Zoom Social – Shake, Locate, Share


Zoom Social is a personalized Twitter news feed that features location based photos and text directly from your iPhone. Zoom Social’s interface is very easy to use and finding what you’re looking for is a breeze. Shaking your iPhone will zoom you in on the map and show you trending content around your current location. This will include photos and text from Twitter that are popular in your area or that are currently trending in your area.

The navigation on the bottom of Zoom Social will allow you to jump between tabs and see more content. There is a more tab that will allow you to see specific topics such as followers, twitter users, topics, and more. Tapping on one of those topics will pull up Twitter cards and show you vital information about the topic you’ve selected. This will include user information, replies, and will allow you to favorite, retweet, and reply from the bottom of the card.

There is a mentions tab that works in a similar fashion to the More tab. This will show you a grid of popular mentions in your area. Tapping on one of those will show you the Twitter profile of the mention and then allow you to reply to them and then use all of your favorite Twitter features. This can come in handy to see who is popular on Twitter in your area.

Zoom Social also has the ability to post directly to your Twitter feed. All you need to do is open up the Camera tab, snap or choose a photo, and then you are presented with a Tweet sheet. From there all you need to do is compose your Tweet and send it out to all of your followers. This will then show up on the Zoom Social map and all users of Zoom Social will be able to see your tweets.

Zoom Social is an excellent platform for you to browse real time discussions that are taking place around you from the ease and portability of your mobile device. Be the one that’s always in the know with Zoom Social. Download it today for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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JournallyMe provides you the best of both worlds: first time ever “Public” & “Private” social experience through 2 journals. Where you have the choice to share entries with friends, family, and colleagues on your public journal or write to yourself personally in a private journal peacefully.

By expressing yourself by thoughts, stories, goals, quotes, pictures, videos, daily agenda, group or direct messaging and the JournallyMe Map which tracks your travels along a world map. Including many other awesome features to keep living in the moment! Free your mind & welcome to JournallyMe!

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We all want privacy, right? Well…some of us do. Now you can with Crypto-Chat! We’re putting security back into the hands of the user. Enjoy fast and fun encrypted conversation! Type a message and then press encrypt and send it to a friend. They’ll be able to view it only if you have shared with them your password for decrypting the message and then the decrypted message disappears from the app once the app is deleted from running in the background – unless they take a screenshot!

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Securely send messages, peer to peer, with our adaptive encryption technology. Encryption and Decryption take place on the device only, so messages cannot be compromised. Even if the message is maliciously intercepted by someone or stored on a server somewhere and accessed by someone other than you or your intended recipient(s), only the password used to encrypt the message can decode your Crypto-Chat. So be careful to share your password with only friends that you want to read your Crypto-Chats. But don’t take our word for it, try it out! You can visibly see your message encrypted and communicate in confidence with Crypto-Chat.


Please note: even though Crypto-Chats are deleted from the device once the app is closed, we cannot prevent recipient(s) from capturing and saving the message by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device.

Yabb Messenger


Yabb Messenger is a free messaging service that keeps you in touch with your friends and family. Now you can text, send pictures, voice messages and videos from anywhere for free!

You no longer need to pay to text, chat, send pictures or emoticons to your friends and family. Yabb Messenger lets you text and share over 3G, 4G and even Wi-Fi, all for free. Join the worldwide Yabb network to connect and share with those who matter. Message and chat with friends for free!

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* Send pictures, maps, voice messages, emoticons, animations, texts and Youtube videos
* Tons of emoticons and animations to share with friends and family
* Auto-sync your contacts to see which friends are already on Yabb
* Add who ever you like to Yabb through Facebook, email or SMS right from the app
* Earn points when you invite a friend to join Yabb via Facebook – Yabb offers unique features that give you new ways to send messages, texts, pictures and videos with your friends and family!
* Send a “Shout Out!” to an unlimited number of Yabb Users. Unlike a group chat or text, recipients of your message can’t see others you sent the same message to and can only reply to you.
* Youtube features let you search for and send a Youtube video within the app
* “Whisper” feature lets you send texts, photos, videos, maps and voice messages that disappear a few seconds after they’re received Yabb keeps you connected to others with its group chat features. Keep in touch with as many people as you like!
* Unlimited number of chat groups let all members of the group chat, share photos and text other members of the group in real time
* New Feature! Edit the group chat admins that change the icon/name of the group
* Status notifications let your friends know what you’re up to
* Push notifications make sure that you never miss a picture, emoticon or text from your friends.

Whoo Messenger – Anonymous Chat with your Facebook Friends

Whoo is a fun messenger app to exchange anonymous messages, mysterious photos and filtered voice messages with your Facebook friends. It’s exciting to receive anonymous messages and it’s even more fun when you know it’s from friends and you have a chance to unmask them. With Whoo Messenger tricking your friends, sending love texts and receiving mysterious photos and voice messages has never been so much fun.

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Download the app, Facebook connect, select the friends you want to play with, choose your disguise and start chatting anonymously! They will not know who you are until they guess your identity correctly or you choose to reveal it yourself!

