Wakeup Call Alarm: Alarm Clock that Makes a Wakeup Phone Call


The best alarm clock is the one that wakes you up, right? Experience a new way to wakeup with an inspiring quote of the day. It is a pleasant way to wake you up in the morning.

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+ Receive an actual call to wake you up in the morning
+ Auto alerts your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and requests someone to keep trying to call you.
+ Schedule recurring alarms easily with an option to skip weekends
+ Set different alarms with different time zones
+ Listen to an inspiring quote every day
+ Compare morning wakeup times among Facebook friends

Currently, Wakeup Call can be used with USA phone numbers only.

Wakeup Call Alarm makes an actual phone call at your defined time and day even if months away. It allows you to create multiple alarms, with recurring functionality and an option to skip Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Most users would set their alarms once and forget about having to daily set it up or turn it off on weekends.

What’s unique?
+ Most alarm apps require you to keep the app running in the foreground, otherwise you miss the alarm! Wakeup Call app requires you to set it up once and then forget it.
+ No alarms today allow you to define a daily alarm with an option to skip weekends. Wakeup Call app does that.
+ Wakeup Call app is the first alarm capable to notify your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and request someone to wake you up.
+ To the frequent travelers: Schedule your alarms once your trip is confirmed and use the timezone option to easily schedule the correct time.

Wakeup Call app is redefining the Alarm concept and with your feedback and support will keep enhancing your morning experience.

Radar Wings

Looking for a refreshingly challenging FREE game that is fun, smart and simple, adventuerful and ultra addictive? Ready to take your love of tapping-style games to a whole new level? Then download Radar Wings today! This is really Easy & Trickiest Game on Mobile.

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***About Radar Wings***
With Radar Wings you control the altitude of an airborne plane, helicopter or rocket by tapping your screen and navigating your respective flying machine through a unending series of “radars”, which are essentially circles in the sky placed at various positions: some low, some high, some in the middle, and so on. Enjoy your flight.

***Score Points & Avoid Danger***
Each time you successfully make it through a radar, you earn a point and 10 points if you pass through Bermuda. But if you don’t make it, then you crash and fall into the ocean (sorry!) and must start again. Plus, as you fly you must deftly avoid birds and fly through mysterious “Bermuda Triangles” that appear after every 10 radars, and skilfully adjust to the fact that your plane, helicopter or rocket accelerates after every 10 radars, too.

***Amazing Sound Effects & Music***
Along the way, you’ll love Radar Wings’ amazingly realistic sound effects and two types of music (which you can switch between or mute as you wish). It really makes the experience intense and interesting!

***Connect with Facebook Friends***
Getting a great score on Radar Wings is fun – but bragging about it on Facebook to all of your friends is even better! That’s why the app features integrated social sharing. So go ahead, tell the world how skilled you are, and get your friends involved in all of the Radar Wings excitement.

***Leaderboard Integration***
Plus, you can climb the rankings via Leaderboard integration, which features updated scores. Can you make it all the way to the top? Download Radar Wings today and find out if you have the skill, focus and concentration it takes to be the best!

Photo Rodeo

PhotoRodeo is a unique and fun photo editing app that brings the rodeo to YOU! Tame wild animals and create impressive, action-packed photos of you and your friends riding them like a real rodeo star! When you access the app, either take a photo with your device or choose your favorite image from your personal gallery, outline your face and paste it onto one of our outrageous rodeo templates!

Personalize your photo creations even more with male, female, and child options!

Save and share your zany designs with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email or Text!

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*Choose photo from personal gallery or use the in-app camera
*Drag your finger around the outline of your face to cut your head from a photo
*Choose from a variety of photos, from Grizzly Bears, to Swordfish to Whales and Cats
*Chose Male, Female or Child setting for a more personal experience
*Save your collages to your device
*Share your PhotoRodeo creations via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter



Get ready for a colorful game, which is incredibly addictive, simple and fun! Tap the screen if the colors match. The color change starts out simple, but will progress until your brain is really put to the test. Try to keep your mind sharp, and last as long as you can to improve your highscore.

