Five Tips for Better iPhone Photography

Photo by Omar Jordan Fawahl via Flickr

The latest pocket super computers from Apple feature improved cameras that can beat the pants off pretty much any dedicated point-and-shoot camera, and the iPhone, for the last couple years, has been the most popular camera in the world.

But these capable new cameras do not necessarily mean most people will instantaneously take better photos. Even the most sophisticated professional cameras will take crappy photos if you aren’t aware of photography basics. Using the front facing camera to snap a selfie in your unlit room to send to your ‘bae’ is fine, but to create an Instagram classic, or even a photo you want to print and frame, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when using your iPhone for photography.

Here are five of the best tips I can share that will help bring your photography to a new level.

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Five Tips for Shooting Better iPhone Video

Via Fab Str on Flickr:

For a long time after its invention, shooting any kind of video was costly, time consuming, and tedious. Nowadays, practically everyone has a device in their pocket they can pull out and begin shooting and sharing high definition video in mere seconds. This ubiquity of high quality video has enabled not only more video, but more ways to experience events, and has even launched entire new industries around it.

While the spread of information is generally a good thing, most people who share their videos never get any sort of training on how to make a clip look good. I’m sure you’ve seen less-than-professional, often unwatchable videos from your friends or on video sharing sites like YouTube, where you have huge black bars on the side, or it’s so shaky you get a headache just watching.

DailyAppShow outlines below five of the best tips to improve the videos you take on your iPhone. Check it out:  [Read more…]

How Use to Meerkat to Livestream Video


Meerkat is the new video live stream service that enables anyone with a smartphone to stream video live to any of your followers and lets them comment via twitter. If you are a follower of tech media, you will undoubtedly have heard that Meerkat is making a huge splash as the current must-have app. Even big name celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Ashton Kutcher are embracing the video streaming app.

Meerkat is awesome for getting a glimpse into the lives and happenings of people you follow. But don’t just watch, get in on the action and live stream your own video to an engaged audience. Here’s how:

First you’ll need the app. Right now you can only stream from the iPhone app, but On the Air, the company that develops Meerkat, has a viewing app for Android out now. Go ahead and download Meerkat from the App Store right now:

Meerkat on the iOS App Store

When you open the app, you’ll get an introduction to what Meerkat is and how it works. You’ll then get a list of live streams from people you follow on Twitter. You can tap on any of these to watch their stream and comment on and like. Comments and likes will be sent out as tweets from you Twitter account and show up in real time at the bottom of the video stream where everyone watching can read.

Let’s get to the fun part though: making our own stream. You might be tempted to hit that “stream” button right now, but you should probably do some preparation first. Ask yourself a couple questions first:

1. Do I have something people want to watch?
Right now, you’ll find lots of people live streaming their walk to work or school. I’m willing to bet not many of your followers want to watch your face bounce up and down their screen as you’re taking a walk.
The most interesting streams –and the ones that will get the most watchers– will be where you are doing something interesting. Skydiving? Zip lining? Painting? Creating? Go for it. Writing a paper for for your Econ 208 class? Probably not.
2. Am I prepared to not use my phone for as long as I stream?
Streaming on Meerkat will be the full-time job of your phone as you stream. You might be able to close the app during your stream, but your viewers will get a lovely blurred screen and nothing to watch.
3. Do I want random people around the world watching what I’m doing?
Meerkat is live video from your iPhone’s camera, so whatever your phone can see, anyone in the world can see too. You need to be prepared to forsake your privacy for as long as you stream. This means cleaning up anything you don’t want people to see, and not saying anything you don’t want heard. It’s also a good idea to let the people around you know what you’re doing, and make sure that taking broadcasting is allowed at your location. Using Meerkat while you’re cooking a fancy dinner at home is ok, but you could run into problems if you try to stream at a major league game or a museum.

In fact, Meerkat has a list of eight rules for using the app, in order to keep everyone happy, safe, and legal:

The Rules of Meerkat
Everything that happens on meerkat happens on Twitter.
Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications.
People can only watch it live. No reruns.
Watchers can restream any stream to their followers in real time.
Scheduled streams will be distributed in the community by their subscribers.
Your own streams can be kept locally on your phone, but never on the cloud.
Everyone can watch on web.
Be kind.

