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MADFIST Retro is an entertaining one tap game with retro 8-bit graphics and engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained and challenged. … Read Full Article


Slots of Legend

Slots of Legend by Avalinx brings the fun and gameplay of digital casino slot machine games to your iPad. Bringing to you multiple … Read Full Article



SnapBooth is a fun and simple app to use your iPad and iPhone as a Photo Booth for both yourself and during parties and events. Once … Read Full Article



DreamTwits is a social network for dreamers. Users can come onto DreamTwits and post what they dreamed about, day dreams or night dreams, … Read Full Article




If you haven't already been caught up in the frenzy caused by the new iOS game Alto's Adventure, it's probably time you should. Alto's Adventure is a charming little game for iPhones and iPads that also happens to be one of the most insanely addictive things on the planet in recent memory (aside from the devices we're playing on … Read Full Article


The heyday of dedicated GPS navigation (and their generally bad maps and directions) devices is long gone, but people still need to find where they’re going, right? With constant data connections, and up-to-the-minute accurate maps and traffic detection, the modern smartphone is probably the easiest way to get where you’re going. But you … Read Full Article


The iPhone has become a multifunctional computer that can be used in a zillion ways. The fact that it fits in your pocket is a part of what makes iPhones and smartphones so versatile and useful. One of the most popular uses of this portable super computer is health and fitness tracking. Apple realized this a few years ago and has since … Read Full Article


The past few years have seen massive improvements to micro-sized cameras used in smartphones and tablets, causing point-and-shoot cameras to begin going the way of the dodo bird. Not that that's a bad thing: the latest crop of high end mobile cameras have proven to be more than adequate everyday shooters for millions of people. The fact … Read Full Article


So many times we need a quick distraction with to have a minute to relax, but you can’t invest in a game that’s very involved (Like an RPG or online game). Sometimes you only have one hand available (like you guys holding purses for your gals). DailyAppShow has selected some of the best games that you can pick up and play quickly without … Read Full Article