Sudoku Solver Camera


The Sudoku Solver Camera app is the fastest way to solve a Sudoku. Our app is basically a video camera that scans for Sudokus. After a Sudoku has been detected the video camera captures an image, the Sudoku will be solved and the missing digits will be filled in automatically.

All done in the blink of an eye.

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Amazing Features
Get excited about our Sudoku Solver Camera

Just move the Sudoku into the frame and you’re done

High-Speed algorithms allow fast Sudoku detection and solving

No need to type or copy any digits manually

All video stream computations are calculated in real-time

First of all you need decent lighting (daylight is preferable). Hover your phone close above your Sudoku then move up until the Sudoku fits into the frame. Move your device slowly to enhance detection quality.

Sudoku Solver Camera supports square shaped Sudokus. High contrast, straight borders, clear and large enough digits are mandatory. Almost all newspapers meet these requirements per default.

Yapert: Your Interests. Your Way.


Yapert let’s you discover more about the things you love, connect with people and express yourself. See what your favorite bands, athletes, celebs and more have been sharing, all in one place. We bring you the best visual content from across the social web. Be the first to see what’s happening and catch behind the scenes action.

You design your experience. Select your Favorites to organize content, integrate friends into your activity, curate your space and develop your own fan base.

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With Yapert you can:
• Select your Favorites – We’ll notify you every time they have new content
• Save Anything – Create your own “Stacks” of the photos and videos you love
• Send Messages – To your friends on Yapert
• Connect & Participate – With other fans through comments and contest
• Share Everything- Through social media, email & text

Inside Pass subscriptions: $0.99/month per Star. For convenience, Inside Pass subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Current subscribers can turn off auto-renewing by visiting iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Top 5 Apps That Use Touch ID


Although the Apple iPhone 5s brought with it a new hardware feature, this year’s iOS 8 unleashes the fingerprint-reading TouchID sensor for developers to use. This enables some very cool time saving features like logging into financial services or anything that might need to be private. We have found some of the best and most popular apps that have been updated to take advantage of this new feature. Check it out:




Mint is a personal finance app that brings together all of your accounts from the financial institutions you use to help you get your finances in order. This app includes excellent budgeting and analysis tools to make the most of your money. Mint is ready for iOS 8 right from the start with added features like logging in withyour finger print using  Touch ID.



Amazon is one of the most popular retailers in the world, the self-touted “everything store” has nearly everything you could possibly imagine for sale and home delivery. Their mobile app makes shopping and purchasing on the go really fast. Now shopping is even faster with Touch ID support, so that you don’t have to type your Amazon account password to complete an order.


lastpassLastPass Premium

LastPass is one of the few great services for managing your hundreds of online user names and passwords. The service remembers and auto-populates all of your online log-ins using their browser plugins, and makes it easy manage them in their online interface. Their premium service enables the use of their smartphone app, which now has the ability to log into your “vault” using Touch ID.


dayoneDay One

Day One for iOS is the absolutely gorgeous and functional journaling app for your Apple mobile device. Not only does this app let you write text journal entries, you can also add pictures, videos, and show the local weather for the day. Day One is updated to make sure your journal is secured and accessible only by you with Touch ID.



Authy is your one-stop app for your two-factor authenticated log-ins like Facebook and Gmail. Almost any service that has two-factor authentication is compatible with Authy, and makes sensitive accounts even more secure. Using Touch ID in the latest update means your sensitive information is even more secure.

Dropper of Flags


The latest edition to “The Flag Bearer Saga” and the greatest flying flag-planting Viking story ever told! Thor is yet again on a quest to plant as many flags as he can, but this time by air! Are you Viking enough to plant a 100 flags? Share your progress to all of your friends and see how’s the best flag-planting Viking out there.

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* Easy and intuitive controls – just tap the screen to fly!
* Fly through an ENDLESS, BEAUTIFUL and CHALLENGING world!
* Share your planting-skills to Facebook or Twitter!
* Unlock A LOT of cool hats and gliders!



To-do Calendar, Innovative way to be well informed of the Task to-do, get reminders, get triggers based on location. Plan your upcoming tasks and events. No account to create and no sign-up required !!!

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Standout Features
– Clear visibility on task of the day, overdue and focus tasks
– Easy swipe based action
– Distinct views, outline your tasks and zoom with different attributes of the tasks
– Multiple calendars, horizontal or vertical, weekly or monthly
– Be organised based on priority
– Flexible process, set task attributes as per need and edit at any time as per the need

Cool and Fun
– Select a date in calendar directly to create a task
– Switch between weekly or daily layout on a double tap
– Drag and Drop task from a date to another
– Copy a task with all its attribute
– Swipe to Call/Email/Text …
– Maintain the frequently used contacts and location as favourites
– Quick pick your task from keywords
– Have detailed comments as a attribute to your task
– Smooth transition and data presentation
– Smart info list as a quick help guide

Giving you the Edge
– Have ability to create nested tasks, plan and be well prepared for the upcoming event with number of subTasks
– Create repetitive task, each occurrence can be further modified as per the need
– Set the task to repeat for every specific (occurrence) given day of a Week of a Month
– Mark a location for event or task, launch the map of that location from with-in the app
– Have full control over your tasks and events at one place
– Manage the order of your favourites for quick selection
– Settings to localize your need

Bundle – Terrific Access To The News, Articles and Magazines


Bundle is your new personal app that lets you follow any news from the most popular news sources to find out technology, travel, business, sports or breaking news around the World. You can read any news easily by using Bundle’s neat, typographic interface and have an exceptional reading experience in every moment you are using Bundle.