If all three questions are met with a yes, tap stream and broadcast to the world. The app will ask permission to use your camera and your microphone, and you’ll be streaming almost immediately. The interface is similar to watching a Meerkat stream, but with a few more options. You can change which camera to use (front or back), a button to turn on the rear camera flash to light your scene, and a stop button, in addition to the comment button.

Once you end your stream, Meerkat will ask if you want to keep the stream. Tapping yes will save a video copy of the entire stream to your camera roll on your phone.

And that’s it. Meerkat could potentially create a huge impact on how we view events and get a glimpse into the lives of others. What and when you stream is entirely up to you, and as of this moment, Meerkat is skyrocketing into relevance as a media tool, and we’ve only just scratch at the surface of the possibilities of the platform.

Tips & Tricks for Alto’s Adventure


If you haven’t already been caught up in the frenzy caused by the new iOS game Alto’s Adventure, it’s probably time you should. Alto’s Adventure is a charming little game for iPhones and iPads that also happens to be one of the most insanely addictive things on the planet in recent memory (aside from the devices we’re playing on themselves).

As for the game itself, you play Alto (or one of the other unlockable characters with unique skills) looking to conquer the ski slopes while jumping, flipping, picking up coins and powerups, and attempting to evade the “elders”. Of course, the surface goal is to ski as far as you can and pile up as many points as possible by performing tricks and building combos. But Alto’s Adventure goes beyond that simple goal: the game includes a level system, and each level requires you to complete three objectives in order to move on to the next. As you can expect, higher levels requires ever more complicated and difficult challenges. Every ten levels, you unlock a new playable character, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

As this author has already logged nearly a million meters skied in the game, there are a couple tips and tricks I want to share with you so that you can continue to make progress though the levels of Alto’s Adventure.

Unlock the Wing Suit First

You might have visited the workshop and seen the three items therein: feather and magnet timer upgrades, and the wing suit for a cool 5,000 coins. You might be tempted to purchase the cheaper upgrades first (the most expensive timer upgrade is 5,000, and lower levels are significantly cheaper), but try and collect the coins required for the wing suit first. The Wing Suit upgrade enables even bigger combos, and you’ll need the wing suit later to complete certain goals. Once you have the wing suit, you’ll be able to afford the additional unlocks even quicker.

Stick with Maya

Maya is the first player character that is unlocked at level 11, and a couple goals will specifically require you play her. However, even with characters unlocked at higher levels, I stick with Maya. Although Maya is relatively slow, and slow to build up speed, she can flip on a dime, a skill essential for racking up the trick combos. I can usually fit in three or more backflips before my first town or forest using Maya. Almost any sort of decline or bounce is enough air to complete a flip. Even a bounce off a rock is enough to get those extra points.


Test the limits of her speed to get a handle on how quickly you can get those flips in, and you’ll be triple flipping in no time (speaking of which, good luck with level 21!).

Maya’s high-flying acrobatics also make powering up the wing suit incredibly fast. If you haven’t already noticed, you power the wing suit by completing as many tricks in quick succession as possible. You can keep track of your progress by keeping an eye on your player’s scarf. As you land tricks, your scarf grows in length, but will quickly shrink down to nothing if you spend too much time between tricks. The wing suit will be powered up when the scarf reaches full length (when it’s nearly to the left edge of your screen) and glows white.

Build Up Those Combos


The fastest way to your new high score is by chaining together as many tricks as possible into combos. Be aware: any combo is broken by regular skiing. Try to flip from grind to grind, throw in a wing suit flight, land on another grind or ramp or rock, and keep flipping! Here are a couple tips on how to get big combos.

Wing suit flips

If you have enough built-up speed when you first enable it, you can complete a loop-de-loop in the wing suit right from the get go. Then, if possible, skim past the surface in the suit without touching down to add another trick to your combo (don’t forget, the suit doesn’t make you immune to the perils of rocks, fires, and direct hits like the hover feather will). Try and complete a second loop-de-loop before coming down to a landing at the end of your wing suit’s power.