Collect stars and power ups to increase your score, but watch out for the power downs, because they might knock you down!

The minimalistic design and simple gameplay, provides an awesome experience. Find out if your mind can keep up with your fingers. Experience the fun of a challenging, yet simple gameplay.

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-Tap the big color bar that is changing color when it matches with the bar above to score points.
-If a power up appears, match the bars to collect it.
-To use the Magnet power up, shake your device to activate it.

* Simple gameplay
* Incredibly fun and addictive
* Collect stars and Power ups
* Beautiful design and minimalistic graphics
* Challenge your friends with leaderboards and see whose mind is the fastest.

Effects Studio

Whether you’re an occasional snapper or an enthusiast, perfect your shots with Effects studio and cater for almost everything you could want to do with your pictures. There’s plenty of fun to be had and produce stunning effects, too. Manipulate pictures of your friends in weird and wonderful ways, and some that distort pictures so heavily that, frankly, they should never see the light of day. Effects Studio provides basic image editing features with powerful effects and easy to use in mind.

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– Filters – Linear, vignette, instant, process, transfer, sepia, chrome, fade, curve, tonal, noir, mono, invert.
– Adjustment – Luminosity, contrast, color.
– Effects – Spot, hue, highlight, bloom, gloom, posterize, pixelate.
– Blur and Focus – Normal, circle, band.
– Crop – Portrait, landscape, five predefined sizes, custom.
– Rotate – 45 deg, custom, flip horizontally/vertically
– Resize – 8 predefined sizes: 240, 320, 480, 640, 800, 960, 1024, 2048 and custom
– Tone and Curve
– Splash to put the focus on one or several colors
– Draw with fingertips on your images
– Add text to your photos
– Stickers – 103 stickers conventional costs and horrors of sacrificing your friends
– 18 emoticons to express your mood
– 50 horror masks for a makeover to your friends or your family colègues
– 30 frames to enhance your photos
– 39 hairpieces to redo the head of your entourage

StitMe – Free Anonymous and Safe Communication


StitMe offers a completely secure way of connecting with people without revealing your actual mobile number. It is completely free and we guarantee 100% privacy when it comes to making and receiving calls. Privacy is a Right and StitMe gives it right back to you. You can now control who calls you, when they call you and you can even protect yourself against reverse number look ups.

The next time you make an outgoing call, the recipient will view a unique StitMe connection number instead of your mobile number. StitMe easily connects to your contact list and assigns a unique StitMe Connection Number to use any time you want.

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**Free and Unlimited**
We offer free unlimited talk time with crystal-clear call quality. Plus, you will also receive unlimited unique StitMe connections.

**Messaging Kill Switch**
You can now delete your message from both sides using the “Kill” switch – this is a first of its kind for any chat app!

**Personal Safety**
StitMe is the safest way for people to connect – it protects personal information and delivers complete communication control.

**Privacy & Protection**
StitMe’s unparalleled privacy protects your phone conversations from eavesdropping and government monitoring to corporations selling personal information.

**Reverse Lookup Safe**
Reverse lookup on your StitMe Numbers will not lead back to your information.

**We Don’t Track or Store Data**
We don’t track or save any data regarding your identity, phone calls, or messages.

No Ninja Turtle Dies


When the darkness falls, covered by the prosperity, shady activities are stealthily running in the darkest corner. Here comes our heroes, The Great Ninja Turtles! They are ordered by their master to clean off the crimes in the city. But the path of being a hero is never that easy, instead, it is full of frustration and trouble.

