Translator Speak and Translate


This translator will turn your mobile device into a simultaneous interpreter, which is always with you. Travel, communicate, hold business negotiations with Speak and Translate. In any country as at home! Voice translator automatically detects and converts speech into one of 66 foreign languages.

Want to go to another country, but do not know whether there will be online? Not a problem – save favorite phrases in Favorites and pronounces them offline. Learn languages, check your pronunciation or use Speak and Translate as a dictionary or phrasebook. Traveling around the world with it without knowing the language is not a problem anymore!

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► Automatic language detection
► Several modes of operation
► Google and Microsoft translation services use
► Communication in a dialogue mode without additional clicks
► The possibility to play any previously translated phrase from Favorites in OFFLINE
► The possibility to sort phrases in Favorites by category
► The possibility to filter phrases in Favorites by category and language pairs
► A visual display of all phrases of a dialogue
► A visual display of the supported mechanisms (voice input, “text to speech”) for each language
► Repeated voice playback of any translated phrase
► Unique algorithm of speech activity detection
► The possibility to translate without pressing the buttons
► The possibility to set the quality of recording
► The possibility to manually set the language for each phrase


The UK’s only Online National Taxi Booking App. Market leaders in both price and reliability. Taxicode is a national taxi booking service, we offer an amazing service for all your medium and long distance taxi bookings.

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You can use us to pre-book your taxi journey almost anywhere in the country and compare prices from our highly reliable and competitively priced taxi partners.
The app is available only on the UK App Store.

P.T Tours

PT Banner for Dailyappshow

The Perfect Traveller App will change the way you access travel knowledge and news. Entertaining, informative, easy to use and filled with relevant up-to-date travel information you will benefit from and make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

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The audio tours will entertain you on the road or from the comfort of your favorite chair, where history comes alive and has you smiling, wanting to know more. The adventure begins now, with you downloading the free app and adding the new audio tours as they become available, building an innovative, exciting world of travel, art and history.

Explore Niagara


Explore Niagara in style with this brand-new interactive app, loaded with information on places for residents and tourists to sleep, eat, and play!

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Quickly browse the city’s best attractions, border crossings, coupons, careers, dining, events, hotels, live streaming radio, movie listings, news, photo share, post comments, real estate, weather and much more. With this free app, users can also retrieve directions to each listing using supported map and navigation technology.

Explore Niagara’s database is always expanding, so use this app to stay up-to-date with all things Niagara.
If you have an event to promote, post it on and see it instantly on the Explore Niagara app.

Route Recall


The Patent Pending Route Recall App answers the age old question, “Was I REALLY going that fast?!” Created because my husband and I spent a lot of money on speed camera tickets last year. I thought, there’s got to be a way to verify that we were actually driving that speed, on that day, and at that time. Have you ever wondered that? Well,

Download Route Recall iPhone App
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The Route Recall App has been tested Nationally and Internationally (So, you may use this app even if you do not live in the US). It now offers its users the ability to get distance results in miles as well as in kilometers. The app was created to be user friendly for that person who may or may not be app savvy. All the driver needs to do is simply register their name and vehicle info; press start to begin tracking; then select the calendar to put in the date and time of the route- then VIOLA! They will have detailed route information. It’s just that SIMPLE!

Try the very easy to use and inexpensive (it’s only $1.99 at the Apple Store) Route Recall App today. Whether you are moving slowly on a mule or cruising the boulevard in a Bugatti, this app can track and recall your route! We hope that you don’t get any speeding tickets. In the event that you do, this app will tell you what your speed, time and location was so that you can compare it to the ticket and maybe have a little help if you need it.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

Spanish Flashcards: i-recall 2000 Spanish Words


Spanish Flashcards: i-recall 2000 Spanish Words is flashcard language app that will help you learn Spanish in a quick and simple way. The words selected are a selection of the most commonly used words and should provide a good basis from which to develop your Spanish.

Download Spanish Flashcards: i-recall 2000 Spanish Words iPhone App
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It is possible to view the flashcards by category or randomly. Users can also drop words from the set if they feel they have already learnt them.

This simple app is easy to use and can be picked up anytime, anywhere.

Taxi Finder


Everyone’s favorite reliable & trusted Taxi Fare Estimator is now available on your iPhone!!! Powered by market-leading standards like™ and Yelp!, the app provides accurate taxi fare estimates and an up-to-date taxi listings. Packed with features like pin-drop navigation, taxi reviews, popular destination listings, and iPhone contacts look-up, Taxi Finder will make your travel easier.

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Taxi Finder allows you to calculate the taxi fare to your destination with click of a button. It will tell you the estimate of the fare, duration and distance of your trip. For added comfort, check the suggested trip route on a map (real-time)!

