HTC One M9 Tips & Tricks Roundup


This year’s latest flagship phone from HTC focused less on new features, and aims more to refining and improving an already impeccable mobile experience. In continuing with our tradition of exploring the latest and greatest hardware, here’s a round up of all our HTC One M9 Tips & Tricks to make the most of your new device. Check it out:


How to Uninstall Apps on HTC One M9


It’s easy to install all kinds of apps on your [phone], but what happens when you don’t need them, or you want to clear off some space on your phone? Here’s how to uninstall apps from your HTC One M9:

  1. Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-23-23Locate the app you want to remove in the App Drawer (this is the dot grid icon thats in the middle of the dock by default).
  2. Tap and hold the app icon until you are able to move the icon around the screen.
  3. Drag the icon to the top right of the screen to the Uninstall selection at the top.
  4. Tap OK on the prompt to finish removing the app.


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How to Change Keyboards on HTC One M9


You might have noticed that you can download third party keyboards for your [phone], but how do you turn them on, and how do you switch between them? Check out how to install, enable, and switch between keyboards on your HTC One M9:

  1. Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-42-55In the Settings app, tap on Language & Keyboard in the Phone section.
  2. In the Keyboards & Input Methods section, you will see your selected keyboards and all keyboards available to use. Tapping on Current Keyboard lets you select the keyboard you wish to use.
  3. Tap on any of the available keyboards to view and edit the settings specific to that keyboard.
  4. To switch keyboards anywhere a keyboard is present, tap on the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen. A popup screen will let you choose between all available keyboards


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How to Reset your HTC One M9


At some point, you will want to make your phone as clean as the day you got it. Whether you’re selling or giving your device away when upgrading, or you just want to start fresh, here’s how to reset your HTC One M9 to factory settings:

  1. Screenshot_2015-04-16-14-36-10In the Settings app, scroll to and tap on Backup & Reset in the Personal section.
  2. Under the Reset section, tap on Reset phone.
  3. In this menu, you are given a breakdown of everything that will be reconfigured and/or erased in the reset process.
  4. Tap OK to begin resetting your phone.
  5. After the phone restarts, your HTC One M9 will be as though it just came out of the box, ready to configure.


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How to Take Photos Fast with HTC One M9


Our smartphones have become the first, and sometimes only, camera we reach for when taking a photo. So it’s often useful to know how how to take a photo quickly. Luckily with the HTC One M9, snapping a pic quickly couldn’t be easier. Check it out:

Lock screen shortcut:

  1. When the screen is off, click the power button to wake the screen and show the lockscreen.
  2. Drag up the camera icon on the bottom right to launch the camera.

Screenshot_2015-04-17-12-10-36Motion Gesture method:

  1. To enable this gesture, tap on Display & Gestures in the Phone section of the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Motion Launch Gestures  under Gestures.
  3. Scroll down and check the box in section 6, “Volume button to launch camera.”
  4. When turned on,  hold your HTC One M9 horizontally when the screen is off and click the volume up button to immediately launch the camera. Tap on the number six in the middle of the screen to view an animation of this gesture in action.


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How to Use and Customize Quick Toggles on HTC One M9


There’s more to the notification drawer than just notifications. Lets go over how to use and customize quick toggles in in the notification drawer of your HTC One M9:

  • Screenshot_2015-04-16-13-00-18First, open the Notification Drawer of your One M9 by sliding down from the status bar, then swiping down again. This is where your Quick Toggles live, and provides quick access to the most common settings, such as brightness, airplane mode, flashlight, and more.
  • Tapping on toggles perform different actions depending on the function: e.g., tapping on brightness will cycle between automatic, low, medium, and high screen brightness settings.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon next to the name of any toggle to go directly to it’s section in the Settings app.
  • In the top right of the quick toggle area, you’ll find two icons: a gear, and a box with a pencil. The gear icon will simply take you to the Settings app, while the box and pencil icon brings you into the Quick Toggle Settings page.
    • In this settings page, you can enable, disable, and rearrange all the quick toggles by simply dragging toggles in the list
    • Here you can customize toggles based on your needs. Don’t need a toggle? Drag it to the Hidden Items section at the bottom of the list, and vise versa.