Wing suit on/off

One trick you can occasionally employ is to use the built-in ability of the wing suit. Once you have enabled the wing suit, you can at any time turn it off with another tap of the wing suit button on the left. Once you have got that first loop-de-loop done, find a grind to land on, jump off, and re-enable the wing suit once again.

Flip during grinds

Another quick way to add tricks to your combo is during bunting line grinds. When you encounter a longer stretch of bunting line, you often find different sections will angle off at a slope from previous sections. This change in descent is enough time for the faster flippers to get an extra backflip in.

Use the Right Player


As previously mentioned, each unlocked player has their own strengths and weaknesses. While Alto is a fairly good all-rounder, he’s not particularly skilled at any one thing. Maya is great at getting flips in quickly, but not the fastest on the ground. Paz isn’t great at the upside-downy, but good luck stopping him when he’s on a roll. Whatever your current challenges are, try and use the strengths of each player to get a leg up on them.

Re-power the wing suit


You’ll find there are plenty of tricks to the wing suit once you have played around with it, but here is one I use often to get extra points. As I mentioned above, the wing suit includes the power to turn off at the touch of the button. Fortunately, when you turn the wing suit off, you don’t lose all of its built up power. This means you can re-enable it after, say, completing a grind. On top of that, you can actually top up on wing suit power by completing additional tricks before time runs out. You have a limited time to do this, as wing suit power depletes whether you’re using it or not, but if you can complete a trick or two in time, you’ll get the wing suit back to full power. This is achieved even faster if you complete a quick combo. Using this trick, I have been able to string together a combo with three separate wing suit flights for a ridiculous amount of points.


So there you have it. Hopefully these tips will come in handy on your trips down the slopes in Alto’s Adventure. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the game on the App Store. Alto’s Adventure is an absolute steal at two dollars for the insane amount of entertainment you’ll be able to squeeze out of this seemingly simple game. You can also check out the dedicated website here.

Top Fitness Accessories For iPhone 6


The iPhone has become a multifunctional computer that can be used in a zillion ways. The fact that it fits in your pocket is a part of what makes iPhones and smartphones so versatile and useful. One of the most popular uses of this portable super computer is health and fitness tracking. Apple realized this a few years ago and has since been aiding in developing technologies further for even better tracking of health and fitness data. Nowadays, one can combine the iPhone with a myriad number of accessories together to create a holistic view of all that data so you can continue to improve in any area you want. DailyAppShow has selected a few of the most useful and high quality iPhone compatible health and fitness accessories below:


FitBit Flex


The Fitbit Flex fits a lot of cool tech in a minuscule package. This wrist-mounted bluetooth enabled device keeps track of step count and movement with a nifty 5 LED screen that shows you how far you’ve gotten to your step count. With Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, the Flex keeps going for up to five days. Once you sync with the FitBit app on your iPhone, you can see stats like your step count by day, week, and month, how long you’ve been active, and more. The Flex even has a sleep tracking mode, so that you can track and optimize how well you sleep, and you can set a vibration alarm so that you’re gently woken up. I wear the FitBit Flex everyday, and it works like a charm.

Withings Scale


Having a scale is one thing, but having a digital wifi and bluetooth scale that keeps track of your weight, body fat percentage, and even the air quality in your home is a wholly different thing. The Withings Scale does all that and more. With a handsome design that will fit in with any decor, the Withings Scale automatically syncs all it’s data to your phone via bluetooth and wifi, so you will always be able to keep a close eye on your fitness goals.

Belkin Slim-Fit Plus Armband


Few things are more annoying than an iPhone waving around in your pocket while you’re running or cycling. That’s why you need a way to keep your iPhone safe and secure when you’re out getting sweaty. Belkin provides just this functionality in their Slim-Fit Plus armband. Slip your iPhone 6 into the armband, strap it to your arm and you’ll be good to go. The comfortable band will fit practically any arm (Mr. Universe competitors might have to look elsewhere though), and the cord keeper is perfect for tucking in your extra headphone wire.

