VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited services all users to ensure their online security by creating Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. VPN Unlimited frees users from bandwidth, speed, or connectivity limitations. Enjoy all of the benefits of your favorite online resources anywhere, anytime with VPN Unlimited.

From VPN Unlimited’s main screen you can see your devices real IP address as well as the current status of your VPN connection. If you are currently connected to a VPN you will see the country that you are masking your IP to and an IP address for that country. If you toggle the VPN off you can then select from a list of other countries to create a VPN to. Once a country is selected VPN Unlimited will create a VPN connection and give you another IP address. Whatever country you are connected to when exiting the app will be the one that VPN Unlimited automatically connects to upon it’s next launch.

VPN Unlimited requires an account be made in order to use their services. If it’s your first time using VPN Unlimited you will get 10 days free of charge. During the trial you can enjoy all of the benefits of VPN Unlimited without restriction. Once the trial is up you will need to subscribe to one of VPN Unlimited’s time-limited packages.

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Memoreze Collage Maker


Memoreze Collage Maker takes the photos from your iPhone or iPad and quickly creates a book of photo collages for you to share with friends and family. You can also invite others to your booklet so they can view it or add their own photos to the book as well. Memoreze Collage Maker also has a chat feature for each booklet so you can share ideas or reminisce about the trip you just took. Memoreze creates an awesome photo collage book easily and quickly for each and every occasion.

Memoreze Collage Maker shows all of the booklets you’ve create on the main page. From there you can choose to either view a previously created booklet or create a new one. To create a new booklet tap on the “+” in the top right hand corner. You can select up to 12 images initially to create your booklet, you can add more later on. Once you’ve selected the photos you’ll be asked to give the booklet a name and choose a cover photo. After all of this is done you’ll be able to view your newly created booklet.

To view a booklet tap on the cover image from the main menu. From there you can view all of the photos that have been added to the booklet. Tapping on an image will bring it full screen where you can then save it to your camera roll or share it with your favorite social apps. To share the entire booklet, tap on the share button from a page of the book there you can invite other users to the book or share the book to Facebook for everyone to see. If you share it with another user they can then come into the book and add their own photos or comment on the book in the chat section. If you would like to add more photos to the booklet tap on the “+” from a page and there you can select more photos to be added and Memoreze Collage Maker will automatically create new pages for you.

Share all of your favorite memories with Memoreze Collage Maker. Download Memoreze Collage Maker for the iPhone and iPad.

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Drag Race: RUSH


Drag Race: RUSH puts players in the driver’s seat of some of the most exotic and fastest cars around. Putting players in the streets of Mumbai, London, and Miami, Drag Race: RUSH is one of the most adventurous drag racing games around. Players can upgrade and purchase new vehicles to ensure that they are the ultimate Drag King. Own the streets in Drag Race: RUSH.

The Garage is where your rides will live and where you will do the upgrades to your rides. On the left side of the screen will be a list of upgrades and parts that you can purchase. Each upgrade will be done automatically and will increase the power of your ride. Other aesthetics such as wings, hood scoops, paint, rims, and more can also be purchased for your ride as well. Adding the aesthetics will raise your rides street cred and give you a bit more power as well. Purchasing upgrades will add value to your ride as well, so if you choose to sell it for a better one later on you’ll get back what you put into it. Once your ride is fixed up it’s time to take to the streets.

Racing in Drag Race: RUSH is pure adrenaline fun! Tap on the accelerate button to start revving your engine as the timer counts down. Be sure to keep it in the green to get a perfect shift otherwise you’ll start off behind the other driver. Under-shifting will under power your ride and make you accelerate slower while Over-Revving will cut power to your engine and keep you from getting all of the power out of your engine. Keeping your shifting in the green will boost your ride with each shift ensuring your way to victory. If you’ve added NOS to your ride be sure and use that by tapping and holding down on the NOS button on the left side of the screen. Be careful though, NOS will give you a big boost and can send your RPM’s skyrocketing and can ultimately hurt you as well.

