VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited services all users to ensure their online security by creating Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. VPN Unlimited frees users from bandwidth, speed, or connectivity limitations. Enjoy all of the benefits of your favorite online resources anywhere, anytime with VPN Unlimited.

From VPN Unlimited’s main screen you can see your devices real IP address as well as the current status of your VPN connection. If you are currently connected to a VPN you will see the country that you are masking your IP to and an IP address for that country. If you toggle the VPN off you can then select from a list of other countries to create a VPN to. Once a country is selected VPN Unlimited will create a VPN connection and give you another IP address. Whatever country you are connected to when exiting the app will be the one that VPN Unlimited automatically connects to upon it’s next launch.

VPN Unlimited requires an account be made in order to use their services. If it’s your first time using VPN Unlimited you will get 10 days free of charge. During the trial you can enjoy all of the benefits of VPN Unlimited without restriction. Once the trial is up you will need to subscribe to one of VPN Unlimited’s time-limited packages.

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21 & Different


21&Different is the ultimate companion in guiding you towards positive, personal transformation! Improve your life and develop valuable skills as you achieve good habit formation through small, daily tasks. Ensure positive, healthy habits and maintain whole life wellness! Take the challenge today!

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Create 3 simple tasks in each of the following categories of life:

Set reminder notifications!

View and share your progress in the challenge daily!

Utilize the Journal to record your thoughts along the journey!

Challenge and encourage others to improve their lives with 21&Different by sharing your progress via social media!

* Share your 21&Different progress via all social media throughout the challenge
* Save and share your favorite motivational quotes and videos
* Create journal entries to record your transformation progress
* Share your reflection videos and tag #21&Diff

* Secure access and your information in the App with a passcode
* Export function allows you to save and send the information in the App via .csv

Wedge – Planning & Reminders

Wedge does for calendar events what Snapchat does for photos. Wedge eliminates awkwardness in social planning by making sending an invite as easy as sharing a photo.

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FAST: Wedge makes it incredibly fast and easy to send calendar invites and reminders.
CHAT: Friends can discuss their plans in the group chat for each Wedge.
GROUPS: Leader of an organization? Create an account and add your members on Wedge! Keep everyone up-to-date on meeting/event plans.
LOCATION: Now integrated with Uber, and Google/Apple Maps. Simply type “at” or add an “@” sign followed by address information into your Wedge title.

Taskmo – Smart To-Do List Planning

A different type of task manager that allows you to stop figuring out when to get stuff done and focus more on what to get done.

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-Flexible tasks allow you to set a due date and a task duration and taskmo handles the rest.
-Fixed tasks allow you set tasks for those task that happen on a set schedule.



To-do Calendar, Innovative way to be well informed of the Task to-do, get reminders, get triggers based on location. Plan your upcoming tasks and events. No account to create and no sign-up required !!!

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Standout Features
– Clear visibility on task of the day, overdue and focus tasks
– Easy swipe based action
– Distinct views, outline your tasks and zoom with different attributes of the tasks
– Multiple calendars, horizontal or vertical, weekly or monthly
– Be organised based on priority
– Flexible process, set task attributes as per need and edit at any time as per the need

Cool and Fun
– Select a date in calendar directly to create a task
– Switch between weekly or daily layout on a double tap
– Drag and Drop task from a date to another
– Copy a task with all its attribute
– Swipe to Call/Email/Text …
– Maintain the frequently used contacts and location as favourites
– Quick pick your task from keywords
– Have detailed comments as a attribute to your task
– Smooth transition and data presentation
– Smart info list as a quick help guide

Giving you the Edge
– Have ability to create nested tasks, plan and be well prepared for the upcoming event with number of subTasks
– Create repetitive task, each occurrence can be further modified as per the need
– Set the task to repeat for every specific (occurrence) given day of a Week of a Month
– Mark a location for event or task, launch the map of that location from with-in the app
– Have full control over your tasks and events at one place
– Manage the order of your favourites for quick selection
– Settings to localize your need

Wakeup Call Alarm: Alarm Clock that Makes a Wakeup Phone Call


The best alarm clock is the one that wakes you up, right? Experience a new way to wakeup with an inspiring quote of the day. It is a pleasant way to wake you up in the morning.

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+ Receive an actual call to wake you up in the morning
+ Auto alerts your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and requests someone to keep trying to call you.
+ Schedule recurring alarms easily with an option to skip weekends
+ Set different alarms with different time zones
+ Listen to an inspiring quote every day
+ Compare morning wakeup times among Facebook friends

Currently, Wakeup Call can be used with USA phone numbers only.

Wakeup Call Alarm makes an actual phone call at your defined time and day even if months away. It allows you to create multiple alarms, with recurring functionality and an option to skip Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Most users would set their alarms once and forget about having to daily set it up or turn it off on weekends.