JayBird BlueBuds Bluetooth Headphones


If you are like me and you love listening to music (and a virtual coach) while running, but hate that wire flapping all over and getting caught in stuff, JayBird’s BlueBuds are a solution to our problems. These bluetooth headphones have a surprisingly small form factor that keeps you looking like a dork, secure fit cushions that keep these buds in your ears, a custom Bluetooth codec for high quality audio that doesn’t lose connection, and even a lifetime warranty against sweat.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor


The TICKR RUN, with real-time heart rate monitoring and advanced motion analytics, is the ultimate training tool for serious runners. When paired with the Wahoo Fitness App, the TICKR RUN offers Wahoo’s Running Smoothness to help you improve your individual running form and become a stronger runner, and Burn & Burst Heart Rate Training Programs to shed pounds and improve performance.




RunKeeper is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or deep into marathon training. RunKeeper also plays nice with all of the previous devices, so that you can get all of your health and fitness data in one place.

Turn Your Phone Into A Pro Camera With These Awesome Additions


The past few years have seen massive improvements to micro-sized cameras used in smartphones and tablets, causing point-and-shoot cameras to begin going the way of the dodo bird. Not that that’s a bad thing: the latest crop of high end mobile cameras have proven to be more than adequate everyday shooters for millions of people. The fact that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world is indication enough that smartphone photography has moved beyond a useful convenience to professional quality work good enough for commercial production. And the momentum of improvement does not appear to be slowing anytime soon.

With the advent of high quality cameras in more hands than ever, a cottage industry has arisen to help those who want to take their photography to the next level. DailyAppShow has gathered and reviewed the most effective and useful of those products. Read on for awesome smartphone accessories to bring you even closer to expert level photography.

Sony QX30


The Qx30 is a completely unique device that essentially attaches a high-quality lens to the back of your smartphone, and connects via NFC, Bluetooth, or Wifi. Once connected, your smartphone acts as the camera controls. Using your smartphone as the viewfinder, you adjust focus, exposure, shutter speed, and composition using touchscreen controls. On top of a great quality Sony lens, you also get up to 30x optical zoom and a built-in tripod mount. Feel free to stick the QX30 on top of a tripod  while holding the coupled smartphone or tablet to get the perfect shot. Combine the QX30 with one of the PlayMemories apps, and you can enable awesome camera modes like time lapse and stop-motion photography.



If you’re at all serious about photography, you’ll need a tripod. One of the most versatile tripods today is the Gorillapod, with gooseneck legs that let you mount this tripod virtually anywhere. The higher end version we have selected includes a video head, so that you get smooth panning for those perfect seamless shots.

The Camalapse


Want to take your landscape photography to the next level? The Camalapse is a nifty little device that sits between your camera and either a tripod or flat surface and will progress 360 degrees over an hour. Use this to create beautiful time lapse photography or video.

Nova Wireless Flash


There is no getting over it: the flash on your phone sucks. The light is harsh and too close to the camera to be effective. Luckily there is a solution, and it works great. The Nova Wireless flash connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and provides clean, diffused light for your photos. The flash has 40 LEDs that are color temperature adjustable, charged with a USB cable, and is small enough to easily fit in your pocket. The Nova flash is a must for any serious portrait photography or lowlight scenes.



Studio Neat’s biggest claim to fame is the Glif, a slick little tripod mount that was originally for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The Glif now works with any smartphone and provides even more functionality. You simply slide your phone into the Glif and screw it onto any 1/4″ screw attachment (the standard for most tripods). Combine with the above Gorillapod and you have a kit that will enable stable mobile photography from practically anywhere.

Go Retro with These Classic Arcade Games for iPhone


Rock and Roll’s not dead. Neither is classic arcade gaming in the 21st century. Harken back to the glory days of penny arcades with these blockbuster franchise games that have made their way over to the iPhone App Store.

Tetris Blitztetrissc tetris

Race against the clock in a two-minute blitz to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out! Step up your game and take part in head-to-head Battles or compete against other players in limited-time Tournaments. With all-new features, stunning visuals, and innovative controls, this twist on the world-famous puzzle game is a must-have.



Though Tempest is not officially on the app store, you can still get your laser shooter fix with ShadowArc. Defend yourself against the endless waves of arcs that threaten to send your universe into the void. You must maneuver your paddles to block the onslaught of approaching arcs. Arcs approach at varying speeds, trajectories and patterns, so stay alert and be ready for anything!