As you advance through each race you will earn money which you can then use to upgrade or purchase new rides. Low level races will yield small rewards while taking down street kings will yield big payouts. After you’ve finished each race in one area you will then unlock the ability to race in a different area. You will start off racing in Mumbai and you’ll make your way to the streets of Miami!

Feel the real adrenaline kick in as the realistic scenery flies by you as you defeat you opponent! Try Drag Race: RUSH for the iPhone and iPad.

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Rooftop Frenzy


Rooftop Frenzy puts players on a mission to rid a city of all evil playing as a stickman Kung Fu master! Running across the urban rooftops players will punch, kick, spin, and jump through all enemies that should oppose them. Collect coins to purchase power-ups for the Kung Fu master to ensure that you complete your mission. Get as far as you can in Rooftop Frenzy, your city depends on it!

Rooftop Frenzy’s gameplay is all gesture driven, you’ll have to swipe across the screen for your Kung Fu master to fight. Swiping up will make the Kung Fu master jump, swiping down will make him slide, swiping right will make him punch, and swiping left will make him kick. You can also combine swipes to do special moves such as swiping down and right will do a drop punch, swiping up and left will do a spin kick, swiping up twice will do a double jump, and double tapping will activate your shield. Some of the enemies you will encounter can only be defeated by the special moves but if you use them on regular enemies you will receive extra points for doing so.

The Store in Rooftop Frenzy is where you can purchase coins to enable you to get some power-ups. The power-ups in Rooftop Frenzy are Double Jump and Shield. The Double Jump will allow the Kung Fu master to jump twice as high as he normally would be able to. This can come in handy when there is a large gap in-between rooftops and you aren’t going to make it. The Shield will protect the master from all dangers for a short amount of time. When the shield is active you won’t need to attack enemies or duck below obstacles. The power-ups will help you ensure that the Kung Fu master defeats as many enemies as possible.

Take down any and all enemies in Rooftop Frenzy. Try Rooftop Frenzy for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Dubai Racing


Build your racing empire with Dubai Racing. In Dubai Racing you are going to battle the speed hungry monsters and fight to dominate the roads of Dubai. Players will create an empire, own the most exotic cars, build the best crews, and own the greatest garages. You will join forces with the most skilled drivers for the most thrilling car battle in Dubai Racing.

The Garage is where you will plan your next moves in Dubai Racing. From the Garage you can upgrade your car, purchase new rides, recruit new drivers, upgrade your mechanic, chat with other users, enter races, and more. This is the heart and soul of your crew, what you do in the garage will resonate on the field when you are racing against other speed demons.

When you’re ready to battle other crews you’ll enter the Race arena where you’ll battle it out for street dominance. Each race has a certain criteria that must be met before you can battle. Often times the criteria could be a specific class of car or driver, the number of vehicles your crew has, or certain skill levels. Each race is typically the same method, collect more cones that your opponent. Sometimes there will be a time limit and other times there will be elimination rounds but the gameplay is fast and exciting.

If you’re wanting to kick it up a notch try the Matchmaking Mode in Dubai Racing. Matchmaking will pit you against other users and have you battle it out for trophies to show who is the ultimate racer. You can also connect Dubai Racing with your Facebook account and challenge your friends to races and get all of the bragging rights when you beat them.

Become the ultimate racing machine in Dubai Racing. Try it for your iPhone and iPad.

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Evanesce: Photo & Video Share


Evanesce is a new social networking app for your iPhone that makes it easy and quick to send your friends photos and videos. Each photo or video sent with Evanesce will self-destruct after 15 seconds, you’ll never have to worry about your friends saving those embarrassing selfies that you’ve sent them! Evanesce also has an anonymous send feature that will generate a code that you can send in secret so your friends won’t know who sent it, quite fun!

