photos, location, and the usual text and emojis. You can see all of the chats that you have going on, allowing you to bounce back and forth between conversations. Once you are done with a chat you can delete it so it’s no longer there. MiuMeet even has a local Love Doctor that can help you out if you need it.

MiuMeet is the easiest way to flirt, hook up, or meet new people in your area. Find friendship or love with the help of MiuMeet.

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Speed PRO+


Speed PRO+ is a GPS-based speedometer designed to work with your iPhone and iPad! Speed PRO+ allows you to save and organize routes either using your vehicle or by tracking your movement. There are plenty of options to customize your experience including; customizing the theme, mirroring the display to your windshield, changing your distance units, and more. Speed PRO+ is going to be the only speedometer that you’ll ever need or want!

Open Speed PRO+ and it will automatically being tracking your route. The main screen has all of your vital information such as current speed, average speed, time, altitude, and top speed. All of these values will automatically change based upon your speed, incline or decline, and how often you stop. Once you’ve completed your route tap on the Capture button on the bottom of the screen and this will allow you to save your route, share the image, or share the kml.

To review all of your routes you’ll want to visit the Tracks tab on the bottom of the main screen. In the Tracks section you will see all of the routes that you’ve saved and tapping on one will take you into the route itself. Once inside of the route you can review all of the information that was collected durring your trip as well as fine tune the route points should you need to. You can organize your trips on the Tracks section by putting the trips into groups, this will come in handy if you need to keep track of specific routes or trips for your work.

Save and manage routes and trips on your iOS device. Download Speed PRO+ and you’ll never want to use another speedometer again!

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MileBug helps your track your trips and related expenses to help ensure that you get the tax deduction that you deserve! With the launch of MileBug 3.0, MileBug CLOUD was introduced which allows you to backup all of your data and sync it across multiple devices and platforms. MileBug has been designed for the iPhone 5 and higher plus a variety of Android Phones.

The power of MileBug is lies in the Trips tab, this is where you are going to input all of your mileage and trip data. When adding in a new trip you can fill out all of the information yourself, there are plenty of fields to fill out to ensure that you are getting the maximum deduction possible. You will be able to enter in the type of trip you took, which vehicle was driven, the purpose of the trip, the vehicles mileage, any addition expenses, and more. Once all of the information is filled out you will see how much you should be receiving back based upon your mileage and business return. If you didn’t want to fill out the information manually you can opt to use the GPS Tracking method which will allow your device to track your movement using the built-in GPS chip. Ensuring that you have setup your presets properly will help you fill out your trips details quickly and properly. MileBug even allows you to save a tip to your favorites, this way if that specific tip is done multiple times a week/month you can have some of the information populate for you.

In the Presets you will fill out all of the Businesses, Types, Vehicles, and Expense Categories. These fields are going to help populate items in the Trips tab when you get there. Fill out all of the vital information that your trips will require in these sections such as frequent businesses you’ll travel to, the vehicles that you’ll drive, the purpose for your trips, addition expenses such as tolls or parking, and any other requirements you’ll have. All of the tax information should be good to go, MileBug is using the IRS standards for the year so no additional changes should be required. If you company pays more per mile than the standard you can setup a custom field to account for that.

When you are ready to report your mileage to your employer or tax prepare you can export all of your data with MileBug. In the Reports tab you can set a date rage, filter the results, and then sort all of the results for easy viewing. There is even an option to export the data as an HTML, CSV, or both to ensure that your logs can be opened by anyone anywhere. And don’t forget to backup all of your date with MileBug CLOUD or using iTunes File Sharing!

Track your trips and get your deductions! Try MileBug for your iPhone or Android Phone.

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BYBER is designed to help you meet new people, connect with friends, and explore the world around you! BYBER helps you connect with singles around you and arrange meetings with them. If you found someone that interests you, offer to buy them a drink and connect with them outside of the app. BYBER is a great way to connect with people that share similar interests and who enjoy having a good time.

The Flirt section of BYBER is for all of you singles. This section of BYBER will show you other users who are in your area, this of course means that BYBER uses your geo-location to help find users and events around you. Searching through the Flirt section you can select a person and view their entire profile; this includes their interests, loves, hates, favorite sports, and more. If you see what you like you can add them on BYBER and you can connect from there. You can also offer to purchase this person a drink! There is also a messaging feature that you can use to chat back-and-forth to get to know the person better. Flirt away and find that someone you’ve been looking for.

In the Discover tab you can find out what’s going on around you. Discover really shines by showing you all of the places of interest in your area. If you’re looking for a new bar Discover will help you find the one that you’re looking for. BYBER allows you to filter results by category and star rating, ensuring that you find exactly what you’re looking for. And with Google Maps integration you can see all of the photos and information presented on Google Maps. As an added bonus, you can get directions to the restaurant with ease!

Find a new spot to hang out with your friends or meet someone new with BYBER!

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Bannez turns your iPhone into a virtual banner that you can wave in the air and show support for your favorite sports team, music idol, family member, or friend! You no longer need to worry about making those clunky cardboard sings to take places, all you need is your device and the Bannez app. Bannez even has an option to turn your banner into an animated GIF so you can share your creation with everyone via Twitter, Email, and more!

Upon opening Bannez you’ll be presented with a few options. You can go into the My Banners section where you’ll be able to see all of the banners you’ve created as well as create new ones. There is the Store section where you can purchase new banners and animated GIF’s for use later on. There is a Featured Banner section where you can see and use a banner that has been featured by the Bannez app. The last two sections are a Help Guide where you can see how to use Bannez and then a Connect With Us section where you can follow the developers of Bannez.

My Banners will be the section where your creations will live. At the top of this section you’ll see banners that you’ve favorited and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the Banner Packs that you’ve purchased. There is also a button down at the very bottom of the screen that will let you create your own banner. The banner creation is very simple; you can create either a Birthday Banner or Custom Banner. Both selections will allow you to change and edit text that you would like to appear on the screen. To create the banner simply enter the text that you would like, choose the text and background color, and then add in a background if you’re in the Custom Banner selection. Once you have created your banner, it’s time to show it off!

Bannez allows you to either Wave It of GIF It once you’ve created your banner. Wave It takes your banner and places it on the screen of your device and allows you to wave your device back and foth to show the contents of the banner. Think of it as you creating the banner in air, kind of like a rainbow shape, motion that will allow the banner to be displayed. If you’ve set up text for a top and bottom banner coming back on a second wave will show the bottom text. GIF It takes you banner and places it inside of a GIF so you can share the banner across social media and email. GIF It is a great option if you wanted to share a banner with someone that wasn’t currently with you.

Show off some team spirit or wish someone happy birthday from your iPhone with Bannez. Try it today!

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