Steer clear of Blinky, leader of the gang, along with his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky, and Clyde or you’ll lose a life. Grab the flashing Power Pellets to temporarily turn the tables and gobble up those pesky ghosts! Munch fruit and other bonus items for big points. Get an extra life when you reach 10,000 points!


Galaga 30th Collectionglagagalagasc

To commemorate the 30th anniversary, BANDAI NAMCO has redesigned modernized remakes of all 4 titles in the Galaga series: “Galaxian”, “Galaga”, “Gaplus” (aka Galaga 3), and “Galaga ’88”, available NOW in one upgradable iOS application!


Dig Dug REMIXdigdugsc

The arcade hit Dig Dug is back and ready to pump you up on iPhone and iPod touch!
In Dig Dug REMIX, play both the original arcade DIG DUG and a new remixed version with fresh features such as big boss battles, exciting power-up items, and more!
Famous enemies, “Pooka” and “Fygar” also appear on the scene. Dig through the dirt while destroying all enemies using an air pump and rocks! With all the cool new features, this game is sure to deliver countless hours of digging fun.


Get Headbanging With These Under $150 iPhone Headphones


Although Beats by Dre are a huge hit in the over-ear headphone market, and to some extent brought a new market to high end headphones, the $300 price tag for the basic model is a bitter pill to swallow for many. If you are looking to get a pair of cans that both look good and sound good, look no further than our top 5 picks for iPhone compatible over-ear headphones.


Skullcandy Crusher – $99skullcandy

Skullcandy made a name for itself making quality durable audio equipment for the extreme sports fan, specifically snowboarding, and have since moved to a more mass market audience. Crusher is one of their flagship headphone models, and for the price you get a lot to love. You can get these cans in a bunch of different colors and finishes, and have awesome features like built-in amp, removable cable, in-line microphone and volume controls, and folding hinge design for extra portability, not to mention great audio quality.

$99 on Amazon


Bose AE2 – $136bose2

Bose is one of the most respected audio equipment lineups in the industry, with its focus primarily on accurate sound reproduction. The AE2i entry is one of their least expensive offerings, and yet still has the same fantastic sound quality that has risen Bose to fame. These compact headphones feature a clean design built for comfort, in-line microphone, play/pause and volume controls, 45-degree connector to prevent cable damage, and a protective carrying case.

$136 on Amazon


Sony MDR10R – $108sony

The Sony MDR10R comes in three variations: Hi-Res, Bluetooth, and Noise-Canceling. Coming in at the lowest price point is the Hi-Res version, which forgo the unneeded features to bring you one of the highest quality over-ear headphones on the market. And as with almost all things Sony, you know you’re getting a high quality product. The headphones include all the features you expect and more: super hi-fidelity drivers, in-line music controls, full swivel ear cups, a carrying case, and a very stylish design.

$108 on Amazon


UrbanEars Plattan – $27urbanears

UrbanEars Plattan, despite rock-bottom price, are one of the best sounding –and looking– headphones available. These headphones come in a rainbow of color choices for a perfect fit, a plush headband and ear cups for sustained wearability, and in-line playback controls.

$37 on Amazon


Klipsch Status – $128klipsch

Klipsch is not a name currently well known beyond the audiophile market, but their entry level over-ear headphones are absolutely nothing to scoff at. This handsome set of headphones of course pumps out the incredible sound expected from the company, and still packs in the functionality and looks of much more expensive headphones: foldable for compact carry, soft-touch ear pads for extended comfort, detachable cable, and easy to locate inline controls.

$128 on Amazon


Six Simple Ways to Mount your Phone in the Car


The heyday of dedicated GPS navigation (and their generally bad maps and directions) devices is long gone, but people still need to find where they’re going, right? With constant data connections, and up-to-the-minute accurate maps and traffic detection, the modern smartphone is probably the easiest way to get where you’re going. But you want to stay safe (and legal) while using navigation hands-free. DailyAppShow has found the most convenient ways to get your screen visible, secure, and away from your hands so that you can concentrate on driving.

