Who’s On Now


Who’s On Now connects you to highly rated and most responsive professionals in your area and provides a safe and secure way to pay for services.

Who’s On Now is an app that combines three things in a novel and easy to use way: a professional services directory, a direct-to-business communication tool, and an simple, secure payment platform. Who’s On Now is a great way to find service contractors and consultants that are active and involved in providing great customer service. As each company or contractor in Who’s On Now can be rated, commented on, or reported, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve picked the right person for your needs.

There are two ways to find businesses in search tab of Who’s On Now; you can sort by the ones near you, or you can find those in a specific field of service. Tapping on each listing will show the business name and profile picture, information about the business such as the overview, experience in the field, any licenses they carry, and a warranty if applicable, as well as a rating out of five stars from other Who’s On Now users. You can chat with companies directly in Who’s On Now simply by tapping “Message” and you will be entered into a chat with the business where you can initiate a conversation. This is a really great way to find out if you and that business or contractor are a good fit. In addition to the search function, Who’s On Now has a News Feed where businesses can post updates that might be of interest to you.

After you find the right service provider and the job gets done and you’re satisfied with the work, Who’s On Now makes it easy for both the company to invoice you and for you to pay directly in the app. Who’s On Now even lets you avoid the tedious task of typing in your credit card info, as the app will let you scan the card using the camera, and everything will be detected and entered for you.

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NoteStream helps you learn about subjects you’re passionate about in self-contained streams containing easy to understand language and relevant illustrations.

NoteStream is for people who are passionate for learning, but don’t have time (or maybe the patience) to research the subject themselves. With that in mind, the developers built NoteStream to solve this problem. You can think of NoteStream as a series of encyclopedia articles that are laid out in an article format, are very easy to read, and contain both text and visual media to aid in understanding.

Each of these succinct and easily digestible lessons are called NoteStreams, and there are a few actions you can perform when browsing and viewing them. When you first tap on a NoteStream in Explore, you are presented with a short blurb about the NoteStream as well as the name of the author, community rating, and the option to either read the NoteStream or share it.

The power wheel contains five options, and is the way you navigate through the app. On the power wheel, you have a shortcut to the explore tab where you can find new and interesting NoteStreams, you can bookmark the current note page you’re on for quickly revisiting later, a feel tool where you indicate your feelings about the note you’re reading (where you can select eager, smart, excited, or confused), an option to share the note you’re reading via email or social networks, and finally the shortcut to your current streams.

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Jiffies – Calendar in the Watch


Jiffies is a unique calendar app with functionality that looks ahead with full support for the Apple Watch.

Jiffies calls itself “an event-clock”, and that’s a great way to describe the app’s functionality. Unlike most calendar apps, in Jiffies you get an daily overview of your calendar events that is much easier to absorb: what Jiffies does is lays out your events in two concentric circles that represent the 24 hours in a day, with each circle representing the 12 hours you’ll find on a clock face. Your events are laid out on the circles with color-coded line segments, with the colors corresponding to your calendar’s settings, and the position and length of the line segment matching the time and duration of the event. Tap the arrows above the clock to view the previous or next day.

Jiffies puts event details below the event clock, where you can find the event name, time, and duration, and you can tap on each event to reach options to open the event listing, duplicate, or share. The app includes a night view that darkens the interface to make it easier on your eyes in low light. Rotate Jiffies and you will find a very useful week view with both an event clock and list for each day of the current week.

Jiffies’ party piece, however, is that it supports the upcoming Apple Watch. You get the same useful daily view on your Apple Watch as you will find in the iOS app. You’ll be able to swipe horizontally to move through subsequent days, and swipe down to view the details of each day’s events. Once the Apple Watch is released, Jiffies will be ready to give you an at-a-glance view of your day’s calendar events.

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Music Jack


Music Jack is an addictive and fun time-based side scrolling game that uses your devices song library as the sound track and speed of the game.

Before playing Music Jack you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of music stored on your device in the Music app. Music Jack is going to allow you to select songs to use as the soundtrack while you’re playing. The length and speed of each level will be determined by the length and tempo of the song that you select. So if you picked a fast paced song the game will be fast and if you picked a slow jam the game will be slower. Choose wisely before starting Music Jack!