Powered by, Taxi Finder offers up-to-date fare rates for more than 600 cities worldwide and thousands of Points-of-Interest (POIs)*. Taxi Finder is packed with easy-to-use features such as pin-drop navigation, Yelp taxi reviews, auto-complete location entry, and iPhone Contacts integration.

Once you have the rate, browse taxi companies near your current location (via GPS)*, check their ratings, read their reviews, and even call them directly from your iPhone!!

■ Estimate the trip’s fare, based on local rates near you (powered by
■ See the suggested trip route to your destination
■ Five ways to navigate:

1. Type the location name or address with auto-complete
2. Drag-and-Drop pins on the map
3. Pick from the local Point-of-Interest (POI) list
4. Pick from your recent search history
5. Pick from your iPhone Contacts

■ Find taxi companies near your current location (GPS) (currently limited to larger cities supported by Yelp)
■ Call a taxi directly from your iPhone
■ Check the ratings and read taxi company reviews (powered by Yelp)

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ page or contact us on our website ( .

—————- REQUIREMENTS —————-
■ Internet connection required
■ iOS 6.0 (iPhone4, iPad2) or higher
■ No support for iPhone3 or iPad1

—————— DISCLAIMER ——————
TaxiFinder is for reference only. It does not consider certain factors such as traffic, weather, construction, available flat rates, service fees, and tolls. Any of these factors can change the fare. Please refer to the disclaimer on

TaxiFinder does not control or endorse the content provided by Yelp. TaxiFinder does not verify the information and user reviews provided on Yelp and is not responsible for the availability or contents.

Please note that the Taxi and POI listings are currently limited to supported cities. For the list of supported cities, please refer to

Pin Drop


Pin Drop makes your maps, well, yours. Use it to keep track of the places you love, organise your business, or share cool destinations with friends.

Have you ever found somewhere cool and thought “I must come back here” and then forgotten where it was? Or wanted to tell a friend but couldn’t direct them on where to go? Then Pin Drop is app you need, your brain for places.

Download Pin Drop iPhone App
Download Pin Drop Android App
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* Remember places with more rich content and enhanced privacy settings
* Share places with friends
* Collaborate with others to plan holidays, discover restaurants, share memories, and much more
* Discover amazing places recommended by top curators
* Import your location data from all your social accounts
* Send pins to all your favourite navigation apps

People have found loads of amazing uses for Pin Drop:
– meeting locations
– house hunting
– delivery routes
– customer management
– trip planning
– memories
– location scouting
– urbex
– geocaching
– friends, family & colleagues
– restaurant reviews
– genealogy
– skateboarding spots
– hunting and fishing
– hiking and cycling
– hotels
– farming

Packing Pro


Packing Pro is a super-enhanced version of the popular, top-ranking Packing app. If you desire great syncing & sharing options, display customization, a huge catalog, lots of sample lists, & additional, built-in Expert assistance, then Packing Pro is for you!

Download Packing Pro iOS App
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— device-to-device auto-sync support for lists, catalog & settings

— edit your lists & catalog content on a PC with Excel, Numbers or GoogleDocs

— share lists & catalog content via email & iTunes’ File Sharing

— over 400 new items (total of over 800), including extra items for babies, kids, pets, sports, cooking & religion

— “automagically” create lists based on the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as temperature, destination, food preparation & clothes washing preferences

— includes app-wide themes, layout & font choices, & nearly full control over all the colors & textures in the app

— including ones for couples, families, business people & campers

— easy & intuitive search function

CORE PACKING FEATURES (in both Packing Pro & Packing):


– CREATE unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists
– BUILD lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection
– MULTI-EDIT your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category or item)
– DISCOVER new ideas & suggestions from included sample lists
– USE any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists
– MONITOR a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off
– COLLAPSE categories for less scrolling & better management
– SORT items by type or item, or by hand yourself
– SHOW only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all
– FILTER items based on person and/or bag
– EDIT item details (number, weight, value, person, bag & notes)
– TOTAL your list items, weights & values, by bag, by person & by category
– SEE remaining items as badges on home page & app icon
– PRINT your list directly to a printer with 1, 2 or 3 columns
– EMAIL your packing lists to family & friends


– CUSTOMIZE the Master Catalog with 100% freedom (add, delete, rename or reorder any category, type or item)
– SELECT from hundreds of items for quick list generation with only minimal typing
– ACCESS an extensive pre-departure TO DO list with over 100 tasks
– USE Favorites folder for quick access to common items
– DEFINE your own categories, types, items & TO DO actions for more customized freedom & control
– COPY & MOVE types & items throughout catalog
– CLONE categories for multi-person lists


– IMPORT & EXPORT lists & Master Catalog (or parts of them) between lists, apps or devices
– REFER to a comprehensive in-app help guide

Quick, simple, reliable & infinitely customizable, let Packing Pro be your helpful travel companion on all of your trips. Bon voyage!