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• Reach the most popular RSS news feeds by using Bundle in variety of categories with an extraordinary reading pleasure. Easily find out the latest news under the titles of business, entertainment, travel, sports, technology, design, movies, magazines and much more.

• Get what you need – As you travel to different countries, Bundle suggests you the most related news sources by your location. You can create your own news Timeline under myBundle by selecting and adding the news sources or suggestions.

• Latest stories – Bundle uses a Time Management feature to deliver the latest stories and filter only the news in last 15-30-60 or 180… mins.

• Make it Personal – You can read only the news you like to read by Smart Filter feature. Just select any category and see the related news or simply mark any news you want to follow and view them under the MY BUNDLE menu to read them later.

• Enhanced search – Bundle’s search function brings you any result comes out by your key words in a few seconds. You can search among all the news, titles, columnists and more…

• Share your feelings – Bundle offers you an interactive news reading experience by let you to like, dislike or share any news you would like to.

Sustainability Compass

Think smarter, act smarter. You’d like to take decisions that produce more sustainable results. You’d like to produce a positive impact on society and nature with your family, your friends, at school or in business. The Sustainability Compass is your practical guide on this path towards sustainability. It shows you the different criteria and dimensions of sustainability and invites you to select four of them which shall inform your project. Build your own Sustainability Compass.

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After having selected the four criteria the app offers you a check list per criteria. This check list helps you to implement quickly and to do the right thing.
This will be the result : you think smarter and you act smarter!

After the installation of the app you can download a document with the content of the app. The document is designed in a way which allows you to create a card set. It comes with tips about how to play with the cards.

The content of the app is inspired by two scientific frameworks : The Natural Step (FSSD) and Human-scale development.


Are you FED UP with juggling multiple social network accounts? Then you need Social- Hub! Social-Hub is unlike any other app! It lets you easily review your friends’ social network content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even subscribe to your friends’ RSS feeds, so you’ll always been in the loop. Plus, you can post new content of your own to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – without ever having to leave the app!

Download Social-Hub on the App Store
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> Post, Read & Stay in the Loop
> Manage Social Networking Accounts > Native Look & Feel
> Password Protected
> and more!

***Manage & Control Accounts***
You can also use Social-Hub’s exceptional dropdown menus to manage each of your Social Network accounts. For example, you can view and edit their profile, browse favorites, see what’s trending, and more.

***Native Look & Feel***
Social-Hub has been designed to mimic the native look and feel of each social network app, so that you enjoy smooth, seamless and efficient interaction.

***Easy Cross-Posting***
With Social-Hub, you can easily cross-post your social media posts to multiple accounts, which saves you time and effort.

***One-Touch Message Viewing***
Social-Hub also features a fantastic one-touch shortcut to view messages – which is perfect for getting the latest updates and news in the shortest possible time.

***Clean, Easy Interface***
Social-Hub has been designed with clean, elegant and simple iOS 7-inspired interface. So it’s extremely easy-to-use and you’ll never waste time and effort searching for what you need.

***Add Visual Effects***
Want to add some personal style and flair? Social-Hub lets you add great visual effects and edit your photos prior to publishing them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

***Browse/Like Photos***
You can also browse and “like” Instagram photos anytime, anywhere.

***Enhanced Security***
Concerned that someone may be snooping or that your device may be lost or stolen? Social-Hub lets you password protect the app to prevent unauthorized access.

Lottery Live

The only lottery app of its kind, Lottery Live is proven to dramatically increase a lottery player’s chances of collecting their winnings. Each year over a billion dollars of lottery winnings go unclaimed.

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As a ticket management tool with state of the art number recognition software, a user can photograph their ticket(s) for any lottery drawing in the United States. The numbers will be automatically recognized and stored, and Lottery Live will provide immediate results (of any winnings due to the user, large or small) via push notification as soon as the lottery drawing is made.

Additionally, Lottery Live provides turn by turn GPS directions to the user’s local lottery retailer to purchase tickets or redeem winnings, assists in random number selection by providing results from a pool of “hot” or “overdue” numbers for a given lottery as well as many additional features.

Lottery Live allows the user to never miss out on collecting their winnings again.


 The world’s first app for rating your love making and keeping track of all aspects of your intimate time together. Whether you’re starting a new relationship, keeping a long term relationship alive, or even trying for a baby, it tracks and stores all of the statistics associated with the time you spend together. For a bit of fun it can also rate your performance based on the ages of you and your partner, worldwide statistics and an incredibly complex algorithm, that took years of arduous testing!

Download Tickl on the App Store
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Tickl offers a simple beautiful interface to document all the intimate times that you and your partner spend together. With a ‘one click’ start, pop the app under your pillow and after the session have a look to see how long you have spent together, how many calories were used and then compare your statistics against your previous sessions. Use the built in ‘tickl rating’ system (patent pending) and see if you can get your scores up each time!

Security is of the utmost importance to us; your information is never shared and the app can be easily password protected to hide your information from prying eyes.

Aimed at anyone over the age of 18, Tickl is truly revolutionary, download and see what everyone is talking about!

Key Features :
– Simple to use, beautiful interface and intricate Tickl rating system
– Tracks your calories used
– Documents all the intimate times you and your partner spend together
– World table shows which countries are ‘tickl’ing’ the most
– Post your ratings to Facebook or Twitter

Premium Features:
– Removes Ads
– Allows more than 5 sessions to be saved