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At night, the Ninja turtles rush through the sewer to stop the crime. But the route is full of obstacles, they have to dodge all of them all by themselves.
-Classic style, evoke your memory about ninja turtles
-8 different charactors
-You wish you had 4 hands



Get the best and most versatile calendar views for your iPhone or iPad with Pro.Calendar™. It’s a powerful and intuitive calendar app designed for organizing your work and life events, such as appointments, tasks, todos, reminders, health and more. Improve the visibility of your daily events with a unified, intuitive and easy-to-read calendar. Includes list, day, week, month and year views with fast switching and customizable view choices. Perfect for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners, parents, students, GTD® enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to stay organized and on top of their daily agenda.

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Pro.Calendar works with any calendar that your iOS device calendar supports including iCloud and other online calendars.

Create iOS reminders and iOS calendar items directly from Pro.Calendar and view these items unified in Pro.Calendar. Add invitees from your iOS contacts.

Pro.Calendar includes a printable agenda and day, week, month and year views – configurable to individually show or hide your life and work events, such as appointments, health stats, tasks, trips, projects, checklists (to-do lists), notes, events from device calendars and more. Effortlessly switch to and from your views and easily search for any data item. Calendar item types and events from different calendars are color-coded for easy identification.

Associate notes from Evernote® and Toodledo® to projects, trips, goals and more. Associate tasks from Asana and GDrive to Pro.Calendar projects, goals and more. Link up files in Dropbox™, Box™, OneDrive™ (SkyDrive), and GDrive to Pro.Calendar projects, goals, events and other items. Instantly share and collaborate on items such as tasks through email. Discuss your items via Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.

Create custom daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Create custom schedules for specified days of the week. Designate a number of occurrences or use an end date.

Includes task and project management; events and appointments; travel; health, fitness and goals; notes, files and checklists; and media (audio and video). In-app purchases allow for additional topic items and views.

Comprehensive note-taking and file management included. Record and add audio and video, add photos and hand-write and draw with your finger or stylus. Drawing tools include 48 colors with alpha options; line widths; eraser; clear; undo; and email for drawings. Printing is also available for notes and drawings.

Customize your local notifications from Pro.Calendar to remind at the time of an event; 15 or 30 minutes before; 2, 4 or 12 hours before; or 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 30 or 60 days before. Or, skip the reminder. The device calendar is used for local notifications allowing you to take advantage of the Notification Center.

Supports device-to-device sync to keep data on your multiple iOS devices the same by using a free Dropbox or Box account.

Enjoy one-tap access to calendar items that are in the vicinity of a selected or current location. Powered by a 3rd party location-based social networking service, you can search for entertainment, events, food, shops and more.



OurMedDB can organize and store vocally or keyboard entered medical information for every member of your family. It protects your information with a password but by displaying your emergency contacts on the lock screen EMS personnel can gain access to the information even if you are incapacitated.. See more details at szsconsultants.com

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Conferencia – One Touch Conference Call

With Conferencia you won’t ever have to remember or enter phone numbers and audio pins to dial into conference calls. No more fumbling with your smartphone on the go! Conferencia parses your smartphone calendar and shows you all your conference calls and meetings in a convenient agenda view. Simply touching the call icon or acting on the reminder will dial you right into your conference call, without having to look up, remember, or dial any numbers. Combining the most useful features from smart calendar apps such as Tempo, Mynd, Sunrise, Cal and MobileDay, Conferencia is the ultimate one touch conference calling app for the iPhone.

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Key Features

* Automatically pulls all iPhone calendar events
* Salesforce and NetSuite calendar integration
* Recognizes all conference calls in your calendars
* One touch dialing into conference calls
* Easy to use view of your day’s agenda
* Notify meeting & conference call participants with a single tap, via email or SMS (using predefined messages) if you’re running late
* Save frequently used conference bridges for easy dialing and creating new conference meetings quickly
* Dial contacts and conference bridges using calling cards to save cost while traveling
* Call any meeting participant instantly from the app itself
* Record text and voice notes against recently concluded meetings and conference calls
* Ability to edit the dialing sequence using the Dial Sequence Editing Wizard
* Detailed help section