KPI Alerts


KPI Alerts is a must-have app for business of every size; from start-ups to small and medium business, all the way to large enterprises! With the freedom of mobile devices and the addition of the KPI Alerts app you can now monitor the performance of your business anytime from anywhere.

From the dashboard of KPI Alerts you can see an overview of all of the KPI’s that you are monitoring. Each KPI will show you the tile that you have set-up for it and on the right hand side of that you can see if there have been any changes. Red will reflect negative changes and green will reflect positive changes, yellow will be displayed when minimal or no changes have occurred.

KPI Alerts is very easy to set-up and get started, in fact it takes as little as 5 minutes to get started. You need to create an email template that you and those in your company will use. This is going to be the data the KPI Alerts reads and then interprets to show you the changing KPI’s. These templates will need to remain consistent, once KPI Alerts learns the template if will automatically update when emails are received. KPI Alerts will even allow you to import data from Google Analytics if you should choose to do so.

Keep track of what is going on with your business. Download KPI Alerts for your iPhone or Android Devices.

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Camping World


Camping World is going to be your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor adventure needs! With their new mobile app you can browse and shop for all of your camping needs right from your mobile device. On top of camping there are also areas for you to look for RV’s and even sign-up and manage your Good Sam membership.

The Shop section of Camping World is where you are going to find all of the gear that you need for your next great adventure. At the top of the screen you’ll see a Search field that you can input what you are looking for. Once you’ve found what you desire, tapping on it will bring up all of the detailed information. On the product page you can see the pricing, availability, weight, dimensions, and more. This is going to help ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Best of all, Camping World can even check Camping World stores stock and let you know what physical stores have what you’re looking for.

If roughing it in the wilderness isn’t your kind of thing then you’ll want to check the RV Sales section of Camping World. In this section of the app you can browse for new and use RV’s that you’re sure to love. Once you find a RV that you’re interested in, tapping on the listing will open it to the listing page. On the listing page you can see detailed photos, condition notes, mileage, pricing, and more. You can then submit at the bottom of the listing your interest and inquire to hear back from the seller. There is even a section for those of you who are interested in trading-in your RV for a newer one.

The last few sections of Camping World are going to help you locate or contact Camping World physical stores. With the Stores section you can see the location of Camping World stores that are close to you and see the stores hours. You can then contact the store to gather any additional information that you would need. The Current Ad on the main page of Camping World is an interactive ad for Camping World locations and website. Here you can see all of the specials and discounts that Camping World is currently offering and find that item you’ve always wanted.

Get all of your camping and outdoor adventure needs with Camping World. The Camping World app has been optimized for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android Devices. Download it today and happy camping!

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If you’ve been looking for a creative way of using your handwriting as a keyboard then Penquills has got you covered. Penquills is a revolutionary 2-in-1 custom keyboard for iPhone’s and iPad’s running iOS 8. Penquills combines single character and whole word recognition inside of one powerful and easy to use keyboard.

To enable the use of Penquills you will have to set it up as a keyboard in the system settings of your device. This will allow you to use Penquills as the default keyboard of your device, if you should wish to do so. Keep in mind that you will have to give Penquills full access to your device so that it can create and keep track of your user dictionary, this is something that all third party iOS keyboards require.

To use the single character input method you will have to hold your device in portrait mode. This will allow you to handwrite single letters, symbols, or numbers one at a time to create your words. Penquills will learn how you communicate with others and will predict words above the keyboard that it feels that you may use. You can change how quickly Penquills will allow you to write in individual letters in the Settings of Penquills, by default it lets you input within 2-3 seconds after each character is recognized.

If you are wanting to write in words instead of just characters at a time you’ll have to rotate your device into landscape. This will convert the keyboard into a whole word recognition mode where you can write multiple words at a time to formulate your sentences. This makes texting or jotting down notes much faster and easier, in my opinion, than using the single character method. This is where adding words into the custom dictionary in the Penquills settings comes in handy because as you’re writing Penquills does its best to ensure what you are writing is actually what you are wanting to input and will input the closest match to what you’ve written.

Penquills brings the feel of writing on paper to your iOS device. Make writing more personal, download Penquills in the App Store.

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Learning a new language can be a difficult task. You have to keep track of all of the new words that you’re learning as well as all of the new verbs, adjectives, and tenses. Most people get hung up on the verb tenses when learning a new language, as some languages have more than others. Enter LearnBots, your guide to verb tenses in foreign languages, with over 26 different language translations that you can learn.

iPad App Demo

iPhone App Demo

When you launch LearnBots on you are taken into a list of verbs tailored to the language you have chosen. Once you have selected a verb that you would like to lean the chart will change (iPad) or the chart will appear (iPhone) and you can begin learning. On the left hand side of the screen you can see the pronoun that you are matching the verb tense to. At the top of the chart you can see the verb tense and from there all you have to do is match the tense with the pronoun and you can learn the verb tenses for the word you have selected. Tapping on a verb tense on the chart will play the audio of how to pronounce the verb. Tapping on the English flag will flip the chart to English so you can see what the verb is in English. Tap the flag again and it will flip it back to the learning language.