What’s unique?
+ Most alarm apps require you to keep the app running in the foreground, otherwise you miss the alarm! Wakeup Call app requires you to set it up once and then forget it.
+ No alarms today allow you to define a daily alarm with an option to skip weekends. Wakeup Call app does that.
+ Wakeup Call app is the first alarm capable to notify your Facebook friends if you miss an alarm and request someone to wake you up.
+ To the frequent travelers: Schedule your alarms once your trip is confirmed and use the timezone option to easily schedule the correct time.

Wakeup Call app is redefining the Alarm concept and with your feedback and support will keep enhancing your morning experience.

Refresh – Insight on People You Meet

Refresh finds common ground with the people you meet. It searches the web and social networks to deliver insights about your contacts: mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments. Refresh lays the foundation for better relationships and prepares you to connect in every meeting on your calendar. It’s all the research you need to be prepared but don’t have time to do.

Your relationships will be stronger when you make Refresh part of your day.

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– Insights: Refresh finds the most important information on the web (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email), and personalizes your insights to provide context.
– Calendar : Learn about the people on your calendar before you step into the meeting. Refresh syncs with your calendar and contacts to automatically send you insights.
– Smart notifications: It’s hard to remember to prepare for meetings. That’s why Refresh notifies you just a few minutes before and reminds you to browse your insights.
– Contact history: Refresh integrates with your email and calendar to keep track of all communications with your contacts. For every person you’ll have your first email, last meeting, and next meeting at your finger tips.
– People Search: Want information on someone that you’re not scheduled to meet? No problem, search for anyone by name.
– Privacy: Refresh will never share your data. We take privacy seriously and will always respect your privacy settings across the web.



Handwrytten allows you to send real cards and notes with your message written in pen and ink. Just select a quality card, type your message and hit send! Then, our robotic handwriting machines will “wryte” your message in realistic handwriting on the card, address the envelope and place it in the mail with a real stamp.

Even better, it’s even cheaper than running to the store yourself and buying a card, as our cards start at $5 including postage.

Download it today to learn how you can get your first card free!

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My Booklet


My Booklet is an amazing app with a unique idea on the App Store !!!!!. Easily organize and manage your notes, photos, videos, audios, websites, simple drawings, and locations.

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App Details:
* Groups
– Create nested groups
– Add custom icon to each group
– Search Notes, Photos, Videos, Audios, Websites, Drawings, and Locations
– iTunes File Sharing

* Notes
– Organise notes into groups
– Add custom icon to each note group
– Share notes (Email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook)
– Search notes
– Change font size for each note
– Change font color for each note
– Notes trash can

* Photos
– Organise photos into groups
– Thumbnail view
– Add custom icon to each photo group
– Take or Import photo from Photo Library
– Add photo details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share photos (email, Twitter, or Facebook)
– Search photos
– Photos trash can

* Videos
– Organise videos into groups
– Thumbnail view
– Add custom icon to each video group
– Take or Import video from Photo Library
– Add video details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share videos by email
– Search videos
– Videos trash can

* Audios
– Organise audios into groups
– Add custom icon to each audio group
– Add audio title
– Add audio details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share audios by email
– Search audios
– Audios trash can

* Websites
– Organise websites into groups
– Add custom icon to each website group
– Add website title
– Add website details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share websites (Email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook)
– Search websites
– Websites trash can

* Drawings
– Organise drawings into groups
– Add custom icon to each drawing group
– Add drawing title
– Add drawing details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share drawings (Email, Twitter, or Facebook)
– Search drawings
– Drawings trash can

* Locations
– Organise locations into groups
– Add custom icon to each location group
– Add location title
– Add location details text
– Change font size for each details text
– Change font color for each details text
– Share locations (Email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook)
– Search locations
– Locations trash can

The Greetings Studio – Creative Greeting Cards Making App

The Greetings Studio is an awesome greeting cards making app to create personalized greeting cards. It is the new way to express your sentiment to your loved ones. The greetings studio comes with limitless background library, stickers, frames and fonts. Express your sentiments delightfully with The Greetings Studio and make your special ones’ moment sweetest ever with most creative greeting cards.

iPhone App Demo

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Express your sentiments and emotions with beautiful greeting cards to someone you care about easily, fast and with fun through “The Greetings Studio”. The greetings studio is a unique app to greet your special ones, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Splendid Features:

•Limitless greetings background templates [Complete Dynamic Library]
•Editable text tool with 50+ font styles
•Unique pencil tool to draw something on you own or add your signature in the greetings.
•Readymade greeting cards for all occasion [Bonus pack Added on every festival]
•Limitless stickers and frames to make your greeting card more beautiful
•Save greetings to your camera roll to send it via any messaging app like WhatsApp/Wechat
•Send greetings directly to mail or Facebook friend via private message
•Share greetings on Facebook & twitter
•One Click print of your greetings card

Send your greetings card via The Greetings Studio and save trees as it is paperless wishing way…!

We’ll be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions to make app even better.

Make your joyful moments count with The Greetings Studio.
No in-App Purchase
No Ads