Audvisor brings you short and powerful insights from the world’s top experts for you to listen to anytime, anywhere. Hear thousands of insights from hundreds of experts – all under 3 minutes.

Audvisor will play audio from topics that matter to you. Tapping in the bottom right hand corner will allow you to choose Topics or Experts for your playlist. Choosing Topics will let you select topics such as Advance My Career, Be a Great Leader, Become a Better Person, Build Professional Relationships, and more. You can choose from as little as one topic to as many as you would like. Choosing Experts will let you select from some of the world’s top experts such as Seth Godin, Sally Hogshead, Rory Vaden, Dr. Tasha Eurich, and more. Just as with topics, you can select from as little as one expert to as many as you would like.

Once you’ve chosen your topics or experts you can being your playlist by tapping Play at the bottom of Audvisor. Once the playlist beings you’ll have a few options in controlling it. The topics will being to automatically play and once one audio clip is done it will automatically move on to the next. There are playback controls that will allow you to skip ahead 10 seconds or rewind 10 seconds at the top. Once the audio clip is at least 10 seconds in the thumbs up button will be available for you to add the current audio to the “My Playlist” playlist. This is going to be a collection of audio clips that you’ve given a thumbs up. And finally you will see a share button that will allow you to share the current audio with any of your friends via text message, Facebook, or Twitter.

If the current audio selection is something that you’ve heard before or you don’t find interesting swiping right on the card will skip that selection and being playing the next one. Swipe down on a card and it will reveal a list of cards in your current playlist and tapping on one will jump you forward to that card. On each card you will see the picture of the author that is currently speaking and tapping the information button on their image will flip the card arround so you can read their bio.

Audvisor is filled with insights that cover a full spectrum of personal and business topics. Download Audvisor for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Icon Rush


Icon Rush is a CHALLENGING & FUN Puzzle Game that you’ll enjoy playing AGAIN and AGAIN!

Icon Rush is a game of combinations. You have to make combinations of at least thee from all of the icons on a 4×5 grid. You can make these combinations by using the same letter, badge number, or color. What’s also really neat is that you can make the combinations going horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! This is sure to keep you going for minutes on end!

Once a combination is made in Icon Rush those tiles will disappear and more will fall in from the top of the screen. Tiles will clear as many as possible, if tiles are cleared and more fall in and make a combination those will also clear! Once the tiles are done clearing it’s time to make more combinations. All you have to do is tap on the tile you’d like to move and tap on the tile you want to switch it with, they will move, and if a combination is made the tiles will clear and more will drop in.

At the top of the screen you will see your current score for the game you’re playing as well as the time remaining. Once the time has run out you will be presented with your high score and the score from the current game you played. Once the game is done you’ll be brought out to the main screen where you can begin a new game.

Icon Rush is a challenging intellectual puzzle game to train your brain. Download for you iPhone and iPad!

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MADFIST is out to squash as many targets as it possibly can! Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate MADFIST?

MADFIST’s gameplay is quick, fun, and addicting! Tapping on the screen will send the MADFIST slamming down towards its targets. Successfully hitting a target will launch the MADFIST back into the air towards its next victim. Your goal is to smash as many targets as possible, missing a target is game over!

MADFIST has multiple arenas that you can play in. By default you are smashing soldiers but you can unlock more arenas to smash different objects such as Zombies, Ghosts, Aliens, Robots, and more. These arenas can be unlocked with an in-app purchase or by getting high scores and total hits. For example if you get a high score of 64 hits or 2,000 total hits you will unlock the Aliens arena. Each arena has the same gameplay but is just as fun!

Challenge your friends by sharing your high score with them from the Game Over screen. The share button will take a screen shot of your current score and allow you to share it with your favorite app on your iPhone or iPad! Become the ultimate MADFIST by beating all of your friends!

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REBUS – Absurd Logic Game


REBUS is a game of associations, logic, and design that energizes the brain. 

When you first launch REBUS you will be taken through the tutorial so you can get a feel for how REBUS works. The way that you play REBUS can be a little challenging at first but once you get used to the logic and mind twists you’ll have no problem playing.

REBUS will present you with a stylish graphic that you will have to solve. The graphic can be as simple as a “G” and a “♥” and you will have to come up with a solution for the puzzle. In this instance you will have to let the “♥” represent “Love” instead of a “Heart” and add the “G” to the beginning to create the solution “Glove.” Puzzles will start off simple like this but will become more challenging as you go on. Once you’ve solved a REBUS it’s time to move on to the next one.