Above the chart in LearnBots there is an animated video that you can play that will act out the verb that you have chosen. The audio will pronounce the word so you know how to say it and then you are presented with a nice 3D animated movie of the verb. There’s no better way to understand it than to see the word in action.n

Each of LearnBots apps will default to the language that you purchased + English. So if you purchased the French LearnBots app you will default to French and English on the list of verbs. If you would like you can change the list to French and another language by going into the settings of LearnBots and selecting one there. This will change the list in the List Menu to show the learning language and your selected language. This will not change the chart, the chart itself is always going to be the learning language and English.

If, for whatever reason, LearnBots does not have the verb you are looking for there is an area where you can add in your own. This is great because you can add in the verb to a personal list and then you are the one responsible for filling out the verb tense chart. You can then take the verb that you have entered in and quiz yourself or someone else and learn that way as well. There are plenty of learning opportunities with LearnBots.

LearnBots has over 26 language apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Download them for your device and being learning the language you’ve always dreamed of.

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Traveling with your iPhone is a breeze with MapItOut. MapItOut turns your iPhone into a full fledged navigation system with a built-in travel planner. Best of all is that all of the data stays safe and secure on your device, it is not collected in any manner.

MapItOut was built with the user in mind. You are able to search any city that you wish, preferably one that you are traveling to, and from there you are able to plot out your trip. You can add markers to the map in MapItOut so you can see exactly where you would like to go. This allows you to pin out landmarks and points of interest for your trip. Best of all you can get directions to these points from within MapItOut that way you won’t have to bounce back and forth between apps to plan and travel.

Once you have your route planned out you can then share it via Facebook or Twitter for all of your friends and family to see. This can be useful if you are visiting a new location and would like some pointers on what you should go and see. People can then see it on social media and reply back to you and let you know where you should go. If you’d prefer to keep your trip private you can share the MapItOut plans via Bluetooth. This will keep it secret and only viewable on the devices that you’ve shared it to.

If you’re at a location that you’ve never visited before MapItOut has a nifty search Points of Interest feature that will let you look selected categories in your area. This can be helpful if you are looking for a nice restaurant to eat at or a great place to get coffee. This can come in handy if you’re used to having a Starbucks before starting your day! There is also a feature that will help you find your parked car while you’re out, just mark the location where you parked and after you’re done eating or enjoying your coffee you can easily find your way back to your vehicle.

Make sure to download MapItOut before going on your next trip!

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Managing multiple event calendars can often lead to lots of confusion and tons of frustration! But not anymore, thanks to RSVme which aims to be an event manager that will pull in event invites and creations from multiple sources. This is going to make planning and attending events a simple breeze, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without RSVme.

RSVme allows you to easily create events and invite your friends and family. All you have to do is tap on the create button and you’ll be taken to the event creation page. From here you can add all of the vital information that an even needs; a picture, title, date, time, location, and more. Once you have your event created you’ll then be able to send it out to your friends and/or family that you would like to attend the event. All you need for this is to have the person in your contacts on your iPhone and you’re good to go!

If you seem to get invited to lots of events through Facebook then RSVme has you covered there as well. Connect RSVme with you Facebook account and any event that you are invited to through Facebook will then show up in RSVme. Best of all any actions that you take on RSVme will reflect to the event invite on Facebook and vice-versa. You’ll never have to answer those pesky invites on Facebook again!

If you live in city where there always seems to be something going on RSVme is going to work wonders. Any public event that is listed online will show up in RSVme and you’ll be able to browse through them all and decide what event you’d like to attend. You’ll never miss out on an opportunity to get out and do something fun in your local area.

Lastly, if you are trying to create a private event, like a surprise birthday party, RSVme will allow you to mark the event as private so only the people that you’ve invited will be able to see all of the details. Don’t spoil the surprise for you friends or family again!

Download RSVme for your iPhone or iPod Touch today!

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Zoom Social – Shake, Locate, Share


Zoom Social is a personalized Twitter news feed that features location based photos and text directly from your iPhone. Zoom Social’s interface is very easy to use and finding what you’re looking for is a breeze. Shaking your iPhone will zoom you in on the map and show you trending content around your current location. This will include photos and text from Twitter that are popular in your area or that are currently trending in your area.

The navigation on the bottom of Zoom Social will allow you to jump between tabs and see more content. There is a more tab that will allow you to see specific topics such as followers, twitter users, topics, and more. Tapping on one of those topics will pull up Twitter cards and show you vital information about the topic you’ve selected. This will include user information, replies, and will allow you to favorite, retweet, and reply from the bottom of the card.

There is a mentions tab that works in a similar fashion to the More tab. This will show you a grid of popular mentions in your area. Tapping on one of those will show you the Twitter profile of the mention and then allow you to reply to them and then use all of your favorite Twitter features. This can come in handy to see who is popular on Twitter in your area.