– Easy Facebook sign-in to play exclusively with your existing Facebook friends.
– Unique randomly generated cute animal avatars to disguise yourself for each new discussion.
– Fun photo effects (blur, pixel, fish eye, saturation) to keep your photos mysterious.
– Hilarious voice changers (fast, crazy, scary) to make your voice messages untraceable.
– Delivered and read confirmations to know when your friends read your messages.
– “Reveal” function to give up your real identity and unblock a discussion.
– “Guess” function to discover the real identity of your anonymous friends. Your guess attempts are scarce so use them wisely!
– “Block” and “Report” options to block messages from annoying anonymous friends and report them (yes it could happen :)

Facebook Connect is the unique way to register to make sure that you send and receive messages only to and from people you know: your Facebook friends. No one else can contact you.
We do not post or send anything to Facebook.
Your friends need to download the app to reply to your messages and chat with you. Spread the word and tell them to join!

Important Note : If you have issues with your friends list “No Results” please delete the app and download it again. This can happen when you register for the first time with a bad internet connection. We are very sorry for this and are working hard to fix it!


Klickset is a New form of Social Network Experience with separate beautifully organized streams for all the major social feeds such as Audio, Video and Photos in one package and also with dedicated tab for people’s Talent and Competitions.

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More than that Klickset has a fully featured fast and smooth chat module to fulfill all of people’s Social Networking activities under one App.
Klickset Social network has powerful features packed in one app, that has separate Photo,Video, Audio, and Full featured Chat.

Yapert: Your Interests. Your Way.


Yapert let’s you discover more about the things you love, connect with people and express yourself. See what your favorite bands, athletes, celebs and more have been sharing, all in one place. We bring you the best visual content from across the social web. Be the first to see what’s happening and catch behind the scenes action.

You design your experience. Select your Favorites to organize content, integrate friends into your activity, curate your space and develop your own fan base.

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With Yapert you can:
• Select your Favorites – We’ll notify you every time they have new content
• Save Anything – Create your own “Stacks” of the photos and videos you love
• Send Messages – To your friends on Yapert
• Connect & Participate – With other fans through comments and contest
• Share Everything- Through social media, email & text

Inside Pass subscriptions: $0.99/month per Star. For convenience, Inside Pass subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Current subscribers can turn off auto-renewing by visiting iTunes Account Settings after purchase.


Are you FED UP with juggling multiple social network accounts? Then you need Social- Hub! Social-Hub is unlike any other app! It lets you easily review your friends’ social network content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even subscribe to your friends’ RSS feeds, so you’ll always been in the loop. Plus, you can post new content of your own to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – without ever having to leave the app!

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> Post, Read & Stay in the Loop
> Manage Social Networking Accounts > Native Look & Feel
> Password Protected
> and more!

***Manage & Control Accounts***
You can also use Social-Hub’s exceptional dropdown menus to manage each of your Social Network accounts. For example, you can view and edit their profile, browse favorites, see what’s trending, and more.

***Native Look & Feel***
Social-Hub has been designed to mimic the native look and feel of each social network app, so that you enjoy smooth, seamless and efficient interaction.

***Easy Cross-Posting***
With Social-Hub, you can easily cross-post your social media posts to multiple accounts, which saves you time and effort.

***One-Touch Message Viewing***
Social-Hub also features a fantastic one-touch shortcut to view messages – which is perfect for getting the latest updates and news in the shortest possible time.

***Clean, Easy Interface***
Social-Hub has been designed with clean, elegant and simple iOS 7-inspired interface. So it’s extremely easy-to-use and you’ll never waste time and effort searching for what you need.

***Add Visual Effects***
Want to add some personal style and flair? Social-Hub lets you add great visual effects and edit your photos prior to publishing them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

***Browse/Like Photos***
You can also browse and “like” Instagram photos anytime, anywhere.

***Enhanced Security***
Concerned that someone may be snooping or that your device may be lost or stolen? Social-Hub lets you password protect the app to prevent unauthorized access.

StitMe – Free Anonymous and Safe Communication


StitMe offers a completely secure way of connecting with people without revealing your actual mobile number. It is completely free and we guarantee 100% privacy when it comes to making and receiving calls. Privacy is a Right and StitMe gives it right back to you. You can now control who calls you, when they call you and you can even protect yourself against reverse number look ups.

The next time you make an outgoing call, the recipient will view a unique StitMe connection number instead of your mobile number. StitMe easily connects to your contact list and assigns a unique StitMe Connection Number to use any time you want.

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**Free and Unlimited**
We offer free unlimited talk time with crystal-clear call quality. Plus, you will also receive unlimited unique StitMe connections.

**Messaging Kill Switch**
You can now delete your message from both sides using the “Kill” switch – this is a first of its kind for any chat app!

**Personal Safety**
StitMe is the safest way for people to connect – it protects personal information and delivers complete communication control.

**Privacy & Protection**
StitMe’s unparalleled privacy protects your phone conversations from eavesdropping and government monitoring to corporations selling personal information.

**Reverse Lookup Safe**
Reverse lookup on your StitMe Numbers will not lead back to your information.

**We Don’t Track or Store Data**
We don’t track or save any data regarding your identity, phone calls, or messages.



Whese is the simple way to find out what your friends are up to now. Create beautiful stories related to your events and share them with your friends using photos, places and your own words.

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– Sharing your moment is as easy as sending a snap.
– 100% free and unlimited posts.
– Explore what your friends are up to now with breathtaking feed screen.
– Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments.
– See what your friends are up to now directly with push notifications.
– Supports 7 languages.