If you ever get stuck on a REBUS you can use the coins you’ve earned solving other to help you find the solution. If you want to get the answer and move on to the next REBUS that’s going to cost you 1,500 coins. You can remove all of the incorrect letters for 1,000 coins. If you don’t have a lot of coins to spend try finding out the number of letters and one letter for 500 coins. And if you’re really low on coins you can find out the number of letters for 200 coins. Don’t worry about running out of coins, you can always earn more by solving REBUSes or earning free coins in the store!

Give your brain the challenge it deserves with REBUS. Download REBUS in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Download REBUS – Absurd Logic Game on the App Store
Download REBUS – Absurd Logic Game on the Google Play Store
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Navmii GPS


Navmii, a free GPS Navigation app, that used to go by the name Navfree, has been completely revamped for their new release. Navmii features a brand new UI, new maps, free traffic information, map reports, smarter search, and more.

Brand New UI & Maps
Navmii features the OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping data which allows maps to be stored locally on your device! This means that you can select a map from within Navmii and download it directly to your device and not have to worry about using your data connection when traveling. By using OSM, Navmii will be able to publish free quarterly map updates to your device for 12 months. You’ll never have to worry about your mapping data being out of date or wrong! Use the mapping system that you can trust.

Free Traffic Information
Navmii uses your device to power a crowd-sourced traffic information system. What this does is uses Navmii’s users that are using GPS Navigation to determine traffic conditions and show you those conditions in real-time. If a section of the freeway is experiencing a slow down you’ll know about it before you get there so you can adjust your route accordingly. Best of all, you will see all Navmii users and traffic conditions directly on you map so you’ll know what’s around you.

Maps Reports
Navmii allows users to report traffic conditions that will show up on the maps for other users to see. You can report traffic incidents, construction zones, accidents, safety/traffic camera, road hazards, as well as speed traps. Reporting traffic conditions will also allow users to leave notes and rate the condition so other users will know how minor or severe the incident is. Once a traffic report has been cleared users will no longer see it on the map, this will help users identify healthy areas of traffic.

Smarter Search
Navmii features a powerful search engine that, since the mapping information is download directly to your device, can be used offline with no internet connection. Users can pull in search results from FourSquare, Google, What3Words, as well as local information from Navmii. This will ensure that you find that place that you are looking for with ease. Once you’ve found a place of interest, Navmii will show you what’s by that location so you can find other places to go when you get there.

Navmii is so packed full of features that you’ll never need another GPS Navigation app again! Navmii has been built for the iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry, and Desktop platforms. Download it to your device and get exploring!

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Kaspi Kitten


Aliens are overhead sucking up all of the kittens from our town, this cannot stand! We need a hero to come and save the kittens from utter destruction! Will you be the hero this town needs in Kaspi Kitten?

Kaspi Kitten puts you, the player, right in the middle of this abduction scene. The kittens will float up from the bottom on the screen heading towards the alien UFO. It’s your job to help our hero catch the kittens before they make it to the alien spacecraft. Tapping on the screen will send out hero flying across the screen in hopes to save the Kaspi Kittens that are destined for abduction. Make sure and pay attention to the direction the hero is pointing, he doesn’t always fly straight across, sometimes you can launch him upwards or downwards.

If you miss a kitten its game over! You will be given a final score and the option to try again. You can share you high score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and let the competition begin! Kaspi Kitten also ties in with Game Center and you will earn achievements for saving endless amounts of kittens. Unlock all of the achievements and become the ultimate kitten hero you’ve always wanted to be.

Tap the hero and save the kittens! Kaspi Kitten is available for FREE in the App Store and is optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It will also work on devices running iOS 8.1 or later.

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Watch ONE World Sports


Watch ONE World Sports showcases live and on-demand sporting events from around the globe. Watch ONE World Sports exclusive best-in-class streaming services deliver their network’s content to all of your Apple devices no matter where you are!

Upon launching Watch ONE World Sports, users will be brought into the Highlights section where they can view curated highlights based upon games or events that have recently taken place. Tapping on the video will begin playing the highlight selected and allow users to share the clip via Twitter or their favorite sharing options in iOS. Tapping on the Twitter icon next to the video will show hashtags that are related to the clip that they are watching.

If you’re wanting more than Highlights then you’ll want to visit the navigation at the top of the screen where you can access what’s Live, On Demand, Sports, and the Guide. Navigation is simple, easy to use, and can be accessed from whatever screen you are on. Each tab has its own content for you to consume, so let’s see what each one has to offer.