Zoom Social also has the ability to post directly to your Twitter feed. All you need to do is open up the Camera tab, snap or choose a photo, and then you are presented with a Tweet sheet. From there all you need to do is compose your Tweet and send it out to all of your followers. This will then show up on the Zoom Social map and all users of Zoom Social will be able to see your tweets.

Zoom Social is an excellent platform for you to browse real time discussions that are taking place around you from the ease and portability of your mobile device. Be the one that’s always in the know with Zoom Social. Download it today for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Looking to take your amulet collection to the digital age? RUNICO is the app for you. With RUNICO you can create amulets for all of your needs including categories like; love, success, protection, career, and health. Best of all RUNICO is designed to work with any platform, iOS and Android users rejoice!

When using RUNICO you select from one of the main categories to see the amulets that are already built for you. There are different ones based upon different needs but RUNICO has a wide variety that should suit your needs. If the prebuilt amulets don’t cut it for you RUNICO has an amulet builder where you can customize and create an amulet that fits your needs.

Once you have selected or created your desired amulet RUNICO will then “charge” the amulet for you to begin using. Then from there all you need to do is all it to either the built-in wallpapers or a wallpaper of your choice. RUNICO will keep a running tab of all of the amulets that you have chosen so you can switch them out as required. Gain all of the ancient wisdom and experience of runologists right on your mobile device!

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Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music


sounds-of-christmas-iphone2If you are looking to put on a one man concert for you family and friends this holiday season then look no further than Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music. With this musical app on your device you are sure to wow everyone you encounter.

When you first launch Sounds of Christmas you are given to option to choose either Right of Left handed use. This is done to ensure that everyone is able to make their music sound amazing without having to limit themselves to one mode. You can then pick from multiple fan favorite Christmas sounds and sounds including; Jingle Bells, Santa’s Sleigh, Snowball Fights, and more. Once you’ve picked a song or sound to play all you have to do is hold your device upright and shake it, then the Sounds of Christmas will being to fill the room with holiday cheer. You can shake your device for as long as you want and the sounds and songs will keep playing!

sounds-of-christmas-iphone3If you are familiar with reading musical sheets then Sounds of Christmas has you covered as well. There is a note-sheet that will tell you precisely how to hold your device and how to shake it to get the notes to play just right. You can, of course, just shake the device freely to make the notes play but you’ll be sure to have more fun playing it the way that it was intended to sound.

Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music is going to provide you with countless hours of holiday fun. Be a one person concert or have friends and family join in and put on a musical show! Sounds of Christmas puts a modern twist on classical Christmas tunes. Spread Christmas cheer this holiday season. Download Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music for your iPhone and iPod Touch today!

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VOOL – Animated Movie Maker & Editor


VOOL is a video editing app that comes with all the tools you need to create picture perfect movies and share them with the world! VOOL is the only movie maker app where you can add a set of animation video stickers right into your movies!

Start making your own personal movies by recording straight from the app using the camera functions. Then use the editor tools by simply tapping multiple clips to rearrange them however you like. You can easily stitch together or edit multiple clips to create your picture perfect masterpiece!

You can also share stories by inviting your friends to “Vool it” with you and use it to create endless video strings!

Download VOOL – Animated Movie Maker & Editor on the App Store
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Camera capture and video editor tools
– Capture the moments around you and record up to thirty seconds of video using VOOL’s camera functionality
– Easy clip editing and stitching, rearrange different clips with a few taps and touches

VOOL is the only app that lets you add a set of video animation sticker right into your video clip! Place your animated stickers at any point in your video and then set them to move, pose and dance how you like!

Choose from a variety of different stickers that fit perfectly into your movie. Prop stickers are perfect for adding “accessories” to your selfie videos and moving stickers make your movie dynamic!

Animated movie stickers with effects
– More than 7 different sets of animated characters, each with multiple poses
– More than 10 prop stickers great for up close and personal videos
– Prop stickers include different accessories to decorate your selfie movies and group clips – Use different animated characters and their different poses to add life to your videos.

Once you’ve created your story perfect video, VOOL lets you share it with friends and family! Send your personalized video through all your favorite apps including Wechat, Whatsapp or Line! Even share through Facebook or Twitter!

VOOL even has its own community of creative and active video enthusiasts that enjoy cool benefits only VOOL can offer.
– Show your video work with other movie aficionados and discover more videos yourself
– Invite your friends to collaborate and co-create VOOLs video stories
– Participate in video gigs and win swag and rewards
– Track the views and status of your uploaded video creation

Even more video editing features and effects!
– Personalize and enhance your video clip by adding colorful drawings and sketches – Add voice overs to your video clips for sound effects or commentary
– Options to add music or sounds to your video clips to set the right mood
– Ability to add text and titles to videos
– Option to make videos into Tiles 2X2, 1X2
– Auto skin- Background screen changes automatically
– Chose the thumbnail for your video cover

VOOL takes your creativity and puts it on video. Get all the tools you need for your picture perfect video masterpiece and download VOOL today!