Evanesce’s main page is where you are going to be spending most of your time as your messages and friend requests will show up here. If your friends have sent you a photo or video message they will show up in the messages section of the main screen of Evanesce. What’s neat is that Evanesce will show you each individual message, even if there are multiple from the same person. Plus, Evanesce will differentiate between video and photo messages with a little video camera icon next to video messages. Tapping on a message will load it for you to view and from there you tap and hold on the screen to view the message, keep in mind that these messages will only last 15 seconds so be sure and get a good look.

The friends tab in Evanesce is where all of your friends will live. Coming into this section will show you everyone that you’ve friended as well as any friend requests that you’ve sent that are awaiting responses. Swiping right on a friend’s name will allow you to delete them from your friends list, but honestly, why would you want to do that!? In the top right hand corner of the friends tab you can add new friends by searching for their username and then tapping on the plus button that shows up next to their profile image. The more friends that you have the more fun that Evanesce will be.

Now that you’ve got all of your friends added to Evanesce, it’s time to send some messages. Tap on the camera button on the main screen and you can choose a photo or video from you camera roll to send or take a new photo or video. Which ever you decide to do you will end up with either a photo or video to send to your friends. When you’ve chosen the photo or video that you’d like to send its time to select weather you want to send it to your friends or send anonymously. If you chose to send it to your friends you will then be asked to select which friends you want to send the photo or video to and then it will be sent. If you choose to send anonymously you will be given a code that you can send through any messaging app that someone can then come into Evanesce and enter to see the message.

Surprise your friends with a photo or video they’re weren’t expecting with Evanesce. Try it for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Horoscope Evaluator


There are plenty of horoscope apps that will let you read your daily horoscope and then move on with your life. But what if you wanted a more personalize horoscope? Enter Horoscope Evaluator, an app where you can read your horoscope and then rate the horoscope bases upon accuracy! Horoscope Evaluator features daily horoscopes from the top 20 web portals and combines them into a single feed so you don’t have to spend the time scouring the web for the information yourself.

Horoscope Evaluator’s main section, where you will be spending a majority of your time, is the My Portals tab. Here you will see a list of the top 20 web portals for horoscopes. Next to each of the portals names you will see a number representing the Average and Recent. The Average number represents the average rating that you’ve given the portal and the Recent number represents the most recent rating you’ve given the portal. Tapping on a portals name will take you to the web page where you can read your horoscope for the day. You can read only one or you can go through and read them all, it’s really up to you. At the end of the day, you should come back into Horoscope Evaluator and rate the accuracy of each one of the portals thus ensuring that tomorrows horoscopes will be displayed in order or relevance.

The Top Portals tab in Horoscope Evaluator shows the list of Portals but sorts them by user rating. Trying this section may quickly help you see what users are identifying with the most and help you choose the best ports for you to ready. The Notes tab is a section where you can take notes about your horoscopes or anything in general. You can add voice memos and photos to your notes if you would like to do so.

Stop searching the internet for the best horoscope websites, let Horoscope Evaluator help you find them. Test it out for yourself!

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Boatrax is a new way to log and capture your boat outings as well as share them with family and friends. With Boatrax you can share you location to enable your boating friends to find you and meet up and go on your next great adventure. You can share photos of your boating experiences with the social aspect of Boatrax and even invite friends to join you inside the boating world of Boatrax.

When you first launch Boatrax you will be prompted to create an account which you can do so by signing in with Facebook. From there you will need to completed the process of filling out detailed information on the boat you own. The information provided here will be used in your boat logs that Boatrax provides for you, some of the information will also be viewable when someone comes and views your profile later on. Once you’ve added your boat and fill out the profile information it’s time to dive into Boatrax and capture you moments!

When you are ready to launch you’ll want to visit the Snapshot tab of Boatrax. Here you will log all of your events that you take your boat out on. Tapping on the plus button next to Last Trip Info will allow you to enter in your trip details and log your boat hours and generator hours. In the Trip Entry page you can add a photo of your tip, add start and end locations, and add in your average consumption. This will then be posted to your boats logs and your profile where your friends on Boatrax can then view at a later time.

