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Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash brings the entertainment of bingo and other fun mini games to your Android device. Playing bingo used to be a very time … Read Full Article


myChuChu Puzzle

myChuChu puzzle is a super fun learning activity for kids. It is not just fun but also helps child to identify characters, shapes and their … Read Full Article


Hungry Moles

The most challenging maze game every made. This app is a fun and interactive game that will test your skill and memory. Help Murray the Mole … Read Full Article




This year's latest flagship phone from HTC focused less on new features, and aims more to refining and improving an already impeccable mobile experience. In continuing with our tradition of exploring the latest and greatest hardware, here's a round up of all our HTC One M9 Tips & Tricks to make the most of your new device. Check it … Read Full Article


It's easy to install all kinds of apps on your [phone], but what happens when you don't need them, or you want to clear off some space on your phone? Here's how to uninstall apps from your HTC One M9: Locate the app you want to remove in the App Drawer (this is the dot grid icon thats in the middle of the dock by default). Tap and … Read Full Article


You might have noticed that you can download third party keyboards for your [phone], but how do you turn them on, and how do you switch between them? Check out how to install, enable, and switch between keyboards on your HTC One M9: In the Settings app, tap on Language & Keyboard in the Phone section. In the Keyboards & … Read Full Article


At some point, you will want to make your phone as clean as the day you got it. Whether you're selling or giving your device away when upgrading, or you just want to start fresh, here's how to reset your HTC One M9 to factory settings: In the Settings app, scroll to and tap on Backup & Reset in the Personal section. Under the … Read Full Article


Our smartphones have become the first, and sometimes only, camera we reach for when taking a photo. So it's often useful to know how how to take a photo quickly. Luckily with the HTC One M9, snapping a pic quickly couldn't be easier. Check it out: Lock screen shortcut: When the screen is off, click the power button to wake the … Read Full Article