Music Jack doesn’t solely rely upon the song to create challenges, there are also different worlds and skill sets that can be chosen. You can take Music Jack to the green world of Wind, the red galaxy of Fire, the purple space of Earth, and the blue planet of Ice. Each world acts the same but it can be fun to switch up the colors every once in a while to set a different mood in Music Jack. If you want to really challenge yourself try setting Music Jack to the hardest skill level, Space Cowboy! Chances are you won’t make it half way through the level, it makes it very challenging.

Playing Music Jack will rely on your reflexes and speed. Your character, Music Jack, will need to be moved up and down the music scale to avoid obstacles, collect musical elements, and out run the Dark Music cloud that’s chasing you. Swipe across the screen to create the tempo that Music Jack will slide across and then swiping up and/or down will move Music Jack in that direction. If you hit an asteroid your temp line will dissipate and you will have to draw another one to get Music Jack moving again. If you take too long or if you’ve hit too many the Dark Music will take you over and you lose the level. You will be given a final score based upon your completion of the level and from there you can start again, choose a new song, and challenge your friends to beat your high scores.

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Color Me Five


Color Me Five is an insanely addicting matching game that players are sure to love within seconds. The object of the game is combining two tiles into the sum of 5! Sounds challenging, right? Color Me Five is a fun new game to challenge players for hours on end.

Upon launching Color Me Five, players are presented with a 5×5 grid that is populated with a random array of tiles. Players will then have to take these tiles and combine two at a time into the sum of 5. Each tile with have either 1, 2, 3, or 4 dots on them. Once two tiles have combined they will show 5 dots on them and then tiles of 5 can be combined with other tiles of 5. When 5 tiles of 5 have been combined with one another the game board will switch colors to keep players on their toes.

The more tiles that are combined the higher your score will be. The game doesn’t end until the player is stuck and cannot make another move, at this point the game will be over and their final score will be displayed. Players will then want to share their scores on Twitter to challenge all of their friends to a game of Color Me Five.

Become the Color Me Five Champion by competing against friends. Download Color Me Five for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Passible Password Manager


Passable Password Manager for iOS devices stores and manages all of your online login info as well as credit card information in a single place so that you can easily log in and use your credit cards with a few simple taps. What’s more, using a Touch ID-enabled device like the iPhone 6 enables biometric security, so that only your fingerprint can access the sensitive data in Passable Password Manager.

Not only does Passable keep all of your online passwords in one place, you can also organize and sort your logins, as well as keep your most commonly used credentials visible using Quick Tap so that you can access them easily when you need them. Every login credential entry gives you one-tap access to log in and get you going right from the Passable app. Log in with your financial institutions, and you get a convenient way to quickly view the balances of all your accounts.

You can take comfort knowing that Passable Password manager is keeping your sensitive data safe. Passable uses industry standard and virtually uncrackable AES-256 Encryption for all of your data, as well as provides theft-prevention measures such as wrong passcode entry wait times to prevent brute-force hacking and remote wipe in the case your device is stolen.

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MADFIST Retro is an entertaining one tap game with retro 8-bit graphics and engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained and challenged. MADFIST Retro features fast gameplay, throwback retro graphics, and mesmerizing audio effects.

MADFIST Retro is a side scrolling arcade-style game where the objective is to mow down as many targets as possible using your godlike fist that you control. Gameplay is straightforward: as targets scroll onto the screen, simply tap to bring down your fist to smash them into the ground. Keep this up for as long as possible, because as soon as you miss a target, it’s game over.

Although the gameplay of MADFIST Retro may seem simple, you’ll need to challenge your tap timing skill. Each tap will bring the fist down immediately, so if your tap isn’t perfectly timed to squash a target, you’ll hit the ground and end your turn. Keep your timing perfect, and you’ll be on your way to a new high score!

As you rack up new high scores and an increasing hit count, you will unlock unique new targets like zombies, ghosts, aliens, robots, and more. And when you hit a crazy new high score, you can share your accomplishment directly from the app to friends using Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network app on your phone.

Check out MADFIST Retro on the App Store today!

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Flo Music: Sync, Stream, Share


flo-music-screen-08Flo Music, designed by Space Monkey, is a new and fun way to share music will all of your friends.