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How to Use Your HTC One M9 as a Remote Control


Your HTC One M9 is a pretty capable Android device, but did you know that you can use it as a remote control for IR devices like your TV and set top boxes? Here’s how to use the HTC One M9 as a remote control:

  1. Screenshot_2015-04-17-15-33-43Find and open the Peel Smart Remote app that comes installed on your One M9.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up your account and configuration.
  3. Select the brand of your television.
  4. Test the power buttons in order to find the right IR codes for your TV.
  5. Once set up, you can use the app just as you would a dedicated remote control.
  6. In the remote section, tap on the top section that indicates the room, then tap on Add device to configure remotes for each of the devices that can be controlled via remote.


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How to Add Music and Photos to HTC One M9


It’s likely that you will want to load up your new HTC One M9 with all your favorite music and photos, but the process of getting everything moved over might not be immediately obvious. Here’s how to do that:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.29.17 PM

  1. Plug your HTC One M9 into your computer with the included USB cable.
  2. Follow the instructions when you are prompted to install the HTC Sync Manager on your computer.
  3. Open the HTC Sync Manager on your computer if it’s not already.
  4. Begin by adding the music you want in the Music tab of the manager.
  5. Do the same process for photos in the Gallery tab.
  6. After loading the media you want to move to your phone, connect your HTC One M9 if you haven’t already.
  7. Select the songs and photos you want moved, over, and click the phone icon next to the title to move onto the device.
  8. You will see the loading progress in the bottom right of the program. Once finished, you will have access to your media on your HTC One M9


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How to use Motion Launch Gestures on the HTC One M9


Your HTC One M9 includes some very useful gestures to make common actions quicker when your screen is off. Check out how to turn on these gestures and a description of what all of them do:

To turn on:

  • In the Settings app, open the Display & gestures menu in the Phone section.
  • Tap on Motion Launch Gestures
  • Tap the check box in each row to enable

So what do all these gestures do? Let’s go through them one by one:

  1. Double tap to wake up & sleepScreenshot_2015-04-17-12-10-36
    • This one is pretty self-evident. When your phone is asleep, you can simply tap twice on the screen in quick succession to wake it up.
  2. Swipe down to turn on voice dialing
    • When your phone is locked, picking your phone up normally and swiping down will begin voice recognition to quickly make a phone call.
    • When this option is checked, another checkbox pops up that lets you specify whether or not this feature lets you bypass the security screen.
  3. Swipe up to unlock
    • This eliminates a step to unlocking your phone by instead letting you swipe up on the screen while its off to bring you immediately to the homescreen (or whatever app you had open when you locked your phone
  4. Swipe left to launch widget panel
    • This gesture immediately brings you to your widget panel (or the first home screen page)
  5. Swipe right to launch Blinkfeed
    • Like the previous gesture, this will bring you immediately to the Blinkfeed section of your home screen
  6. Volume button to launch Camera
    • This is a fun one: when your screen is off, hold your phone as you would when taking a landscape photo or video, and tap the volume up button. This will take you right into the camera so that you can quickly capture the action.


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How to Use Car Mode on HTC One M9


Car mode on the HTC One M9 is a way to make your phone easier and safer to use when you’re on the road. Please be aware of your state’s laws regarding the use of your phone in the car, always use a handsfree device for phone calls, and never let any device come between you and your safety. Check out how to use Car Mode on your HTC One M9:

Screenshot_2015-04-20-16-36-50As the name implies, Car Mode is a mode that your phone is placed into, and makes your HTC One M9 behave differently than normal.

To launch Car Mode, open the app titled Car.

Once open, you get a screen like the one to the right:

In addition to a nice big clock with weather and a now playing widget, you get shortcuts to the functions you’re most likely to use in the car: navigation, dialer, music, voice recognition, and more. You can add shortcuts to other apps by scrolling down and tapping the plus icon, and icons can be rearranged and removed by tapping and holding then dragging the icon.

Each function is laid out with large, easy to locate buttons, and in car mode certain functionality (like access to the notification drawer) is limited or disabled for safety.


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