1. Onyx EasyGrip


The Onyx EasyGrip is a versatile mounting solution. With suction gel mount, maneuverable head, and sizing brace that fits any phone up to 3.5 inches wide, the EasyGrip is a very stylish way to use your phone handsfree.

2. Ram Mount X-Grip


The Ram Mount company has made a name for itself making ultra modular and secure mounts for practically anything anywhere. The X-Grip system by Ram Mount is their solution for securing smartphones and tablets to whatever you want. This kit provides everything you need to mount your phone in your car with a powerful suction cup, two-point articulated stem, and spring loaded arms that won’t scuff up your device.

3. Kenu Airframe


The Airframe by Kenu is a pocket size mount that secures your phone to the air vents in your car in either horizontal or vertical positions. If you don’t want an imposing mount that reduces visibility or takes up much space, the Airframe might be for you. Bonus points: you can also use this phone as a stand for your device on any flat surface using a credit or business card.

4. Roadster Dash Mount


This mount provides both a safe place to place your phone as well as a convenient tray to hold your small items such a a bluetooth headset or change. The Dash Mount holds your phone horizontally and at the perfect viewing angle, and with it’s soft touch rubber finish, that phone won’t be going anywhere.

5. Arkon Long Arm Mount


If you need a mount that is more versatile and extensible, check out the Arkon Long Arm Mount. This mount will extend out to 18 inches away from it’s mounting point so that you can both mount and display your phone or small tablet in the perfect position for you.

6. Cooskin Holder


This mount by Cooskin is one of the most unique and minimal mounts on the market. As the winner of the prestigious reddot design award, this mount uses gel suctions cups on both end to secure your phone. And with the unique pivoting system, you can set your phone to the perfect angle.

Five Awesome Selfie Apps


Selfies are the way of the future, the word having exploded in popularity in the last couple years, and then the popularity of snapping a pic of your mug has since skyrocketed (not that photographic nihilism was ever not popular). There is now even a TV show that has co-opted the word for its title! App programmers have ridden the wave of Oxford’s “Word of the Year” for 2013 and created apps to enhance and use your selfies in new and interesting ways. DailyAppShow has scoured the interwebs to find the best of the best in apps that make the best of your magnificent mugshot.



What better app to start with than the most appropriately titled one? Selfie is –obviously– dedicated to taking, editing, and sharing selfies in a clean, useable app with tons of features.

Selfie is the next generation social experience that connects you with people across the globe. Find people in every country expressing themselves with inspirations from the daily #Theme.

Snap a pic, customize it with frames, filters, and effects, and share it to the world! Smile, you’re on the internet.


Loopcam HDloopcamsc


What’s even better than selfies? Moving selfies, obvi. Loopcam HD’s got your back with the slickest app to make awesome looping videos and customize them with photos and filters. Then go post your loop directly to Instagram or send it by email to the people who need to see your face at 30 frames per second. Boom.


eyeem eyeemsc


EyeEm? I barely knowEm! Do you want to get on that selfie game but you need your pics to look pro? EyeEm is here to gently caress your photos into perfection with expert camera tools and snazzy adjustable filters. After that? Show your pic off:

Follow like-minded people and emerging photographers. Share your photos with your friends across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr with just one tap.

Discover and follow new albums based on your interests and from the world around you. Explore Street Photography, Fashion, Architecture, and 1000s more.




The app made famous by the pop band Justice Beaver (am I getting that right?), Shots is a front-facing-cam-only app where you posts photos of yourself and your friends in an Instagram-inspired feed of everyone you choose to follow. The company places emphasis on creating a positive social atmosphere, and decided to leave the comments out. You can still send a private “shot” to specific friends though! Awesome.




Frontback. To save your the pain of my terrible, dirty puns, I’ll let them tell you what the app is all about:

Frontback is a fun new camera app that let’s you capture and share what you see and how you feel at any moment. With Frontback, you can take a photo with the front and back camera and share it in a single image.

Cool, right? Give your friends a quick glimpse at the moments of your life in a fun and unique way. Found a frontback you love, or have some other strong emotion about? Use the new REACT feature to reply with a five second video. THE FUTURE!