Flo Music lets nearby users connect together and create music playlists easily and with style. Users can choose to have music beamed to each device or choose to have music play on one central device which can then be plugged into a speaker source for all to listen. Flo is an instant social playlist whenever and wherever.

Upon launching Flo Music you will be presented with up to two options, Create a Flo or Join a Flo. You will only see Join a Flo if there is someone in your vicinity that has already created a Flo and you can connect up to 10 devices to that Flo at any given time. If, for whatever reason, a Flo isn’t showing up tap on the Refresh button in the top right hand corner and Flo Music will search for any new playlists.

flo-music-screen-02Creating a Flo is simple and takes no time at all. Tap on Create a Flo from the main screen and you will be prompted to give your Flo a name. Once you’ve created the playlist it is then time for you to add music. Tapping on the “+” button will allow you to select from music, that resides on your device, and add it to the playlist. Keep in mind that you can only add 10 songs at a time by default but this can be changed in the settings if you’d like.

flo-music-screen-03Once the songs have been added they will automatically begin playing in the order they were added. If anyone is connected to your Flo they will see the playlist and all of the songs and will have the ability to add songs from their device. The host device has the ability to skip songs, increase the song limit, shuffle the playlist, and more. Users connected to the Flo can use Play Next credits to select a song from the playlist that they would like to hear next.

flo-music-screen-01Flo Music will use your existing WiFi network to broadcast a Flo to enable streaming to other devices. If you are not connected to a WiFi network Flo will use your device to create a HotSpot and allow users to join that way. If a device wonders out of range the Flo will disconnect and stop play but don’t worry, if that device comes back in range Flo will automatically reconnect.

Flo Music is your social playlist.

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Days – Event Countdown


Days – Event Countdown is a beautiful countdown to all of the events that matter to you. Days displays all of your events with gorgeous cover images with vital text information overlaid. Days organizes events by category allowing users to sort events by what’s happening. Days – Event Countdown helps countdown to all of the special moments in life, designed exclusively for the iPhone running iOS 8.1.

Creating events in Days – Event Countdown is simple and fast. Tapping on the “+” in the top right corner of the main screen will take users into the event creation page. On the event creation users can choose a cover photo, either from the camera roll or by taking a new photo, give the event a title, choose the date of the event, and select a category of the event. Once all of the information is filled in the event will be create and the banner will be added to the homepage.

Tapping on an even in Days – Event Countdown will bring the event full screen showing off the beautiful cover image that was chosen. From the event users can edit, favorite, and share the event. Editing the event will bring users to the event creation page where they can edit the details of the event. Favoriting the event will add the event to the favorites list for easy access. Sharing the event will allow users to add a personal message, edit the photo and text, and add or remove the days icon before sharing to all of their friends.

Events are important, whether they’re big or small. Remember all of the events that matter with Days – Event Countdown.

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DreamTwits is a social network for dreamers. Users can come onto DreamTwits and post what they dreamed about, day dreams or night dreams, anonymously. Users of DreamTwits can then comment on other dreams and discuss that dream privately with the poster if they should like to. Post a dream to a category or use a hashtag to get maximum exposure! Start logging dreams today with DreamTwits.

The Home section of DreamTwits is where the feed of dreams will be. Images at the top of the feed are dreams that have recently been posted. There is also a section at the top of this menu that will let users cycle between Day Dreams and Night Dreams. Tapping on a dreams image will load the image full screen where users can read what the dream was and see the corresponding image. From this page users can engage others in the comments, like the dream, and even private message the user who posted the dream. Tapping on a users profile image will take you to their profile where you can see just that specific users dreams.

Posting a dream with DreamTwits is simple and quick. Tap on the Share Dream button and then the user can select to post either a Day Dream of Night Dream, the process is the same for both. After selecting the type of dream to be posted the user can then enter the text of their dream. The next step will be selecting an image to go with the dream. DreamTwits will do it’s best to find an image that suits the keywords of the dream but users can also choose to use their own image. Once the image and text are done the user will then select a category and hashtags that they would like to add. Multiple categories and hashtags can be used when posting a dream. Once that’s done the dream will be posted for all users of DreamTwits to see in the categories and hashtags chosen.

Explore dreams will fellow dreamers. Download DreamTwits for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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