If you would like to engage the users of Boatrax you can visit the OnDeck tab where you can make public posts and updates. In the OnDeck tab you can share photos to the Boatrax community and then users can come and comment and like your photos. The same will work with public posts, just write something and it will be posted to all of the users. In the OnDeck tab you will also see any notifications that you’ve received in the top right corner of the screen.

Boatrax is a great app for boating enthusiasts or beginners alike. It brings a social aspect of boating to the digital age. Download it for your device and make those boating trips more exciting!

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Hot Rider!


Hot Rider is a nifty app that allows you to set up and request carpools for the corporate world! All you need is an existing LinkedIn account, a car, and other coworkers in need or a ride. It is the hopes of Hot Rider to address the needs of carpooling by reducing carbon emissions in busy cities.

First launching Hot Rider presents you with the Login screen where you can either create an account using your LinkedIn credentials or login using your Hot Rider account email and password. Once you are in, you’ll need to fill out all of the vital information such as your name, phone number, car type, car color, currency accepted, and more. This will allow the riders that you pick up for a carpool easily identify your vehicle as well as contact you should then need to do so. Once all of the vitals are imputed and stored, it’s time to schedule your first carpool trip.

Scheduling a carpool is quite simple and takes no time at all. Tapping in the top right corner of the screen will open the side menu where you can navigate Hot Rider, from there tap on the Publish Trip tab and you can create your trip. In the schedule section you will fill out the Source, the point of origin, and the Destination, the end point. Once you have the addresses imputed you can then select the date and time for the trip. If this trip is something that is going to happen each and every day you can select that under the date and time, this will save you from having to come in each day and add a new trip. Once you’re ready tap on Publish Route and you can select from up to three different routes based upon the start and end point. Now you’re ready for others to join your carpool!

Other users of Hot Rider will be able to see your trip and request a ride. From there you will get notifications and message from riders who would like to join your carpool. Once your car is full, you’re ready to go! Happy carpooling and safe travels.

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Office Rumble


If you’ve ever dreamed of clobbering the people in your life that annoy you don’t look any further than Office Rumble. Office Rumble puts you in the shoes of an ordinary citizen that is determined to make it to the top of the ladder. This citizen is then tasked with making allies that will assist him with his ambitions to climb the ladder. Once you’re ready to take over you are then placed in an intense combat ring where you can defeat all of the joe schmoes that you’ve been dreaming about.


Office Rumble has simple and easy to use touch-controls that will help you defeat your enemies in the intense combat arena. The controls are so simple that you can hold your device in one hand and play Office Rumble with just one finger. Tapping and holding on the left side of the screen will block incoming attacks and then tapping on the right side of the screen will attack your enemy. Office Rumble’s combat style will put you face-to-face with up to three opponents each with unique fighting styles, attacks, blocks, and lethal skills.


Office Rumble’s combat style is a familiar feel to anyone that has ever played Street Fighter or Tekken before. You are in a 2D arena where you are face-to-face with your opponents and the one that defeats the other first wins! While your fighting it’s always important to keep track of your Health and Fever Meter in the top left corner. Once you have built up enough Fever you will be able to attack your opponent with furious moves! If you ever feel that you are getting beat down you can use your special move to break their hold on you and defeat them once and for all! Some opponents that you defeat will be able to join your team and fight for your side of victory.

If playing with bots isn’t your thing you can compete in 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 battles will your friends with Office Rumble online. You can take the characters that you’ve acquired and compete with millions around the world or compete with your friends down the street. You’ll get bragging rights if you can make it to the leaderboard.


Office Rumble features a wide variety of characters and equipment that characters can collect and equip for combat. After each round you can level up characters, and increase their skills, on your team to make them the ultimate fighter. You can equip your characters will different items that will give them new abilities, upgrade power-ups, and make them a stronger fighter! Take your team and conquer the world!


Build the ultimate team, challenge your friends, and take down all of the annoying people in your life. Office Rumble is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Download Office Rumble for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from the App Store!

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