The Live tab will allow you to sign in to Watch ONE World Sports and view all of the games that are currently live. This will allow you to watch the game right from your device, no need for a set-top box. The On Demand tab will give you access to different leagues and games that are available for you to watch. This is part of Watch ONE World Sports best-in-class on demand system that will allow you to watch these videos. The Sport tab will let you choose from specific sports, as well as a couple of teams, that you are looking for. Tapping on a sport or team will show you the most recent videos that Watch ONE World Sports has to offer for that. Finally, the Guide tab will show you what’s playing on which day so you know when to come back to catch your favorite sport or team.

Never miss out on your favorite sports or team again, download Watch ONE World Sports for FREE now!

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Bounce – Share Here


Bounce is a photo and location sharing app where you can share the world around you and see pics and spots your friends post.

Bounce is a photo sharing app with an emphasis on location. Share what you see, what’s going on around you, and the stops along your journey! Opening Bounce brings you to the timeline, where you can scroll through and view all of the photos and locations your friends have posted. Each bounce shows the name and profile picture of the friend that shared it, your distance from the location of the bounce, a description, and of course the photo itself. And of course you can fave and comment on any bounce.

You can also view bounces by location using the map tab! Here you can see bounces all around you on a map that you can zoom and scale, and filter by distance from you.

Sharing a photo is easy too! Tapping on the “b” button on the bottom of your timeline will bring you to the create a bounce page. Here you can add your description, photo, expiration time of the bounce, as well as how big of a bounce you want to show. You can slide the scale from as little as 100 yards all the way up to 100 miles, whatever is most relevant.

Bounce is great for showing off nature during a wilderness hike, or sharing a cool hangout spot or event happening near you. Discover the world with Bounce!

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ShareMyToolbox brings personal equipment inventory and lending to the twenty-first century.

screen322x572 (1)ShareMyToolbox is a beautiful and simple way to both digitally inventory all of your tools and equipment and a convenient way to share what you have and let others’ request to borrow them. It’s easy to create your inventory of tools with an image, model and serial numbers, description, purchase info (including date, price, and warranty date). Each item includes an overview tab with equipment info, a status tab to show whether the tool is currently being loaned out or available to borrow, and a history tab showing everything that’s happened with this tool, including creation date, and who borrowed it and when.

screen322x572 (2) ShareMyToolbox lets you easily connect with and view the inventories of other users of the app. This lets you create a network of your friends and coworkers so that everyone can find and request the tools they need. You create a profile in ShareMyToolbox that includes your name and contact info, a profile photo, and other information such as the industry and company you are in.

Adding connections in ShareMyToolbox is easy too: in the menu, tap Connections, this screen will display all of your current connections you have. Tapping a listing will show that person’s profile including their photo, contact info, as well as info about their tools such as total number, number available to borrow, and their borrowing stats. Each connection profile has a Tools tab that lists all of their tools, and tapping each will bring up the full profile for that tool.

screen322x572The best way to find the appropriate tool is ShareMyToolbox’s Tool View, where you can see a list of all the tools and equipment in your network of connections. This view includes useful ways to sort the list with useful filters such as All Tools, Available, Borrowed, and Loaned, and colored rings around each listings photo indicates availability: blue for Connection’s tools that are available, yellow for your tools that are available, grey for unavailable tools, green for your borrowed tools, and red for a connection’s borrowed tool.

Once you have found the tool you need, request to borrow available tools using the button at the bottom of each listing and tap Borrow. This will show a popup where you can specify how long you want to borrow the tool. The owner will then receive a notification and can respond by either accepting or rejecting the request.

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Locate and communicate with friends, family, or virtually anyone in the world with TruVu for the iPhone and iPad.

Upon first launch, TruVu will ask users to create an account. You can either choose to create a new one or connect with Facebook. If you choose to create a new one you will have to fill in all of the fields manually and upload a profile picture. If you choose connect with Facebook all of the profile information from Facebook will be pulled over and you can begin using TruVu. Once you’ve created your account it’s time to find some friends!

TruVu allows users to locate each other and begin communicating and building relationships. The way that this works is that TruVu uses the geo-location of each users device to pinpoint them on a map for others to see. If someone would like to communicate with someone else all they have to do is tap on the pin on the map and they will see an overview of that user’s profile. If they like what they see that can then friend that person and begin chatting with them.

There are a few privacy settings in TruVu to help you filter who can see your profile. You can set it to Public which allows all users of TruVu to see your profile, Friends which only allows friends to see your profile, and Off which hides you from everyone. There is a search option that will allow you to find someone specific should you know their username or actual name.

Find new friends or reconnect with old ones with TruVu, available now on the App Store.

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